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niteowl Hold Fast
10/29/12 12:07 pm

Yes. I love to build things.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
10/29/12 10:14 am

There's freedom and a true sense of accomplishment in manual labor. Some of the happiest people I know go home smelling to high Heaven at the end of the day.

10/29/12 8:47 am

Working on a house or moving stuff is all good but not working in a factory or mines in china

ishady 86451132020
10/29/12 5:39 am

Yes, Manuel does a good job on my lawn and trimming my shrubs. I might just let him wash my car if he is lucky.

tdaddy Kentucky
10/29/12 5:29 am

No. There are maids and butlers for a reason; as a general rule people don't like manual labor.

10/28/12 10:56 pm

If I get paid. The problem dis the inevitable injuries.

emsies Seattle
10/28/12 10:02 pm

Really depends on the labor.
Oh, and this is the 100th comment.

Thorn Central Valley, CA
10/28/12 9:07 pm

Those who voted are just plain lazy. Manual labor is good for everyone, it's a shame more people don't enjoy it :-/

10/28/12 8:23 pm

Depends on what it is. Working in a factory no way. I'm grateful that there are people who do enjoy that. I much prefer doing things to better my home like gardening, painting, and all of the other odd jobs my parents taught me to do around the house growing up.

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
10/28/12 6:07 pm

I'd rather do manual labour than mental labour

Weave77 Indianapolis
10/28/12 4:34 pm

Yes, as long as "manual labor", in this instance, is "me lifting my fork to my mouth"...

10/28/12 3:54 pm

I'm a democrat and would much rather do paperwork. I'm just not very good at manual labor. I'm physically fit, but I just don't like putting that much time into things.

10/28/12 3:51 pm

I'd much rather do paperwork. I'm terrible with handyman type work.

10/28/12 1:43 pm

Love mowing the yard I feel like I have accomplished something and I do my best thinking when I mow or do mindless labor

10/28/12 1:39 pm

Lol not surprised that the majority of Democrats said no on this poll!!


10/28/12 12:58 pm

i love landscaping and gardening

10/28/12 12:45 pm

The manual labor is not the problem, it,s the laborers that,s laborious.

10/28/12 12:03 pm

Depends on what I'm doing. I like working with my hands and building stuff.

10/28/12 11:28 am

ugh. no. hate it. surprised o many like it.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/28/12 9:47 am

I enjoy manual labor. I don't enjoy monotonous labor. Keep me moving from job to job, or give me autonomy on a bigger project.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
10/28/12 9:10 am

I'm terrible at manual labor. So no, I don't enjoy it.

10/28/12 8:46 am

Yes I do. I look forward to the weekends, so I can do a backyard project (not literally). Of course, I would think differently if I did it for a living.


10/28/12 8:22 am

Not at all. All of my work is done via computer.

MrLove lovers, dreamers and me
10/28/12 8:05 am

If its a project on my own or a friends house then yes, but for a job, no.

MrWalrus Undergrid
10/28/12 7:56 am

It is fun and rewarding. The results are instant, not like sitting in a cubical and having to have your work "analyzed" for months to see if your job is worth a damn. I love living off the land and being self reliant.

MrWalrus Undergrid
10/28/12 7:53 am

Wow, if you are a lifeguard and do not like manual labor, I feel sorry for the next person that is drowning on your watch.

10/28/12 6:57 am

That republicans would enjoy it more than democrats.

10/28/12 6:57 am

As an independent my guess would be that these results are simply reflective of the male/female results. From results on many other polls it would seem that on this app, more women are democrats and more men are republicans. Since this poll shows that men enjoy it more than women, it makes sense

EarlyBird Portland
10/28/12 6:51 am

I like things that give me instant gratification: pulling weeds, raking leaves, washing the cars, etc.

10/28/12 6:48 am

theres nothing like the feeling of putting in a full day of good productive work and going to bed physically exhausted knowing what u accomplished

climbtrad Missouri
10/28/12 6:44 am

Yeah, some of us don't enjoy racist jokes. I guess that does make me an idiot. . .wow!

climbtrad Missouri
10/28/12 6:42 am

My guess they would also reflect evenly, but opposite from this poll, if the question was " do you like to read."

unclePen Texas
10/28/12 6:26 am

Yeah,.. Right. You humorless idiot.
Actually I enjoy manual labor, currently I raise grapes, peaches and pecans. Takes a lot of effort and the chainsaw gets a good workout, along with the 60" cut mower. I'm not on welfare, worked since I was 14 years old and have no use for whiners and slackers.

Herm31812 Pennsylvania
10/28/12 6:13 am

You must not be too odd! I absolutely love manual labor. All I do is work!

10/28/12 5:06 am

Now the poll results here are very interesting. Look at the differences between Democrats and Republicans...

Isomax TIC TOC
10/28/12 5:02 am

I enjoy watching any kind of work that other people do.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/28/12 4:56 am

house. Cutting firewood, moving furniture, tearing out carpet, anything where he could use my help. I always loved it. I still love helping daddy with projects when I get a rare weekend home from college. :) (5 hour drive with no car. Not fun.) It's our favorite way to spend time together. :)

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/28/12 4:52 am

I love it. I always had a seemingly endless energy supply as a child. (I was known as "the energizer bunny" at gymnastics because I'd still be bouncing around waiting for the next thing after a grueling six hour practice) Because of this, my father always enlisted my help with renovations around the

climbtrad Missouri
10/28/12 3:22 am

Nice. . .don't even need to ask what political party you vote, your ignorance says all.