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Show Of Hands November 9th, 2011 12:00am

Do you believe the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain are true?

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waaazzaap Arizona
11/18/11 2:30 pm

Herman Cain is house Negro! Just like what the Malcolm X said 40 years ago

11/16/11 1:55 pm

I smell a large hairy beaver...I mean rat. The most Cain MAY be guilty is some harmless flirting. And I strongly suspect that may be a stretch. Cain's a good candidate, and I think this is a typical attempt by the DFL to lynch yet another conservative black man.

11/15/11 7:29 pm

I personally don't care if he did or not... What's scary is the fact that he has a legitimate impact on U.S politics, whether he's a fad or not he's still an idiot.

11/14/11 4:26 pm

Some people are very uneducated when it comes to allegations. People come out after 10 years and accuse some one of something come on people. Know we are finding out the name of the people and they have ties with Obama's administration . And on top of that they have financial problems.

11/14/11 11:06 am

How funny that the liberal dems all rush to judgment and assume he's guilty. Aren't they supposed to be the defenders of "innocent until proven guilty"? Typical lib hypocrisy

11/13/11 10:26 pm

foxnewslover: Some times cheaper to pay then defend even when your right. Kind of like a speeding ticket

11/13/11 10:23 pm

the beloved Kennedy's couldn't stand the scrutiny of today's campaigns? Back then the press agreed this was personal and didn't publish the number of times the boys played around. They hand out small change like that to avoid a million dollar attorney fee

11/13/11 8:43 pm

Nah I'm sure the RA regularly hands out $45,000 checks.

11/13/11 8:21 pm

meat? should be met.......geeeezzzz

11/13/11 8:15 pm

he is a pervert, and this "I don't remember " mess is hogwash.

11/13/11 8:14 pm

Just a little bit too much coincidence coming from the Chicago mafia and all those crooks for me to believe. Even Cain's wife says he would have to have multiple personalities one of them being one she never meat for this to have happened.

11/13/11 8:12 pm

just read an article describing the Chicago political machine ran by David Axelrod. It appears there is a clear record of him using sexual issues against two of Obamas competitors in his Senatorial race. .

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/13/11 6:05 pm

Jessie for a demo you all sure are a sexist. Wish you and your husband the best. You did say you have one didn't you.

11/13/11 12:54 pm

Coloradica: I think I was there, he may have looked!!!! At least we know that he "did not have sexual intercourse with that woman". Lol Do people today not see a black man lynching when they see it on national news. Do we need a tree? Come on people...

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
11/13/11 10:46 am

I recall a time when I was walking downtown and it happened to be pretty windy. I saw a flash & realized about a block away a lady's skirt had blown up around her torso exposing her undergarment. Herman Cain was behind her and I can't swear on it but I think he looked. Just the feeling I had.

HolyBabble Mississippi
11/12/11 11:22 pm

I'm tired of women thinking that they have rights.
Women are supposed to be submissive . My ancestor gave up a rib for you!!

If you wouldn't have been tricked by the talking snake we wouldn't be in the trouble we are in now.

11/12/11 7:18 pm

If God told Cain to run for Prez, God probably knew about this harassment stuff and felt it was OK. Years ago God might have told him to look for a burning bush. after Herman pulled a few moves, God told him he was more plain spoken ...and meant a plant bush.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/12/11 6:01 pm

Amazed, look for Gingrich to make a huge leap moving into the primaries. the sad reality is that he has NO wall street support and no money to compete. if the republicans want a challenger, it has to be Romney or Obama will be re-elected.

11/12/11 4:17 pm

When it comes out in numbers, of course they're true. But now we know more about the man, he's still a better candidate than the crazies (Perry, Bachman, Paul) or the chameleon (Romney). If folks don't get past Cain's history/character issues, then Newt might become Obama's Bob Dole.

palindrome California
11/12/11 2:45 pm

Anarchy, look here, I said Clinton wasn't found guilty of sexual harassment. He was found guilty of lying about it. the dolt is you, did Clinton do it? Hell yes he did. But that's not what he got impeached for

tsk California
11/12/11 11:17 am

Well, going by interracial relationships, white chicks do love black mamba. So yes.

11/12/11 4:30 am

I believe the last one is fake but four different women didn't all hatch some crazy plan. they guy called Pelosi "Princess Pelosi" in the debate. that kind of talk seems like the kind of chauvinist who would do that. I believe he's a harasser.

RJ1969 SoCal
11/12/11 12:11 am

anarchy, the actual incident (whether true or not) is irrelevant. he's shown a level of incompetence handling the issue that clearly disqualifies him for consideration. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just being straight with you. he's done.

11/11/11 10:13 pm

if Gloria Alred is involved, it's probably for politics and for money.

11/11/11 7:53 pm

All you dema have on Herman Cain is vague allegations that didn't surface until it was either financially profitable for the woman, or politically detrimental for Cain....

11/11/11 7:50 pm

Politiks: you accuse others of "selective" criticism? Um; there was a stained blue dress, recorded conversations of the "other party" and perjury with Clinton you dolt. What, SPECIFICALLY is the evidence against Herman Cain again? Oh wait....NOTHING.

11/11/11 7:46 pm

What. Plot is the sky in that weird, small, delusional world you live in?

palindrome California
11/11/11 2:06 pm

hard for you to have equal treatment towards people?

palindrome California
11/11/11 2:05 pm

That's why I distrust these 80's onward republicans. They live in a world of double-standards, illusions, lies, disinformation and above all a hypocrisy that reeks to the depths and to the heavens! It's just ridiculous. I'm independent but I can't stand these post-Reagan conservatives. Is it THAT

palindrome California
11/11/11 2:02 pm

Matth35- Clinton was never found guilty of what Cain is accused of. Selective reality. He was found guilty of lying about it. I just love watching republicans foam at the mouth to defend Cain. Had CANDIDATE Obama been so much as whispered of harassing a girl... All hell woulda been unleashed!

11/11/11 1:00 pm

In a new CBS News Poll, 61 percent of Republican primary voters say the sexual harassment accusations against Cain won't make any difference in their vote.

mim formerly 97123
11/11/11 2:24 am

For it to be sexual harassment, the accuser has to make it known they find the harassment unacceptable. If the behaviors do not stop, that is harassment. Sexual harassment isn't simply a sex scandal, it's a crime.

11/10/11 9:35 pm

Apollo, why do you chose to ignore EVERY valid point I've made on this thread?

11/10/11 9:25 pm

If Cain did anything illegal then no one ever brought up charges. But the facts are that he did act in appropriately in some way. Four women don't all lie even of the last Alred one is obvious B.S.

11/10/11 9:24 pm

Matt. Clinton was not "proven" guilty of harassment. You don't know what you're talking about.

Cain wasn't accused of anything illegal. He was accused of sexual harassment and the company paid the ladies off to go away.

No charges were ever filed against Cain so he'll never be "proven guilty."

11/10/11 8:14 pm

Hey, you can't harass the willing!

11/10/11 7:44 pm

Sue her for libel or resign

11/10/11 7:11 pm

If Herman cane is guilty and he decides to come forward on it then shame on him my personal opinion of his character will drastically change. But innocent until proven guilty in the country my friend. Clinton...was proven guilty, cane...has not been. Get over it.

11/10/11 7:10 pm

Person he is for harassing women when someone from your side was actually in office getting his jollies off with an intern in the Oval office while he was married. Sexual harassment is bad but so is cheating on your wife and lying to your country about it when asked.

11/10/11 7:07 pm

But Herman cane supposedly touched some women 20 years ago and just now it's an issue??? Get real. As for Obama he's a joke. I gave Obama a chance in the beginning I truly did but he's got his own agenda. If cane is guilty then so be it but don't sit there and point the finger at him and what a bad

11/10/11 7:05 pm

Let's not get into the Clinton thing lest it proves the point of what complete and utter hypocrites anyone who is bashing Herman cane really are. I'm sure many presidents do what Clinton did the difference is he got caught red handed lied about it then retracted it.

11/10/11 7:04 pm

They chose to take the money to help get over their pain. Personally if it had ever happened to me and I was that damaged by it money wouldn't make me feel better I would pursue it. Funny how now that he's a candidate for president that these women are all of the sudden hurt.

11/10/11 7:02 pm

Ya know it's funny, you sit there on the left and point the finger at a man who has only 4 people accusing a republican candidate for presidency of sexual harassment. Had it been a big enough issue these people would have continued to pursue the injustice that is sexual harassment instead

huh Washington
11/10/11 6:56 pm

Cain is hilarious, did he think just denying he had sexual harassment lawsuits would make them go away - man, way to funny, that'll work

11/10/11 6:16 pm

it's the republican party weeding out their token black guy when his ratings got to high

veritas1 Panda
11/10/11 5:23 pm

@Archamedes. FOUR different women. Multiple hush money payments so the victims can't speak out publicly. A third party witness. He has lied multiple times on camera. How dare the media report this! It only sickens you because it is negative reporting. Your Herman is sexual harasser. Face it.

11/10/11 5:20 pm

death threats, not treats lol.