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Should elected officials receive a pension? (UserQ)

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07/07/11 5:16 pm

I don't think that a person who gets into office, does a shitty job, and never gets reelected should receive a pension. However, someone who is in office, say, more than 10 years should. Also, the salary of public officials should be tied to the average salary of their constituents.

NYevo NY
07/05/11 9:05 pm

Not a pension. Maybe a 401k/403b like many of us. I see no reason to pay them a pension for life under most circumstances. These are high paying jobs usually. They can invest if they want and take their chances with the market like the rest of us. Maybe they'd be more careful with the economy then

07/02/11 10:17 pm

Here is something to think about... If you where a elected official would you want a pension? Just saying.

06/28/11 5:57 pm

The GOP is big on squashing unions and taking back all the benifits they can from the private sector but you don't see many gop'rs first in lone to give up theirs? The same reasons their kids aren't being killed in the oil wars we are in now. Strange

06/27/11 7:46 pm

Leonel.. presidents on get Secret Service for 10 years after they leave office, they then can hire private sercuity or pay secret service. FYI the secret service pays for housing on retired president's property, Bush 1 & 2 both charge $1 a year.

06/25/11 6:08 pm

Thomas Jefferson was most proud of the fact that he did NOT increase his own wealth by even one cent while he was in public service. To him it was just that..public service. He had the right idea.

06/24/11 10:05 pm

it's time to reduce the incentive for life polititions

06/23/11 2:46 pm

They need to be rich to run so why do tax payers need to give them more money

charlie17 Nevada
06/22/11 12:21 am

@ wb: I think you need to understand that history does not tell us the government gets worse at taxing as the years go by, and if you can come up with a well-reasoned argument, I will gladly listen to you

PenaltyKill Colorado
06/21/11 11:20 pm

If they manage a full 20+ years, they should get a pension similar to those given our armed forces. If they don't, they were essentially fired by the American people or quit and thereby aren't entitled.

O13 Alabama
06/21/11 5:46 pm

... employee is entitled to. Add to that the fact that I think there should be term limits for ANY elected official. So unless they continue working for the public sector in a non-elected position they wouldn't be able to reach the 20 years required for retirement.

O13 Alabama
06/21/11 5:44 pm

I think it was in the mid '80s when all senators and representatives had to start contributing to SS and the same retirement benefits that other gov't employees contributed to. So yes, they should get that same "pension" others pay into. However, the do get more "perks" than any other gov't....

bethnick24 New York
06/21/11 5:39 pm

yes on two conditions: 1. they should be required to make a certain percentage of the contributions and 2. there should be a minimum time in office (ie:10 years)

06/21/11 4:00 pm

Let them get social security like we do

06/21/11 1:32 pm

Most elected officials are already rich and capable. Why should we pay them pension when there are better uses for that money? Come on people, get with the freaking program.

dvx1 Montreal
06/21/11 10:12 am

Of course they should, every working and contributing member of society should receive a pension for that matter. One of the biggest travesties of the past 30 years has been the destruction of the pension system. Should people in a civilized society be required to work until the day they die?

06/20/11 9:19 pm

pay for ur own is right, like social security, but like ss let hope it's there when the time comes because young people, so its predicted, will get close to nothing or just that, nothing.

jake Nevada
06/20/11 2:46 pm

If it's public servants, then they shouldnt get paid anything above the avg. Middle class income or free lifetime health insurance. They are SUPPOSED to be there to make this a better country, not to rack up loot and pensions and grant favors. Their reward is leaving a legacy and improving future

06/20/11 1:08 pm

Only if it's take out of their own pay. If my money has to pay for, not on your life!

06/20/11 8:18 am

Only if they pay for it themselves.

06/20/11 12:34 am

Pension? Fine, but not on my dime! Contribute to your own retirement.

06/20/11 12:05 am

There should be a means test for pension. I don't think that millionaire congressperson needs a pension to keep them comfortable after they retire.

06/19/11 11:12 pm

Pensions are not a gift. I work in the public sector and 7% of my pay is put into my pension right off the top. That is in addition to my social security. Do I deserve a pension? Yes, I am paying for it right now and it should be there when I retire.

KillShot Wisconsin
06/19/11 8:56 pm

The problem is that many public sector pensions are funded almost solely by govt contribution, not participant contribution. the govt has been staving off crisis by robbing peter to pay paul, and now rome is burning. this is nothing more then a govt ponzi scheme.

06/19/11 8:17 pm

@bk45 : I agree with what you said, but to add to that, the government is extremely irresponsible with our tax dollars, let alone decide how to take taxes from us. as years go by the government gets worse at taxing and the economy, history tells us that.

06/19/11 7:46 pm

For all those that believe in a pension plan, open your eyes. Instead of working a job and depending on someone else to provide you your income, get off your butt and make something of yourself for you and your family. It's your responsibility to provide for your family. Not the government.

legaleagle Oklahoma
06/19/11 6:24 pm

they should have a defined contribution plan (IRA, 401K, TSP) rather than a defined benefit plan (I.e. pension)

zedd Desert Dweller
06/19/11 5:39 pm

If they've devoted a large portion of their life to public service, then yes.

06/19/11 5:05 pm

someone said they make more than most Americans. The truth is, like most public servants, they make commensurably less than they would for positions in the private sector. So I think a pension, especially as paltry as a government pension would be, is fully in order.

thepolice New York
06/19/11 2:58 pm

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scooter Tennessee
06/19/11 1:18 pm

A pension ain't a bad thing but i don't think they should get as much as they do.

runswimgal California
06/19/11 10:47 am

I agree with @ilovetheus
Btw great screen name.

06/19/11 9:10 am

No way! They are paid higher salaries than most Americans. They vote themselves raises, which others can't do. They comfortably operate their private practices and businesses. Then they want a pension for working only 2-4 years to tear up the country? It pays to be a politician!

osouless Whats Next
06/19/11 8:33 am

Every one deserves a pension no matter what. Did Ronald Reagan deserve a pension yes, Bill Clinton yes, the bush's no but we should still give it to them. Now should we give it to 25 year old senators that are out of office, no because they can still enter the work force.

06/19/11 6:39 am

We should be trying to get the best and brightest to run our country if a pension will sway them into the public sector than I think it is worth the "investment"

06/19/11 4:24 am

Pension 4 elected officials make as much sense as 2 camels in a tiny car. Why do the terrorists even bother bombing us when our ELECTED OFFICIALS are dragging us down, just because they are short-shored morons who should actually have a punishment when they make bad laws.

06/19/11 2:30 am

Absolutely not. Pensions are the way of the past and will only cost the tax payees more money!

06/19/11 1:29 am

Yes, as long as rules are the same as for non-politicians.... May even be an incentive to be less corrupt now

06/19/11 1:01 am

ok so lemme get this straight... politicians cannot enact laws that effect them while they ar in office such as pay raises... but they can give hem pensions which go into effect after they leave office s they are still affected by the law!! they are basicly givingthemselves a pay raise!

Griff Minnesota
06/18/11 11:58 pm

No, if we( the working class, the ones keeping this sinking ship afloat) don't have no then neither should they.

06/18/11 11:43 pm

I wouldn't have anything against a 401K-type of that the politician contributes to and is matched by the employer up to 5 or 6% of income.

06/18/11 11:02 pm

@xtole haha yes. Favorite person right now. :)

06/18/11 10:57 pm

Why is there no "kid" in the Household Status section in the profile. :(

puwave Orange County, CA
06/18/11 10:42 pm

Golden parachutes save the state $ in the long run b/c they can hire cheaper or not at all... (otherwise they wouldn't offer them!)