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Have you ever been the victim of a crime?

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08/21/12 4:53 pm

Hamrdd, that was amazing. I couldn't agree more!!!!

fotoguy Florida
08/19/12 1:00 pm

My ex-girlfriend got really pissed when I broke up with her so she forced her way into my house with a loaded .38 and fired 2 shots but missed. She went to prison for attempted first degree murder.

08/18/12 8:17 pm

I get robbed by the government every two weeks.

SoCalSon SoKal
08/18/12 8:06 pm

My drunk neighbor stole our bikes, but left his phone at our house- it ended up being a felony, and we got the bikes back

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 2:57 pm

That stimulus came with republican support. And too late to help.

Terrence Utah
08/18/12 1:16 pm

Natalie- they are right, you shouldn't have to go through that. You should tell the police or talk to a responsible adult.

adalla Virginia
08/18/12 12:07 pm

Natalie - I'm sorry I didn't see your post before. You did nothing wrong. If you can't talk to your mom, maybe you can talk to a school counsellor or a teacher. Maybe one of your friend's mom. You can always talk to a police officer, there might be one at your school. He needs to stop this now.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/18/12 10:37 am

Natalie-- if you don't want to tell your mom, go to the police! What he is doing is a CRIME. He needs to be stopped! I'm so sorry you have to deal with that!!

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/18/12 10:34 am

ishady- ho about the "stimulus" that came from your man, Obama????? That didn't help, either!!! I don't agree with either Bush or Obama so don't waste your time blasting Bush and defending Obama. Just remember to look at BOTH sides instead of blindly blaming just one.

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 9:28 am

Deregulations of banks that created predatory loan practices.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/18/12 8:44 am

@theclan09, You'd better report that ASAP before the statute of limitations runs out. If it was recent, get to a doctor and try to get proof. Rape is completely illegal in the US. Although, for the record, rape is forcible sexual contact, not consensual sex w/o a condom.

adalla Virginia
08/18/12 8:44 am

IShady - Tell me, what did Bush do to create the housing bubble? You know, the one that burst right after Obama was elected? And how are Republicans responsible for the do-nothing Democrat-controlled Senate? The House has passed dozens of bills they won't vote on. Can you actually support ANY of it?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/18/12 8:40 am

Yes, theft and vandalism several times. Lowly cocksuckers.

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 1:32 am

Natalie. Trust your parents to help you.

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 1:31 am

Yes this recession is bush,s fault and the record breaking obstructionism in congress is the republicans fault. If we can trash Obama we can tell the truth on who is responsible for the mess he is Inadequately fixing.

nataliejune13 Florida
08/18/12 1:00 am

Last year, right before my 13th birthday. A random man started texting me, he said he was 20. He sent pictures of his thing to me and when I asked him to stop he wouldn't. I don't want to tell my mom because then she won't trust me. Please help me.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/17/12 10:54 pm

ishady- not everything is conservatives fault. Grow up & realize there are problems on BOTH sides of the aisle. Obama has had almost 4 years & he hasn't fixed a thing.

Bondi- amen! The actual number of rapes that happen in our town is NEVER commented on.

TheClan- seriously? Not a crime? It is!!!

FemmeFatale Louisiana
08/17/12 5:49 pm

Well...bullying is a crime where I live so yeah, I've been a victim of a crime

funkingbench Willard, MO
08/17/12 1:31 pm

My car got broken into.. That was cool. v.v

adalla Virginia
08/17/12 5:35 am

We have lots of crime because our society is very soft on criminals. We jail a LOT of people, but jail is more comfortable and safer than a lot of them live. Most criminals go right back to the same crimes when they get out. There's no real *punishment*

blockfisher Clinton, CT
08/17/12 3:34 am

Had my car stereo stolen. Funny part is I was walking down the street and a bum tried to sell me a stereo in front of my apartment. I was heading out back to my car and realized it was my stereo he was trying to sell me. Sad thing is it was broken. I just miss the mix tape that was stuck in it.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/17/12 1:13 am

The clam rape is a crime! Even a husband can be charged if he forces himself on his wife. Get some legal council.

08/17/12 12:39 am

I got raped a lot..but it's not a crime unless they give you aids I think..and if your wondering. I'm not a whore -.-

skeptical Indianapolis, IN
08/16/12 10:21 pm

Brick through the driver side window for my 6 year old iPod, they left the brick though

08/16/12 9:46 pm

Someone stoll my moms car if that counts.

08/16/12 9:20 pm

does the dog boarding place loosing my dog and lying about them finding it when my mom and I did a crime?

pateach2 love my son
08/16/12 8:51 pm

Get raped by the government every day, does that count?!???

08/16/12 8:51 pm

Sexual harassment is a crime, right?

08/16/12 7:29 pm

Thugs broke my key lock, got in to my truck, stole my stereo. I will shoot any one breaking into a car.

EarlyBird Portland
08/16/12 5:18 pm

BlackBenz - crime is bad but especially when it touches us physically. I'm glad you got past it.

08/16/12 5:15 pm

Spousal abuse, home robbery, identity theft, and multiple incidents of vandalism/breaking in to my car.

sabstorie SoCal
08/16/12 5:10 pm

Some one broke into my truck and stole my bass..... :(

08/16/12 4:45 pm

Yeah, nvr2l8, you're right, the real crime was... a person being elected.

your1pest California
08/16/12 4:33 pm

House robbery. 4pm on a Tuesday while the neighbors looked on...

your1pest California
08/16/12 4:33 pm

House robbery. 4pm on a Tuesday while the neighbors looked on...

your1pest California
08/16/12 4:33 pm

House robbery. 4pm on a Tuesday while the neighbors looked on...

sal10851 Eastern Tennessee
08/16/12 3:49 pm

I'm the one who commits the crimes. You leave shit for me to take and I'm gonna take it. Better lock your doors at night.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
08/16/12 3:41 pm

Anyone who was alive during the Bush 2.0 presidency was the victim of many crimes.

chrismisen atlanta
08/16/12 3:07 pm

probs assault. but that's just how high school is. i voted no

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
08/16/12 2:57 pm

@EarlyBird: I was about 18 years old and I was going to Little Rock for a concert. I am not from LR, and was not familiar with the area. I, apparently, was in the wrong part of town to stop for directions. These guys tried to rob me and steal my car and literally beat me with no mercy.

08/16/12 1:16 pm

ive lived in three different houses in two different States and my house was robbed at all locations

08/16/12 12:01 pm

I had two people write $1,000 in checks when I had me checkbook in my purse at work..needless to say, the idiots at the bank didn't realize TWO different people wrote checks, they kept telling me I wrote them..uh..I finally got it situated (this was 1985)