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Show Of Hands November 7th, 2011 12:00am

Will the Congressional debt "Super Committee" be able to meet it's minimum mandate of $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction before the 11/23 deadline?

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PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
11/20/11 3:44 pm

A vast majority of us called it... CNN reported today that the super-committee is preparing an announcement for tomorrow stating that they failed to come to an agreement. Here's yet another piece of evidence to support the belief that the D.C. political machine is broken.

coolguy77 Alabama
11/15/11 9:03 pm

yay everyone agrees that they are just going to stonewall

11/15/11 3:45 pm

gunna suck when china says pay up

11/11/11 4:26 pm

I bet they pass a short sighted bill that nullifies the super committee requirement and they kick the can down the road. Instead of facing the music and making the hard choices that could cost these scumbags votes. Buncha cowards they are.

11/10/11 12:41 pm

LOL I just guessed randomly

11/09/11 8:30 pm

seriously? that would require Republicans and Democrats to work together

11/09/11 8:30 pm

seriously? that would require Republicans and Democrats to work together

11/09/11 5:18 pm

53% of debt is owed to US investors. 47% is owed to other countries China is owed about 9.8% Japan 9.1% Britton 5.1% and on from there. Just wanted to say........

11/09/11 5:11 pm

Who will Obama run against now?

11/09/11 5:10 pm

The truth finally comes out after the republicans finally offer to go along with a 30 bil dollar tax increase annually. the democrats show their true colors and walk out of the talks.....hmmmmm I wonder if this was the way this was supposed to go all along??

NYevo NY
11/08/11 7:42 pm

It's 14 trillion, ~80% of which is owed to people, trusts, retirement plans, etc within the US. IE, the gov owes it mostly to us. Not that it makes it ok, but at least it's not 80% owed to a foreign entity who would strong-arm us

NYevo NY
11/08/11 8:32 am

If they don't, it's trigger time. Better get the basement ready for Grandpappy and put the military on notice

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
11/08/11 1:09 am

Not if they all have vested interests in companies that would lose money as a result of cuts.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
11/08/11 12:59 am

yes - it's $120 billion per year over 10 years ....... it's a drop in the bucket ....... and they'll likely include the draw down of the wars as part of the savingsbto achieve it

forrestt Ohio
11/07/11 10:26 pm

they are retarded if they they can pull that off with all the procrastinators sitting their @$$ 's down and getting paid for not having a job is bs

11/07/11 10:17 pm

danni: I hope the idiots on the committee have access to SOH might help if they knew what we all thought of them.....

11/07/11 9:20 pm

wow. does not atter what state, age, party, income, gender...we universally concur that incompetence reigns.

ryne Tennessee
11/07/11 9:04 pm

Roybiker12 we need public sector jobs...more importantly we need to transfer the government and economy away from corporatist capitalism.

11/07/11 8:59 pm

it's congress of course not. the fail at everything the only yes votes must be from congress people's family

got2BFree South Carolina
11/07/11 8:34 pm

I have absolutely no faith in any of these politicians. Politicians aren't like sports teams who will at least bring home an occasional win. Both sides suck at what they do, except for what they do for themselves. As I've said before. Get rid of capital hill & replace it with "Show of Hands". USA!

veritas1 Panda
11/07/11 7:43 pm

They will come to an agreement around midnight…like the debt deal.

@32no that is a complete lie. The total debt is somewhere around $54 Trillion.

11/07/11 7:35 pm

I really appreciate how in anticipation of failure, congress is trying to save the military budget. Heaven forbid they lose out. It's better if it's just the sick and elderly.

11/07/11 6:28 pm

fresh1: didn't you work for Hillary when she was a senator?

11/07/11 6:23 pm

Yep. Both sides are trying to take our social security money.

11/07/11 6:19 pm

spoiler: you are genius! you never forget anything you remember, do you?

11/07/11 6:00 pm

that committee needs to be made up of libertarians to see any results

11/07/11 5:52 pm

Are republicans on that team? Yes? My answer is no.

11/07/11 5:41 pm

The Federal govt. has suppressed job creation and the more money that is pulled out of the private sector into the public sector, the more labor will suffer. we need lower revenues into the government. We have to stave the beast.

11/07/11 5:37 pm

I think the committee will come to consensus...congress is another matter entirely!

11/07/11 5:26 pm

We need spending cuts and Taxes.

ryne Tennessee
11/07/11 5:21 pm

No...then we would have even worse government. We need a strong change to the party structure in this country

11/07/11 4:46 pm

We would have a more responsible congress if each district were to pick a random nano out of their phone book and send that person to Washington rather than hold elections. This bunch that we have got now is pathetic.

11/07/11 3:20 pm

They'll reach an agreement like the last minute with shitty results.

11/07/11 1:57 pm

With P. Murray the committee never stood a chance!

spoiler Michigan
11/07/11 1:27 pm

Ask spoiler what exactly lol. He's absolutely right on the money

11/07/11 12:42 pm

there are democrats on that panel...they won't cut anything unless it's defense. I predict deadlock.

11/07/11 12:16 pm

how is congress (BOTH parties) raking in the big bucks while the economy is in deficit? I mean at the rate of their income growth in the past few YEARS, it's extraordinary! Whatever they are doing that's increasing their wealth, seems like it's hurting ours. They need to "undo" WHATEVER they r doing

11/07/11 11:53 am

32no: where are you getting your numbers from? your 6:29 post is a lie plain and simple ask spoiler....

11/07/11 11:40 am

CW- is that the old saying "you can lead a three year old to the bathroom but you can't make him poop"

Think Lovin Life
11/07/11 11:18 am

JamesJ ... and what's worse is that I have no faith in our president, as he could lead a three year old to the bathroom let alone leading our country in this tough time!

Think Lovin Life
11/07/11 11:15 am

32no ... put down the pipe ... Mr O has dramatically increased the obligations on our children. Deficit spending must stop.

Think Lovin Life
11/07/11 11:13 am

LeftO ... and as we vote 'em out let's vote in a crew that will eliminate their fat pensions as a starting point. And then enforce term limits.

11/07/11 11:03 am

are the natural result.

11/07/11 11:02 am

It's the trade-off. On the one hand, we have a government mostly unable to act quickly and decisively in dramatic ways- on the other, we have a government that is hardly capable to abuse its power because it's sluggish. We traded efficiency for security with this government- problems like these

11/07/11 9:56 am

I say we just vote them all out and leave their seats empty for a few years until the economy rebounds