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Show Of Hands January 1st, 2013 12:00am

Does your phone have more than 1,000 photos on it?

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01/07/13 7:21 pm

After having it for about 3 years, I'm nearing 10 pictures...

01/03/13 2:34 pm

I have over 2,000 photos on my phone, but I copied them to my computer and deleted them from my phone, so now I only have like 70-something. :P

01/03/13 6:06 am

I would but I upload to Dropbox

susanr Colorado
01/03/13 4:22 am

Kindle Fire and iPad are non-phone possibilities.

01/02/13 10:39 pm

Yes, and one of them is of this man that I saw at the mall who was wearing a KILT. And stockings. This is a small-town mall that closes at six. I'm still wondering WHY. Pretty sure he was glaring at me, but it was so worth it.

01/02/13 10:16 am

I have around 700, but I've been trying to back them up on the computer and delete alot of them off my phone.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
01/02/13 9:52 am

Wow moonshot, that's a wife that knows what kind of toys guys like! I've been dreaming about a 5D for a while now. Someday...

moonshot More often I know nothing
01/02/13 9:43 am

My wife surprised me with a new Canon 5D Mark III for Christmas. It's a monster! I need some new glass now....

moonshot More often I know nothing
01/02/13 9:40 am

My surprised me with a Canon 5D Mark III for Christmas. It's a monster! I need some new glass now....

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
01/02/13 7:07 am

Oh yeah. Any parent especially will have thousands of pics. They were taking up 75% of my memory. Recently had to move most to a flash drive.

01/02/13 6:56 am

I transfer them to the computer weekly.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/02/13 6:40 am

I probably have around 250+/-, and I'm an avid shutterbug! Some are images from my iPhone, some from my Canon camera that've been processed, sent via iCloud. However, I'm always culling through my images, to keep albums at a manageable level. The images may increase, tho, when I get my new camera.

EarlyBird Portland
01/02/13 5:14 am

I have a grand total of... 5.
All 5 are of pets.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
01/01/13 11:52 pm

Best to do it at least once a month. If not more.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
01/01/13 11:49 pm

I have 2943 pictures. Some are 2 years old.

deathvalley Chicago native
01/01/13 11:49 pm

It did before the holidays, spent about a few days organizing and moving them to my photobucket account!

lazel fandom rehab
01/01/13 11:16 pm

Used to until I cleared it now I'm at the 200 mark and my photos are like one big Percy Jackson/ Doctor Who/ Sherlock fan page

lindiihop Michigan
01/01/13 10:00 pm

No, I like to use my data for time-wasting apps like SOH!

01/01/13 9:26 pm

I have 2050 and 31 videos on my phone. I seriously need to go thru them....

01/01/13 9:07 pm

Mine used to, but I saved them to my computer.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
01/01/13 6:29 pm

moonshot I have a similar addiction - about the only time I don't have a camera within arm's reach is when I'm in the bathroom, and even that's more guideline than rule. Hopefully 1PB SSDs will get cheap enough to own before the house fills up with full DVD+Rs. What kind of new camera?

01/01/13 6:11 pm

My phone is just a prepaid LG touch phone which cannot put those pictures online so it would be of no use to keep so many images locally.

moonshot More often I know nothing
01/01/13 5:52 pm

I have 6tbs of storage now. Yes, it is getting out of control...cell phone camera? Not so much....

moonshot More often I know nothing
01/01/13 5:51 pm

One image in RAW format uses around 27mbs. My new camera is awesome!

moonshot More often I know nothing
01/01/13 5:49 pm

No, but the hard drive on my computer has over 36,000 images dating from 1998, all taken by me.

lylypiano Kitten Love
01/01/13 5:47 pm

Is it bad to have 1000+? (Bc I do)

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
01/01/13 5:20 pm

2K on my iPhone and 3.3K on my iPad. I just deleted about 2K photos total from my devices so 5.3K is actually pretty good.

monkees19 New Jersey
01/01/13 5:20 pm

I don't think there's even 100

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/01/13 5:09 pm

My dad loved collecting stuff. He eventually learned to purge periodically. We are all different. If you can buy enough storage, why not. On the other hand, prioritize and organize.

01/01/13 5:06 pm

Had to look-thought I was close - 966!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/01/13 5:01 pm

Tony, you still have all our votes from the beginning. It is valuable information. Can you see a trend here? ;-) You might want to use cheaper longer term reliable storage.

lastjedi Florida, US
01/01/13 4:36 pm

Approaching 700. And I always choose the highest quality.

DakotaJames seattle
01/01/13 4:17 pm

Yes, 500 of my kitten and 500 of my 2 year old nephew.

rodin South Dakota
01/01/13 4:08 pm

my phone plugs into the wall and does not have a camera

01/01/13 4:06 pm

It had over 15k from apps like 9gag, but I deleted all of them so I could actually download things. Took up over 8 gigs of memory.

lmurder MDK
01/01/13 4:00 pm

iPhone 5 64gb, yes.

droo Santa Barbara
01/01/13 3:10 pm

Yes because I save memes and other humorous images I find online. Such a waste of space.

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
01/01/13 3:05 pm

I back up my phone with my computer at least twice a year.

MCR The Moon
01/01/13 2:24 pm

My iPod does.. A lot more

Comet? Tennessee
01/01/13 2:17 pm

@TDaddy..."hard times"? You sounded like you are a hard head guy.

stinkypete In the Sky
01/01/13 2:12 pm

3,481. You have me beat!

01/01/13 1:24 pm

Over 2000..

Zod Above Pugetropolis
01/01/13 1:13 pm

11 in the phone. 968 on the iPad, 89 on the iTouch, a few hundred in the camera. A little over 38,000 on my PC right now, probably about another 50,000 stored on DVDs, not counting backups - I finally digitized over 20,000 prints and slides two years ago. It took most of a month, full time effort.

01/01/13 12:59 pm

Nope but I only need to take 987 more