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Show Of Hands August 7th, 2012 12:00am

If you were a basketball player, would you rather win an NBA championship or an Olympic gold medal?

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08/09/12 10:37 pm

The championship comes around every year, the Olympics every four. There are far fewer Olympians wearing medals for representing the USA in basketball than there are NBA players wearing championship rings.

To me, THAT makes the Olympics a more distinguished honor.

pe1017 San Antonio
08/08/12 1:56 pm

Dogsaver... It would be far more pathetic to not put our best athletes in the Olympics... You are dumb

08/08/12 12:04 pm

A ring is WAYYY harder to get.

Br@ndon Your Soul
08/08/12 9:58 am

You get paid more for the basketball championship. But you get worldwide fame for a gold medal.

dogsaver new Jersey
08/08/12 6:51 am

It's pathetic that we sent pro basketball players to play in the olympics! Even more so, is that they are having trouble winning! Pathetic!

08/08/12 6:00 am

The fact that this was so close is insane. In the NBA you are playing against the best competition money can buy. In the Olympics you are playing against everyone who couldn't make the NBA.

emsies Seattle
08/08/12 12:18 am

Hey, I play basketball and an Olympic medal falls so far above the NBA (in my case WNBA) ring. It's international! You're the best team IN THE WORLD.

08/08/12 12:02 am

Anyone who actually knows or plays the sport would answer "ring."

08/07/12 11:28 pm

Well the map clearly shows where true patriotism lies, all other "patriot" banter is just politics plain and simple.

scottstots Georgia
08/07/12 7:59 pm

Ring no doubt. Olympic basketball is better than it once was, but NBA players want and need rings to be the best in the world.

pe1017 San Antonio
08/07/12 7:06 pm

If you are from the USA and selected for the Olympic team, money is certainly not your driving factor. It's all about the honor of winning for your country. Go for the gold.

08/07/12 5:32 pm

Usually the best is selected to go for the gold, but you can sit on the bench all year and still get a ring

08/07/12 4:58 pm

Ring by a ridiculous mile

08/07/12 4:35 pm

One ring leads to more sometimes, and you can win a lot more rings then medals

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/07/12 2:39 pm

Winning the NBA championship means beating the second best team in the world. Winning basketball at the Olympics means beating a team that may not even be average for the NBA with a team that might not be better than average for the NBA. The Olympics is not the pinnacle of many team sports.

malibog 12309
08/07/12 2:21 pm


08/07/12 2:17 pm

Team sports are just not as good in the Olympics. Gold medal is amazing for individuals

08/07/12 2:01 pm

You get paid more for NBA and drcynic is right, no one remembers gold medalist anyways.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
08/07/12 1:09 pm

To make the Olympic team essentially means you're one of the top athletes in that sport. To medal means you're one of the top in the world.

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
08/07/12 1:06 pm

No one really remembers most gold medalists anyway.

Planoneck Guam
08/07/12 12:18 pm

Karl Malone, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing. Four players who have a gold medal but no championship ring. There's no doubt in my mind that they'd trade one for the other if they could.

08/07/12 12:12 pm

No one believes a gold medal in basketball is achieving the highest level of the sport; a ring is, thus more important.

Wes28 CBus
08/07/12 12:05 pm

Money aside, a medal would be cooler. Plus the entire Olympic experience.

Nerdz Texas
08/07/12 12:03 pm

Well, the NBA championship lasts a year and the Olympics is every 4 years so I think winning a gold medal has more honor than winning a ring.

lmurder MDK
08/07/12 11:53 am

A ring. I'd like the money instead of a gold.

SoL Ohio
08/07/12 11:30 am

In the NBA you're playing against the best in the world anyway. Other countries just don't provide the same competition. Then there's the money aspect.

KommsWife Indiana
08/07/12 10:31 am

Better completion in the nba. If you can win here, you can win anywhere else

08/07/12 10:08 am

Gold means your the best jn the world. I'd rather have the pride then some extra cash,

mouthwash West Virginia
08/07/12 10:01 am

$25k for a gold medal, or millions to be in the NBA? Duh. NBA title for sure.

kris55 Alabama
08/07/12 9:41 am

If i was in the olympics it would be for Hungary so a gold in basketball would mean way more than a ring.

08/07/12 9:22 am

well if you win an Olympic gold it means your one of the top players in the Nba ..... who knows if you win a ring you could be the worst on the team .... so gold for me

cato Santa Barbara, California
08/07/12 8:51 am

Ring means way more money and that is all that matters.

sbakh1012 New York
08/07/12 8:24 am

It's easier for American basketball players to win hold than the ring