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10/12/11 5:26 pm

this is STATE government. Pelosi, boxer and Feinstein all represent at the FEDERAL level. Stupid

waaazzaap Arizona
10/09/11 11:32 am

Hahaha, I am from AZ so absolutely not... those hillbillies in PHX ate nuts! Want to drive everyone out of the state and bankrupt AZ

10/08/11 3:16 am

Big fat NO!!!
You know why they call him Brown?
'Cause he's full of sh....!!!
Pelosi? Can you get any more ignorant and fugly?
Boxer? Feinstein? Both worthless old hags. They support making "homosexual education" a requirement of K-12 curriculum. WHY!?!?!!!???

kandykane California
10/05/11 4:53 pm

@blutuesday- lol! But we still have to deal with the millions of dollars of DEBT that he left us in.

10/05/11 1:11 am

Are you kidding???? Trust Rick Perry??? LMAO!!

alaskan sleeping
10/04/11 8:45 pm

The whole government system is stupid. Their all retarded.

10/04/11 2:56 am

80% of Californian's say NO. That's a low number.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
10/04/11 12:57 am

I don't trust any government, or corporation either for that matter. Any organization that is run by humans is subject to corruption regardless of what kind of organization it is.

JFradley Hawaii
10/03/11 2:55 pm

I don't trust them at all and I work for them!

10/03/11 11:59 am

Yeah Illinois is obscenely corrupt

10/03/11 12:31 am

Nope in my state it feels like after your done being governor you go to prison.

ArkHogs Arkansas
10/02/11 9:34 pm

@Sensible44 if you truly believe that that is what your state democrats want, then you have gone crazy.

Caulfield Utah
10/02/11 2:27 pm

Earlier this yeat in Utah, the state legislature made public e-mails and correspondance that the senators and represenatives use, closed to the public. They don't want us seeing something. This bill was supported by Republicans...... Hmmmm.... I wonder which party is the most corrupt in Utah?

d0m333 Pennsylvania
10/02/11 2:20 pm

It's not who's voting for them but who's voting.

10/02/11 12:42 pm

If we are 80% against the j- holes in office, who is voting for them????

10/02/11 11:50 am

Not since our dick governor John kasich cut sports and extracurricular activities

Priceless Kentucky
10/02/11 9:53 am

If u r not part of the solution u r part of the problem.

Priceless Kentucky
10/02/11 9:52 am

how many on here actually vote every election? researching all candidates? for every office? How many have volunteered during a campaign?

Priceless Kentucky
10/02/11 9:50 am

amen ryne! when is the last time anyone on here attended their local school board meeting or city council meeting? Society today is too comfortable with "that's the other guys responsibility" and "not me".

10/02/11 9:37 am

Tom Corbett would rather have inmates have an extra loaf of bread and amenities than have Pennsylvania children learn. He is an example of what a conservative can do to this country.

10/02/11 9:36 am

Tom Corbett is an idiot he cut education funding by 550 million, froze pay for school employees, cut preschool funding by 2.4 million, and he cut 1150 state jobs. But that's not all, he increased spending on prisons by 186 billion.

10/02/11 8:53 am

I trust Virginia's government a helluva lot more than the Fed's.

10/02/11 8:00 am

The democrats in Wisconsin have gone COMPLETELY berserk! The slop for the trough was cut off and it drove them completely insane. They refuse to act in a sensible manner. they want mob rule to prevail. Sane people will leave this state & maybe, doubtful, they will come to their senses!

10/02/11 8:00 am

The democrats in Wisconsin have gone COMPLETELY berserk! The slop for the trough was cut off and it drove them completely insane. They refuse to act in a sensible manner. they want mob rule to prevail. Sane people will leave this state & maybe, doubtful, they will come to their senses!

drhawkeye CA
10/02/11 7:35 am

Nothing is quite as American as distrusting the government.

10/02/11 3:12 am

People like to complain about the power and corruption in the Fed Govt. However, local Govt can be just as or more corrupt. I think we all know of or at least have heard stories of small town govts and corruptive judges. Truth is that power corrupts. No matter whether you're the Prez or A town mayor

sohuser California
10/02/11 2:35 am

Barbara Boxer is one of my state's senators so I answered no right off the bat.

10/02/11 1:54 am

Missouri state government is just as crooked as dc, except maybe worse, they want state income tax, local income tax and personal property tax, all of which supposedly goes to schools, yet some of these school are dilapidated pieces of crap

cup0pizza .
10/02/11 1:45 am

Of course I don't. I live in Washington. However, they're corrupt in all states.

10/02/11 1:44 am

My state government wants to tax everyone that doesn't live at the poverty line, and then cut all the vital services they provide: fire, police, an schools. Thus, my change to being republican.

10/02/11 1:42 am

In the state of Hollywood and silicon valley an income of 5 digits still puts my husband and I in the highest tax bracket. We can't afford to move into even the modest neighborhood I grew up in, but CA can tax us at the same rate as Bill Gates. And budget cuts to schools got me laid off.

10/02/11 1:30 am

Illinois is 91% no. No real surprise there. Other than that 9% said yes.

10/02/11 12:41 am

Well I trust my state government in the sense that I don't think it is going to lie or secretly fill every home with thousands of lemurs. But that's not to say that I think it will always do the right thing...

10/02/11 12:26 am

Lol Blu!
I'm still wondering why he was elected in the first place...

10/02/11 12:16 am

I trust it more than our tyrannical federal government that's for damn sure.

blutuesday California
10/02/11 12:04 am

Gave this Q a yes, in honor of Arnie no longer being the guvernator!

10/02/11 12:00 am

Bulldoggy- the approval is higher. And it's state and local gov. I don't know about you, but I know most of my local officials. They're good people. And while I dislike state congress, they're more effective than federal. Plus we've got a decent mayor now.

10/01/11 10:53 pm

Our "governor" is a liar and a hypocrite. So of course he is running for president. God help us if he wins.

applestar Florida
10/01/11 10:23 pm

terber I am with you! Florida teacher and don't trust the gov. despite his claims it is not in the students best interests.

DamageInc California
10/01/11 10:07 pm

I can trust them to look out for illegal immigrants and not U.S. Citizens.

10/01/11 9:09 pm

I dont trust state govt because they rely on federal money, and that money comes with a lot of strings

10/01/11 8:15 pm

spoken like a true thinker

10/01/11 8:02 pm

If by 'trust' you mean that they are indeed looking out for my (the public's) best interests, then no. However, if by 'trust' you mean that I can count on them to get whatever they can for themselves, then yes.

robotmuffn Phoenix AZ
10/01/11 7:12 pm

Our governor is a freakin' moron... Jan Brewer needs to just go away!

ryne Tennessee
10/01/11 7:00 pm

I also love how ppl see the government as so separate and distant. You are the government ppl!

10/01/11 7:00 pm

Too many small local governments within the towns & municipalities. I can't begin to count how many tiny fire departments and police departments there are. They need to be consolidated to save $$$, instead of laying off teachers!!

ryne Tennessee
10/01/11 6:54 pm

No, I don't trust my state government. TennCare and our education programs are not great.

10/01/11 6:43 pm

I'm not sure if the government lacks trust or the people we vote in who are on their own agenda or the voters who get frustrated and vote against their own common sense and elect anybody who is not in office or in that party. WI is a good example people got what they voted for and now doh!

10/01/11 6:11 pm

I think everybody is distrustful of ppl in power. We hope they fulfill their campaign promises, but we've been disappointed enough to stay distant

10/01/11 5:19 pm

No and what is sad is we helped elect them