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Do you believe that twins have a connection that cannot be scientifically explained, e.g. one can sometimes remotely sense what the other is feeling/thinking, etc.? (UserQ)

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Paulitical Missouri
02/10/12 11:35 am

I have a twin and know a few others who agree that that is nonsense. Shame on all of you. U all prob believe in Santa too

02/09/12 1:04 pm

me and my twin had something like that we have the same dream all the time :)

peaceandpi Massachusetts
02/09/12 12:54 pm

I dont think they do. Theyre so called connection is just the fact that they have bonded so much. Imagine spending your WHOLE childhood doing almost everything with a person, chances are you are going to be really good at reading their emotions.

bellatrixx Indiana
02/08/12 9:14 pm

Yes I feel like they do. I have friends that are identical twins and u can tell they are much more anxious when they aren't together. It's strange, yet very interesting

live2shop Florida
02/06/12 7:52 pm

I believe they have a special bond.......

02/04/12 10:30 pm

My sister and I do that all the time, and we're not even twins - were two years apart

coolguy77 Alabama
02/03/12 10:26 pm

no me and my twin never have anything like that happen ever

02/03/12 10:07 pm

I'm a twin and it happens all the time with me and my sister.

swimguy Illinois
02/02/12 10:41 pm

@smiley12 me and my Best friend constantly say the same thing at the same time, its kinda odd but its just a coincidence whe are deffinetly not twins. As for the crying, that us because they loved each other a lot, i used to cry when my plain old sister wasn't here

swimguy Illinois
02/02/12 10:37 pm

My dad is a twin and he always says no way

02/02/12 10:23 pm

I have a twin too nd I disagree

qchulk Indiana
02/02/12 9:16 pm

I'm a twin, and I approve this message.

02/02/12 7:19 pm

I'm a twin and yes I think so...

02/02/12 8:25 am

Science can explain everything.

02/02/12 7:24 am

...why did so many people answer yes?

google New Jersey
02/01/12 6:28 pm

I'm a twin. The answer is definitely no.

GirlOnFire Ohio
02/01/12 5:17 pm

I'm a twin and there is nothing like that. Sometimes we do say the same thing at the same time(which creeps people out)but no connection.

02/01/12 5:13 pm

Wow really? Seriously? This is crazy. America is sad. They simply have similar personalities and bodies do to similar DNA and upbringing. This is impossible.

kst8r Iowa
02/01/12 3:31 pm

I don't think there's a scientific mystery, but I so think that since most twins are around each other pretty much every moment of their early lives, they learn to know what the other is feeling

moonshot More often I know nothing
02/01/12 3:19 pm

As for the second part of the question, no credible evidence exists that shows that our species is capable of any kind of telepathy at all.

moonshot More often I know nothing
02/01/12 3:17 pm

...or maybe people just didn't read the question carefully enough and thought that it was asking if there was a stronger connection between twins than other siblings.

moonshot More often I know nothing
02/01/12 3:15 pm

these results just show that the typical American has very little understanding of what 'scientific' means. Of course the connection can be explained! there is no agic to it.

KudosToYou California
02/01/12 2:13 pm

Put people in a similar position for an extended time and they'll grow more and more similar. It's just about the shaping of the brain.

Rosebud Ohio
02/01/12 9:22 am

Saying you can't explain something so it's magic it idiotic. That's an arcane thought process. Saying if you don't understand is even stupider... So just because you don't understand, or something doesn't have a scientific study, it doesn't exist?
And you're calling others stupid? Wow...

Rosebud Ohio
02/01/12 9:09 am

Considering my husband and I have a similar connection just from being so close, yes. Especially identical twins. If they are half or wholly from the same origin, they're going to have a special connection more likely than not.

smiley12 California
02/01/12 7:29 am

My brother and sister are twins, and they sometimes say the exact thing at the exact same time. When they were babies, they used to cry when one or the other was not there. So YES!

02/01/12 5:00 am

The twins who say yes are lying to you. They want attention.

02/01/12 4:59 am

I'm a twin too. It's not real. The only reason it may seen that way is because it's the closest possible relationship.

02/01/12 1:38 am

Shocked by the results on this one.

Rhymez Alaska
01/31/12 10:52 pm

Hmm. If science can't explain or hasn't found such a phenomena then it probably doesn't exist. If something like this exists, science will or should have already found it. Until then: skepticism and doubt.

01/31/12 9:58 pm

This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. The Nazis believed in this trash. I am a twin and the idea truly is laughable.

TB27 Louisiana
01/31/12 9:39 pm

It's just because they spend so much time with each other. Me and my best friend are always saying the same things at the same time or thinking of doing something at the same time. Same concept.

RJ1969 SoCal
01/31/12 9:09 pm

believing something that cannot be explained. that's the problem with those who answered yes.

Happy2 California
01/31/12 9:07 pm

Really? Show me a scientific study that proves this.

01/31/12 9:01 pm

I am a twin. I can tell when my brother lies, but that is it.

01/31/12 8:46 pm

I have friends which are twins and they always try to do this it never works

Chopper2 Georgia
01/31/12 8:36 pm

And there are a number of twins on here that said yes what is your point evo

evo Tampa
01/31/12 8:32 pm

Myth disbanded, read through the comments, nearly 10 people who are twins completely disprove any part of people who said yes to this are living in a fairy tale world.

Nerdz Texas
01/31/12 7:22 pm

I think they have a bond but no not those type of powers

01/31/12 7:06 pm

Yes. My sister and I often have the same reactions and finish each other's sentences, etc. Though we believe it's more a situational thing; we were RAISED together.

01/31/12 6:40 pm

Especially since they did most of their important development together. Learning to talk, walk, play. They're the ones they first communicate with and stuff.