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Have you ever seen a dead human body in person?

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11/07/12 12:44 am

No I haven't :/ & I don't want to!!!

11/06/12 1:45 pm

On the freeway... 4 of them. The most horrific thing I've seen in my life. I was traumatized for several days ????

lilloluv Michigan
11/06/12 5:48 am

I've seen a heart, lungs, intestine, but never the whole body at once.

11/05/12 6:41 pm

Yes, I saw my grandmother under an hour after she died (I was twelve). It was very strange to me.

11/04/12 1:02 pm

My best friends dad died in my house like a month and a half ago sitting up when he took a nap. We didn't realize he was dead for a few hours it was nuts cause when someone noticed he wasn't breathing he was already dead, crazy

11/04/12 11:18 am

Was in Iraq in 2004 and 2005. Can't figure out, with so many people killed daily, when will they run out of people to kill.

11/03/12 11:44 pm

My family owns and operates funeral homes and cemeteries...yes, plenty.

11/03/12 1:59 pm

do wakes and funerals count?

11/02/12 5:31 pm

Post-mortem care for a few patients as a pediatric nurse

11/02/12 5:28 pm

Cadaver Lab for A&P Class in Nursing School

BryanK OK
11/02/12 10:03 am

My grandmother died in our house, so yes. I've seen a real dead body. I plan on seeing more in the future if I'm not the next one. Lol.

11/02/12 7:29 am

It is hard, but I look at it like this: we do the best we can to save these little ones. You must work at a regional center where you see everything ergo more deaths. I admire all the RNs and make a point to tell my students the RN is the most important person on the team. You are the frontline.

11/02/12 7:12 am

Dissected a cadaver with four other students. Signed too many death certificates and seen too many autopsies.

bambi069 Anacortes
11/01/12 9:44 pm

Several dead realities and several body parts when from a car accident when I was about 14. A foot and an arm that had not yet been covered by the coroner when we drove past.

sgeisler18 Illinois
11/01/12 9:03 pm

My grandpa when I said my final goodbye to him before his cremation, plus three or four cadavers.

emt816 Virginia
11/01/12 8:24 pm

that was a morbid question :-/

11/01/12 7:07 pm

Well, part of one.. On the way to Florida for a vacation as a kid a convict escaped prison and tried to cross the highway. Lets just say he couldn't give two thumbs up to this comment...

zedd Desert Dweller
11/01/12 6:22 pm

As a kid, I was a witness to a horrible car accident and saw the dead and bloody bodies. My dad read in the newspaper the next day that the only survivor was an infant.

atm1901 Maryland
11/01/12 5:44 pm

C'mon guys. The funeral home doesn't count.

EarlyBird Portland
11/01/12 5:34 pm

81% have seen a dead body? I'm absolutely shocked.
I would have bet money the numbers would be the other way around.

EarlyBird Portland
11/01/12 5:28 pm

Yes, people are counting funerals

ning99 Neverland
11/01/12 4:31 pm

Grandfather's and great grandmother's

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
11/01/12 4:16 pm

if you count wakes, then yeah... otherwise I don't think so.

Destroyer Instillation 04
11/01/12 4:01 pm

I assume the question does not pertain to a funeral. If it does, yes. If not, no.

Itabliss Hello
11/01/12 2:40 pm

A child in your eyes, no matter how old they get.

Itabliss Hello
11/01/12 2:40 pm

Annie>> its not so much what the funeral homes do to them as it is what's now missing from them.... Blood, warmth, etc. IMO, and I've been to a lot of funerals, your memory of the person as they lived tends to over power the memory of them dead. Sort of like how a younger cousin may always look like

11/01/12 2:14 pm

My friends family owns the local funeral home...

11/01/12 2:06 pm

Not really but I saw my grandma at her viewing it was open casket but I don't think that counts

ladyniner81 I hate people
11/01/12 1:57 pm

I don't know if my mom wanted it that way, but I was kind of miffed she rushed US out of the room like that..

ladyniner81 I hate people
11/01/12 1:55 pm

My mom. We all took turns holding her hands while she was dying. But the hospice nurse told us we should leave (we were gonna go out to dinner) even as my sister tearfully protested, we did. That nurse must have known something, because she died while we were gone. But I saw her body on the bed.

11/01/12 1:30 pm

I hope I can go while holding my wife.

So sorry for your loss.

11/01/12 1:11 pm

aw. that's so sad:( I'm sorry for your loss

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/01/12 8:35 am

My brother-in-law took his own life shooting himself in the Head. They had open casket they have mortuary wax I think it's called to patch things up that look like that. My mother-in-law chose not to view him because he really does not look totally like himself

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/01/12 8:24 am

At my brothers wake they shot off a cannon to keep the banshee away. Before the English prostituted our culture the banshee escorted the soul to summer land at death

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/01/12 8:20 am

God bless you. That must be a very hard place to work. My grandson was there for a week last spring when he was born. He was 9.5 lbs but early and he's had quite a few problems but he seems to be turning the corner I adore him.

11/01/12 7:57 am

If funerals count, yes. Many.

11/01/12 7:38 am

Presbyterian (Protestant) do, I've been to a couple.

kesrn On the Border
11/01/12 7:03 am

was an EMT, then RN in an ED and now a surgical ICU, so lots. Post-mortem care is an honor, and anyone who is disrespectful gets kicked out of my room. My patients don't always die with "dignity", but they look like they're sleeping by the time I'm ready to send them to the morgue.

sukiemac Michigan
11/01/12 6:50 am

As a nurse I have seen to many dead bodies

11/01/12 6:08 am

Plenty of times. The last time was when I dissected one from anatomy class :)

11/01/12 6:01 am

As a paramedic the same....

dogsaver new Jersey
11/01/12 5:53 am

In Nj, RN's can Pronounce, Medics can pronounce under the direction of a doctor. Since medics can only treat people under the direction of a doctor, it's basically the same. What's funny is medical examiner's can not pronounce. Another fun fact- pharmacist can give flu shots, medics can't.

11/01/12 5:24 am

I woke up in the arms of my husband who died in his sleep. He was 37. No, not drugs - he had cancer.