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Show Of Hands November 17th, 2011 12:00am

Do you plan to brave the stores on Black Friday?

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11/24/11 7:25 pm

Try filtering on income level with this one. Interesting.

11/23/11 10:53 pm

@shorty5. Here too. It's crazy. They camped out the whole week.

11/23/11 10:52 pm

Khols, target, old navy. No best buy. Too crazy there.

sarakay Down the Bayou
11/23/11 9:44 am

Yes...unfortunately I work in retail :(

11/22/11 3:02 am

Hell no!! People are already camping outside our Best Buy stores. Ridiculous.

11/19/11 7:52 am

Nobody should get killed trying to buy a microwave or something like that. Lives should not be bargain-able for a 50% discount

Jzz California
11/19/11 2:16 am

I feel for all of you who have to work during the holidays. i can't imagine anything sold at any retail market is worth sending employees to work to open at midnight or to shop at that time. to me the real ows would be if no one showed up.

em414 Pennsylvania
11/19/11 12:59 am

I plan on working...for 12 long hours throughout the night!

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/18/11 11:52 pm

"Hell No!!!!" would have been a better option.

11/18/11 6:46 pm

Even if I weren't broke! It'll be like the last two years, better sales after black Friday because of retailers high hopes for black Friday falling!

Jzz California
11/18/11 2:05 pm

boggles the mind what some people will do for attention.

Jzz California
11/18/11 2:05 pm

I was watching good morning America . some dude in st Pete is camping in front of best buy since Monday of this week for black Friday.

LoudLez Georgia
11/18/11 11:13 am

I'm knitting gifts for those on my list. It gets them off my back about wanting knitted items, & saves me money.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
11/18/11 4:16 am

I will go to Fred Meyer when it opens at 5 AM, then go back home and go to bed. I'd skip it all, but 50% off socks and slippers is a hard deal to pass up. ????

dlyliny1 New York
11/18/11 2:28 am

oh hells no...they'd have to be selling LED 3D 55" 240hz TVs for $200 for me to subject myself to that torture.

11/18/11 1:05 am

Not true @durza, the prices really are better than previously listed in the store. There are better sales in store than online and some stores have unadvertised deals in the store. You just have to know your product prices to determine if something is a good deal.

11/17/11 11:59 pm

Black Friday is for idiots you hardly get quality goods and about an month before they make the prices high just to bring them down and make them an sale.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
11/17/11 11:39 pm

On-line shopping is a lot of fun but hurts your own community. It takes jobs right out of your home town, money out of your schools, and cash flow from your employer. It takes taxes from your city and state that fixes your roads and employs cops and teachers. You rip yourself off. But I do it too.

11/17/11 11:34 pm

black Friday is why someone developed on line shopping

Jzz California
11/17/11 11:29 pm

lucyblue. sorry about that. I love local stores. when I first moved to my community 10 yrs ago it was full of them. peeps would say hello to each other on the streets. now restoration hardware, container store. and I never go downtown anymore. all the mom and pops are gone.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
11/17/11 11:22 pm

We have a small independent shop and black Friday is dead for us now because people shop chain stores full of Chinese trash. They believe they are buying bargains. Really, they are selling out their communities and their country for a bunch of junk that goes into the Goodwill bin within 24 months.

11/17/11 11:18 pm

usually do, but not this year

11/17/11 11:15 pm

I most certainly will. I start at midnight & shop til I pass out. I do 80% of my christmas shopping on Black Friday.

Jzz California
11/17/11 11:08 pm

you know where to go on black Friday. grocery shopping. :)

11/17/11 11:00 pm

Only thing I got on black Friday was my dog because they where not open on thanks giving

11/17/11 10:48 pm

I couldn't even if I wanted to...I work at one of them.

Jzz California
11/17/11 10:33 pm

bambi. like your attitude. lou1. LOVE your attitude. this year sis and I are donating our Xmas funds to my best friend who just left an abusive marriage and is starting from scratch with 2 children. I am proud of her courage.

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
11/17/11 10:28 pm

Black friday is sooo dumb. People get trampled to death! Thats seriois stuff man

dancer3 Pennsylvania
11/17/11 10:16 pm

I wish. But my mom thinks I have to be older (I'm a freshman) so I have to go stay in hell at my dad's girlfriend's house.

Nerdz Texas
11/17/11 7:45 pm

can't cause my mom won't let me

donna0987 Indiana
11/17/11 7:08 pm

Used too. But now I'm a bit older and a bit smarter!

11/17/11 6:25 pm

my wife usually goes with her mom b/c she has a handicapped parking permit

11/17/11 6:24 pm

Hell no! That's when the lunatics are out!

MrWalrus Undergrid
11/17/11 5:46 pm

I am going to take a chance that I can get a 42" 1080 HD TV for $200

11/17/11 4:13 pm

Not No but HELL NO!!! For years my shopping has been at amazon.con

11/17/11 3:54 pm

I absolutely love black Friday shopping :)

Br@ndon Your Soul
11/17/11 3:27 pm

I'm not getting trampled to death just because a few people wanted a iPhone 4s or something stupid.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
11/17/11 3:03 pm

Hate despise and loath shopping at a crowded store with a bunch of rude people ... So hell 2 du No

11/17/11 2:25 pm

I was but apparently a few stores were randomly having huge sales yesterday, so I ended up getting the items I was after for about the same price as they were listed for black Friday, yay! So no, I guess I won't be going after all.

11/17/11 2:06 pm

seriously i would consider a root canal an upgrade over shopping on black Friday.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/17/11 1:11 pm

@ Bambi you sound like FUN when you get old join the Red hatters

11/17/11 1:10 pm


Undying Washington
11/17/11 12:46 pm

Nope. I'm hitting the paintball field to work off Thanksgiving dinner!!

TheKilling New Jersey
11/17/11 12:40 pm

yes, cause I'll be one of the jackasses that has to work. thankfully people will be going apesh*t buying appliances. and I work on commission.

lou1 Washington
11/17/11 12:33 pm

Nooo! I may hit Small Business Saturday and support local families and their businesses, but i'm not about to fall in the BF Consumerism trap!

bambi069 Anacortes
11/17/11 11:51 am

day. Also the day after thanksgiving is the day I start wearing my Christmas hats. I wear a different hat every day that I work until the last day I work before Christmas. How could I mess with tradition by not being there on black Friday?

bambi069 Anacortes
11/17/11 11:48 am

Not only am I working on black Friday I volunteered. I had the day off where I work they give you 32 + 8 for thanksgiving. So I was scheduled off for the first time in 7 years but I have 2 new girls at my service desk and I volunteered to help them that day. Mainly so that they will return the next