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Show Of Hands April 3rd, 2012 12:00am

How often do you clean your outdoor tables and chairs?

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maineak New Hampshire
04/11/12 5:18 am

Well in not going to YOUR backyard picnic.

snafu Washington
04/09/12 1:04 pm

I only have 2 plastic adirondack chairs and a little plastic table, I wash them once or twice a year.

04/05/12 12:54 am

Duh. Rarely. That's what rain is for. (;

04/04/12 8:46 pm

And I need another visit to the east! Only been there once :\ and only the NE states. Been to more countries than states haha :\

Nerdz Texas
04/04/12 6:19 pm

mine are in a sad state so I do not clean them often

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/04/12 6:17 pm

I need to visit more states to the west. Thx for update.

04/04/12 4:48 pm

Yup. Brown and black really. But remember, NM isn't all desert ;) I live in the mountains right next to a national forest. And they're generally not aggressive, but they'll crawl through your car door if you've got food!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/04/12 4:22 pm

@jjc - bears in new Mexico? Brown bears? Dangerous?

04/04/12 12:02 pm

March - November we're out pretty much everyday so our furniture gets cleaned regularly.

minemine Oregon
04/04/12 9:24 am

@Josh310 My body misses the sun but my mind missed the rain. Go figure! :) I might need to think tropical next time I move!

04/04/12 5:35 am

We have bears that hang out very near our house and we grill and eat outside all the time. Those babies get cleaned a lot ;)

04/04/12 12:07 am

In the winter? Almost never. Summer? Almost always.

dadstad Texas
04/03/12 11:02 pm

We eat outside most every day. We clean the tables daily. I hose off furniture once a week and our cleaning ladies mop the deck once a week.

monty New York
04/03/12 9:22 pm

We just got our first set in the beginning of this year and have not cleaned it yet but we don't really have a schedule as of now

04/03/12 9:11 pm

I try but the pollen always comes back in a matter of minnutes sooooooooo i gave up

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/03/12 8:54 pm

Teak looks best when settles in with natural look.

Rosebud Ohio
04/03/12 8:47 pm

Rarely... The old place we had them through the winter so we never used them (dumpster rescues... Well kind of). Now we have none. When I lived at home, we only cleaned them when we used them. Why clean them more often? It's like water blasting your drive weekly. Not necessary.

Jzz California
04/03/12 8:28 pm

tops I live in the desert. when the rain stops. none for months. when will the rain stop? looking forward to outside living.

BadBadger Georgia
04/03/12 7:57 pm

Funny, but what passes for outdoor furniture today, is what passed for indoor furniture when I was in college. Maybe I should dig around in the outdoor chairs for loose change and shake.

BadBadger Georgia
04/03/12 7:53 pm

I voted YES on the marijuana poll. What do you think?

04/03/12 7:17 pm

Just right before a party, to remove all of the bird droppings. Most of it's out by the bird feeders, so the birds primarily treat the wrought iron furniture as their own, big, fancy bird perches.

Happy2 California
04/03/12 6:25 pm

It's kind of embarrassing; our outdoor furniture is slowly rotting while our neighbor's are shiny and clean.

04/03/12 6:04 pm

No they need to be replaced because I never clean them. We always just break out our camp chairs when we sit outside.

04/03/12 5:37 pm

we use them almost daily, so they don't seem to get dirty.

04/03/12 5:21 pm

My guess are the godless dirty lawn chair crowd. Unless he decides the clean lawn chair people are damned for wasting their money on outdoor furniture.
This could go either way....

04/03/12 5:20 pm

I am white knuckled with anticipation of which side holybabble's wrath will befall.

04/03/12 5:19 pm

I like the lighter tone of the last few questions. I wish we had cleaner outdoor furniture but theres only so much time in the day.

04/03/12 5:15 pm

only when it rains :) jk I don't have any

04/03/12 4:54 pm

only when getting ready for a party.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
04/03/12 4:28 pm

Have one pink plastic adirondack chair and I figure that's what the rain is for lol.

04/03/12 4:16 pm

Have none so that would be rarely for me.

04/03/12 3:55 pm

Landoffree- your yard man could be white, black, latino. What I question is why you'd think others would view a yard man as only a certain race? Just saying...

2katz I live in Nebraska
04/03/12 3:46 pm

LandOfFree, why should anyone consider you racist if you have a yard man? Regardless of your race or theirs. I have a mechanic. And a luthier. And a doctor. Etc. it's nobody's business if we hire people to do the things we can't or don't want to do. Even if you're a democrat.

Fact FL
04/03/12 3:38 pm

This user is currently being ignored

04/03/12 3:38 pm

Don't have any but usually help other once a year

04/03/12 3:29 pm

My family just take out the cushion of the seats when there is no visitors.

04/03/12 3:28 pm

I have Maria do it for me. jk. Rarely

EarlyBird Portland
04/03/12 3:12 pm

Gets cleaned really well once a year. It's part of my "spring cleaning" routine.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
04/03/12 3:03 pm

Our backyard furniture gets hosed down weekly when we hose down the backyard. We have dogs, we hose everything down weekly so it doesn't stink