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Show Of Hands September 16th, 2011 12:00am

Will you be financially affected if a major European nation (e.g. Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, or Spain) collapses financially?

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09/24/11 10:09 am

No but in some ways it will have a trickle down affect on all

09/23/11 7:31 am

I feel justified in thinking that the people who use this app are un-enlightened.. of course it would affect everyone! I'm uninstalling lol

09/20/11 5:22 pm

Every single person on here would be affected. Pay attention to how little things in the world affect our nation's economy and you'd agree. When a country as small as Greece has financial issues and any news hits, our stock market is affected rather largely.

09/19/11 12:35 pm

To the people who voted no, of course it affects us you idiots!

spoiler Michigan
09/19/11 12:17 pm

66%???????? my faith in humanity drops a little bit one poll result at a time. OF COURSE IT AFFECTS YOU

09/19/11 8:16 am

To the 66% that voted no, you are IDIOTS!

kittylover Florida
09/18/11 10:58 am

The stock market would probably go down, so yes

09/18/11 1:51 am

I say no now, but there's no telling how someone's fart, half-a-world-away, will ruin my afternoon picnic in an open park...

09/17/11 2:45 pm

my thoughts exactly, Typpet

09/17/11 10:30 am

we all will be one way or another.

09/16/11 8:58 pm

Wars and rebellions in countries supplying less than 1% of our petrol cause our gas prices to skyrocket. Of course financial failure in a major country will effect our wallets in many ways.

blutuesday California
09/16/11 7:08 pm

Just wait and see, all you naysayers...

09/16/11 7:00 pm

@danni couldn't have said it better myself

09/16/11 6:35 pm

the term global economy...check it out. yes would be the answer here.

KillShot Wisconsin
09/16/11 5:48 pm

vanguarde, top 400 huh? my family is tied for 1 million and fourth. you clearly are better than I.

09/16/11 5:41 pm

Aha! Vanguarde just proved he isn't what he says he is. Everyone will be affected, including the rich.

09/16/11 5:36 pm

@HoustonLib: can't Greece just print money like we do?

09/16/11 5:35 pm

A few prominent Democrats are saying they think Obama's new jobs bill probably won't pass.

09/16/11 5:15 pm

I love that anarchy agreed with Empathy.

09/16/11 3:49 pm

@daver: The Greeks haven't been paying their taxes... that's their largest problem. So yeah, they are to blame.

joeltown Texas
09/16/11 3:36 pm

Only if our retarded president decides to bail them out with money we don't have.

09/16/11 3:17 pm

No, since my family is one of the top 400 richest in the world. I am serious.

daver141a New York
09/16/11 2:52 pm

The sad thing is that most of the countries at risk (excluding Greece) are largely innocent for their economic state of affairs. Somehow, somebody needs to convince the ECB to create some cohesive fiscal policy

TngDream California
09/16/11 1:30 pm

Absolutely. Don't be fooled into think that what happens half way around the world does not affect you. Do you think out deficit is not going to affect you or your children either?

09/16/11 1:15 pm

Wow. I think about 3/4 of the people using show of hands needs to take an economics course or 2. Others have said this too, but we are a global society. It would affect everyone. Even if you're a kid, if it affects your parents, it affects you.

daver141a New York
09/16/11 12:37 pm

If one goes, they all go, and their banks with them. wouldn't you take your $$ out of spain if the EU let another country default? And thus one would lead to the next. Since our banks loaned their banks $$, our banks take a beating (or crash as well). Good luck getting a loan or your savings back

09/16/11 11:43 am

It won't directly effect me but I'm sure it will indirectly.

09/16/11 10:44 am

I need the euro to fall so my dollar is worth more here!

09/16/11 10:24 am

Sopherton: our postal service lost 7.6B dollars last fiscal year...

09/16/11 9:58 am

Yes, it will affect us all, because the Federal Reserve will end up propping up the collapsing economy with yet more imaginary debt-dollars, which will increase rates of inflation. Runaway hyperinflation is a real possibility, regardless of what Benny B. insists. History is full of examples.

spoiler Michigan
09/16/11 9:14 am

Of course it will affect u. Cmon people! We live in a world market

09/16/11 9:08 am

None of the examples were major European nations. Our postal service brings in more revenue than most of these countries.

FAHayek Iowa
09/16/11 9:04 am

Long story short, in our global economy the collapse of one country affects everyone.

ProfDG I Want Truth
09/16/11 8:51 am

Failure of a European country will affect all of us. However, the impact will vary depending on the particular country involved. The contagion effect is what's worrying the markets.

09/16/11 8:41 am

I realize I'm speaking in generalities, but let's face it, 300 characters isn't even a millionth of what a good lecture on global economics would require

09/16/11 8:40 am

we depend on too many countries for imported goods...if one collapses, the ripples WILL affect the cost of certain goods worldwide, hence the cost of goods imported to America...ergo, rising costs to the individuals...

09/16/11 8:39 am

I'm sure they are rolling in their graves right now regardless of whether the changes are bad or good.

09/16/11 8:37 am

32no, The founding fathers wanted the least amount of federal government power as possible.

09/16/11 8:36 am

Every person will be affected, the question is how much.

09/16/11 8:09 am

Only in the fact that every single person in the USA will be because if a European country finically collapses then the USA will also collapse, or at least take a very hard hit. Worse then recession of 2008/2009. The world is more closely related/impacted then you think.

Planoneck Guam
09/16/11 8:01 am

Seems like a lot of people took this question to mean "If a major European nation has a financial collapse, will you suffer a financial collapse yourself?", which is a completely different question.

09/16/11 7:13 am

Since the US will be affected by any collapse, I'm sure that would somehow affect Americans who live in the US.

09/16/11 6:54 am

...but back to the topic at hand, yes, each and every one of you would be affected more than you realize. these results surprise me.

09/16/11 6:52 am

....and ever since Andy Bernard on The Office, bragging about Cornell isn't exactly the route you wanna take.

09/16/11 6:51 am

32no: no really, you REALLY ARE completely IGNORANT! you continually make this point that the founding fathers set up some sort of design with a "super centralized, all powerful government" and you're simply incorrect.

09/16/11 6:10 am

Msrrtl commented on How uneducated I was, and I thought that I have to point out that I am not stupid. There is a reason I have my iPhone, and it is not because I am an uneducated unsuccessful drug abuser. I thought he should know who he was talking to. I was certainly not bragging.