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Tomboy or girly-girl? Girls: which are you? Guys, which do you prefer? (UserQ)

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Tigress California
08/22/11 8:43 am

I'm a girly girl with most things: Looks, Mannerisms, etc. However, some of my interests could be considered tomboyish. Though considering no one would ever describe me as a tomboy, that is only a side note. Haha.

Strawberi Michigan
08/21/11 7:10 pm

Reply to this if you know a guy who DOESN'T appreciate a cheerleader who can knock a football player on his can:)

Strawberi Michigan
08/21/11 7:09 pm

I play powder puff football, and I'm a cheerleader. I'm a tomboy and girly girl at times:)

sanja Iowa
08/21/11 4:38 pm

ok, I think my auto correct is a little off... it's supposed to say girly girl :)

sanja Iowa
08/21/11 4:37 pm

I like to be a Gorky girl all the time but it's so much work! sometimes I like to skip hair and makeup and go biking or go shopping, grocery or clothes, in sweat pants and a t shirt!

08/19/11 9:52 pm

Tom-boys. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, they like frogs, and they can change their own oil. (:

08/19/11 2:02 pm

if u r gay then too bad u r not supposed to be

sighcy Eugene, OR
08/18/11 3:34 am

Then make a question, nobody wants to hear your bitching!!!!!!!

08/17/11 9:15 am

I hate that so many of these questions exclude non-straights. I'm a gay man and neither option applies to me.

08/15/11 10:03 pm

when people say tomboy it gets missinterpreted as a lesbian but it just means a girl that likes stuff guys like such as sports or not lovey dovey corny movies.. which there is absolutely fine but I can say for sure that I can't handle girly girls as a general rule of thumb so I say tomboys for me :)

FunkyChick Michigan
08/15/11 9:45 pm

(continued) Just joke around with the guys. I do, like to shop, just for things I need, or if I see something that is incredibly cute, OR if it's a special occasion. So in a way, I am more tomboy than girly-girl. Now if I could get a man that loves tomboys......

FunkyChick Michigan
08/15/11 9:42 pm

I have been to parties where I'm the only girl there, apart from the little girls that are 4 or 5 maybe even 6 years younger than me. I have lived with the boys, played with the boys, and nearly been a boy (mentally). I play many sports, love to get outside and get dirty, and I love to (continued)

08/15/11 8:51 pm

I dont want a barbie girl, but rather who is a tomboy but isnt a lesbian. That way our relationship can last longer.

08/15/11 7:33 pm

Hahah. Im both. I dance and can tackle a guy(;

08/14/11 2:41 pm

Eh I'm both i do martial arts and play sports but I like to look nice :)

c00kies California
08/14/11 12:55 am

haha I'm probably the most athletic girl in my class, but i act more girly around my friends.

08/13/11 10:58 am

My GF is both. She is always working out then comes home and puts on an elaborate evening gown and jewelry and one of her multiple pairs of shoes and we go out to dinner.

popcornbab Florida
08/13/11 1:54 am

I'm wayy tomboy. ima girl but I hate girlly stuff . I'm all country .

08/13/11 12:46 am

Don't matter as long as they're down to pork

08/12/11 7:25 pm

I wish they had a both button, because I love sports and hanging out with boys. But I also like shopping and looking nice. :)

Oklahoma Washington
08/12/11 9:53 am

I am such a tomboy. I play with the boys! I played tackle football yesterday, and I kicked a home run in kickball! :)

em414 Pennsylvania
08/11/11 11:26 pm

I love shopping, having girls night, and wearing pink....BUT I love to watch and play I guess I'm both?

Lolnope Somewhere silly
08/11/11 2:06 pm

If I want a long term relationship, girly
If I want a friend, tomboy

08/11/11 1:31 pm

I'm kind of both. I love video games and sports but I love shopping and looking nice. :)

08/10/11 11:34 pm

I'm not into tomboys but it's better than a pink loving, expensive, whiny girly-girl.

aminah16 Georgia
08/10/11 5:17 pm

Ok. All the boys who think that girly girls are all about shopping and whine all the time your wrong. I am a girly girl and don't do any of that. And I'm not a tomboy. That's just not me. Your watching too much tv. Because in real life some of us don't do that.

mei California
08/10/11 4:35 pm

Im a software engineer tomboy / girly girl haha- I love video games stuff but I like to look nice / cute things etc. Results of being raised like a boy but having girly friends haha

rawrnomnom Oregon
08/10/11 12:56 pm

I am part Tom boy part girly girl on the outside deff girly girl on inside mostly girly but part Tom boy

dude2339 John 3.16
08/10/11 7:28 am

I prefer girly girls. I do guy stuff all the time and am around that environment all the time being in the military (infantry). I need a partner to be the opposite of that.

08/10/11 3:08 am

Im not that picky but I like women who are feminine but not too prissy and I want them to be kinda tough and independent but not to the extreme.

08/10/11 1:56 am

Tomboy. Played sports when i was younger and got along better with guys. I prefer men definitely. My girlfriends just don't like to talk about stuff like sports and scores ect. Plus hate dresses and only wear makeup on very special occasions.

08/10/11 1:41 am

Id prefer a tomboy
Girly girl wont work and will just go shopping all day and whine and complain about her 126th pair of heels getting wet at the spa or something

08/10/11 1:39 am

*facepalm* your making way too big of a deal about this
A gay guy answered this perfectly fine
You sound like you're just trying to get attention
Stop complaining and whining

wickedgian Kansas
08/10/11 1:20 am

Tomboy but I wear a dress and stuff 4 special stuff although I'm not a huge fan

08/10/11 12:10 am

Who wants a soft ball player in bed! Not I said he fly.

08/10/11 12:08 am

Ya Montana WOOT WOOT!!! by the way we don't all wear cowboy boots and hats and stuff :P

08/09/11 10:30 pm

Ugh my own state Ohio the majority put girly girl NO

08/09/11 10:16 pm

I am pretty much what cazrat said. Tomboy unless out on dates, weddings, etc. Under 21

cazretslep Colorado
08/09/11 10:09 pm

I like a girl that can go out and do outdoorsy stuff and then can pretty up for dates and stuff

m!a California
08/09/11 7:30 pm

I'm a tomboy? Or girly girl? Where's the both button?

08/09/11 2:53 pm

(I prefer to call her a 'Lady', though.)

08/09/11 2:52 pm

I married a girly girl... and she is tougher than a tomboy. (I think it is usually that way... they seem more comfortable in their own skin.). Funny thing about this poll is the difference in how men and women have voted.

08/09/11 1:58 pm

yeah, i play sports. but i still like to dress cute and wear makeup. so, wheres the both option?

SJGriffin Massachusetts
08/09/11 1:04 pm

This question needed a "both" option. It really depends on the day and what I feel like wearing.

08/09/11 12:45 pm

A good-looking tomboy is the best.