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AverageJoe Oregon
08/12/11 2:17 am

Girls=beach bears=mountains, you catch my drift

izzy.xo? Massachusetts
08/11/11 8:48 pm

Mountains in winter, beach in summerr(;

TaB1777 Pennsylvania
08/10/11 12:52 am

I live in mountains 6 months out of the year and beach the other six...but I like Beaches ever heard of destin or panama city fl aka emerald coast great and cheap vaca spot

08/08/11 2:02 am

Did you notice that it was all of the states with mountains saying mountains and states with beaches saying beaches!

08/07/11 8:54 am

California beaches are nothing more than giant water reclamation pools. Trust me, I go about twice a week, and San Diego beaches are fed by huge water reclamation plants.

mountains California
08/07/11 12:30 am

Contrary to my state... Yep definitely the mountains

08/06/11 11:58 pm

Fraggle, nah hate corn.

08/06/11 11:57 pm

But luv beach and mountains.

08/06/11 11:56 pm

Really from TX,forgot my zip code(I'm so stupid)

08/06/11 10:55 pm

No surprise my state is split 50/50. We have neither; just a bunch of corn. Anyone hungry?

Overmind Texas
08/06/11 8:17 am

The beach would become boring after about five minutes

08/04/11 1:58 am

When the tectonic plates really get moving here, I think I'd much rather be high up in a mountain. (high in height, not mental capacity. )

Kels.USMC? West Virginia
08/03/11 11:20 pm

I've been to almost every beach out there...but when I went to the virgin islands last year it reminded me of home so much from the mountains, so I gotta go with the mountains of WV. Always. It's home.

08/03/11 9:02 pm

I live in Montana but I wish I was by a beach!!!!

08/03/11 12:25 am

I chose mountains only because it is too damned hot around here and I cannot stand the heat. The beaches on the great lakes are the beast beaches I've ever visited, though. except for the ones full of zebra mussel shells.

Zack100 Tatooine
08/02/11 10:29 am

@lb honestly there are no mosquitos at all. If u go where there is snow or cold temps you'll be fine!

08/01/11 8:34 pm

If you stumble upon a hidden mountain spring with water falls and cliffs to jump from, well that's just amazing, though no mountains here we have foothills and we found a place like that, lots of fun, but I'd still love to see the beach, aaahhh choices, go America wooohhh lol

08/01/11 7:44 pm

I'd rather have sand in my a$$ than mosquitoes

08/01/11 9:42 am

you can just say hot or cold duh hot

08/01/11 8:19 am

@lilQTaaron well hiking is dangerous too

08/01/11 12:58 am

Well skiing and stuff looks fun but its super dangerous.

08/01/11 12:56 am

No offense, but honestly what can you do on a mountain. I <3 the beach aha

07/31/11 5:51 pm


07/31/11 5:51 pm

da beach is awesomewhen you have a lake house the water is your friend and i been who doesnt like to be flung around on a blown up innner tube be hide a boat

07/31/11 2:40 pm

National map looks absolutely hilarious!

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/31/11 9:31 am

On the other hand sharks like to eat you on the ocean.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/31/11 9:30 am

Nothing like getting mauled to death by a bear in the mountains because the bear is mad.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/30/11 11:08 pm

next SoH poll....sharks or bears?

07/30/11 10:03 pm

Feel free to choose the mountains as long as you promise to not have people risk their lives to come rescue you.

gonk In a psychology textbook
07/30/11 8:20 pm

There's nothing like a long hike or bike ride through the mountains, seeing squirrels and deer, and hearing the calming sounds of nature. Just spent last night there. So sad to leave. I'm sure the beach is great, but it is bound to get boring & hot. Love the mountains. I feel so close to God there.

07/30/11 12:15 pm

Say YES to skin cancer!

07/30/11 9:34 am

mountains duh! I live in Colorado and the mountains have thousands of things to offer where the beach gets boring after a couple of days plus the mountains have pools which are as good as beaches

Overmind Texas
07/30/11 7:33 am

I'd quickly become bored on a beach

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/30/11 6:29 am

Oregon has both. I'm two miles from the ocean. Never get tired of it.

07/30/11 6:23 am

In the winter I vacation in the mountains (in addition to day trips for snowboarding). In the summer I vacation at the beach. I love both, but I guess "mountain" if I could only have one... I live in Jersey so I get both; both are very close.

07/30/11 3:39 am

Gotta love the beach. Fishing especially.

07/30/11 2:44 am

I've been to the beach plenty of times in my life and I life within 5 miles of the gulf, there is only so much you can do before it gets boring. The mountains on the other hand are quiet fun and look amazing. I would love to go skiing again.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/29/11 10:51 pm

sorry, didn't mean to rub it in. please, come visit!

RJ1969 SoCal
07/29/11 10:51 pm

look at the map. who would have guessed. hey land-locked folk...we have both. 2 minute walk to the beach, 1 hour drive to 5,000 ft. the beach wins hands down!

07/29/11 10:07 pm

The map is interesting. I live 2 minutes from a beach, but I still prefer skiing and hiking on/in mountains.

kittylover Florida
07/29/11 9:45 pm

You can fall down a mountain. Sounds dangerous.

07/29/11 9:24 pm

Head for the mountains of Busch, beer. Anyone remember that? Anyway, my answer is mountains. I love driving through them with a convertible.

teaparty Cleveland
07/29/11 9:12 pm

There are beaches off of lake Erie here in ohio

Zack100 Tatooine
07/29/11 8:38 pm

I mean those stupid little fishy toy things they put on the hooks!

07/29/11 8:37 pm

@Zach100, who fishes with rubber?

07/29/11 8:35 pm

The mountains are better looking than the beach. The beach is more fun.

PAteach1 Pennsylvania
07/29/11 8:28 pm

Unnecessary humor. Nobody cares who had the first vote or comment.