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Show Of Hands December 9th, 2011 12:00am

Despite a threatened veto, Republicans are working to include the approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline into the payroll tax extension and unemployment insurance bill. Poor form or good plan?

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cowboy Proud Father
12/22/11 8:30 am

Why not? What's wrong with an oil pipeline? It would mean jobs and less dependence on terrorist oil. It's a win, win.

therivkid State of Confusion
12/20/11 12:24 am

We finally have an issue where both parties agree, yet one party manages to ruin it for everyone. This is why our system doesn't work.

12/13/11 3:42 pm

I have to correct myself - we do pay into it as well as part of our taxes but the amount is relatively small (in my opinion) I don't feel deprived because of it.

12/13/11 3:22 pm

Additionally - unemployment benefits are paid into the system by employers, on every employee it's not an "extra charge" applied to you and me as taxpayers.

12/13/11 3:19 pm

In my area the job market is very depressed. it is extremely difficult to find any job - much less one that will support a home and family. Many people have to relocate to find work and not all can afford the cost of relocation. Assuming that conditions in your area apply to all is asinine.

rosebud. Ohio
12/13/11 12:28 pm

Enuf- I understand what it is. But to say we'll pay your bills and lively hood for 2 years is asinine. A person can find a job, very likely not the same pay they want but one to support their family, in MUCH less time than that. 1 year is plenty (speaking from experience and everyone I know)

12/12/11 3:32 am

what is criminal is the wholesale transfer of jobs to countries overseas. Everyone I know who is collecting unemployment would rather be working.

12/12/11 3:29 am

Rosebud - you are completely missing the point of unemployment benefits. They exist to allow people to keep their homes, and take care of their family when they lose a job through no fault of their own (ie did not quit voluntarily and were not fired for cause).

Ace21 Fillmore, San Francisco
12/11/11 3:46 pm

The Grand Obstructionist Party at it again... I can't wait until these teabagger losers get swept out of office

12/11/11 2:55 pm

It's a good plan, but poor ethics behind it. So both.

12/11/11 2:46 pm

Congress makes me sick! Both parties!

12/10/11 10:05 pm

Once again Congress proves that nothing comes before party ideology. This time it's the (R)'s cheerleaders defending their team; next time it'll probably be the (D)'s. Ad nauseum. Meanwhile, your average American continues asking: "can't you shut the eff up already?" This poll is further proof.

12/10/11 9:00 pm

ork of course is work....

12/10/11 9:00 pm

of spring in 09 then BP no more oil exploration economy heads south. Obama does not get if he needs more revenue get out of the way let the market ork!

12/10/11 8:54 pm

Obama likes higher gas prices so alternatives look better, the pipeline should help lower prices maybe at the very least stabalize prices. Thats one thing he doesnt get, gas over $3.00 puts a hurt on the average American notice how the economy was starting to get rolling at the end

12/10/11 8:49 pm

Get real, prove to me they wont be unemployed workers. As i understand the bill it has the three things everyone should like. You get your Obama tax break, We get the possibility of an unknown number of jobs. And last the unemployment extension.

12/10/11 8:13 pm

Republicans: grow up

veritas1 Panda
12/10/11 6:46 pm

@jopat if you would, prove to me those 4000 jobs will be unemployed people getting a job and not using already hired workers to build it.

Then explain how the needs of 40,000,000 outweigh the needs of 4,000.

12/10/11 6:21 pm

If thePOTUS signs the bill everyone gets what they want, remember? If you are one of the 4,000 unemployed its one hell of a big deal .

veritas1 Panda
12/10/11 4:45 pm

…with unrelated issues).

But the unemployment thing is ridiculous.

veritas1 Panda
12/10/11 4:45 pm

@jopat. Real jobs? Just the demand created by 49 weeks (x40 million people) of unemployment will create MUCH more than 4000 jobs. He should compromise and let the Keystone l go through in return for tax raises in the rich and DOD cuts (because republicans seem to be find of stonewalling legislation…

12/10/11 4:38 pm

both sides keep doing this tag thing. Either way, it's posturing and pathetic

12/10/11 4:32 pm

veritas there have been enough studies done that show people will use up what ever you give them! Extend it to 200 weeks and thats what will happen, get a clue!

12/10/11 4:30 pm

jameskelly; thanks! Is that all you got? I would have thought you could come up with something half way intelligent other than"you suck" come on are you 4?

12/10/11 4:21 pm

It is great strategy IMO, the POTUS was going to delay this decision until after the election. Which just delays people, your fellow country men, getting to work sooner. Now voters will know where he stands on real jobs before the election.

FrankZappa New York
12/10/11 11:54 am

Is the republican's plan to shrink government to just have one giant yes or no vote? By being such a unified party they lack any sense of discourse.
I'd like to say I'm surprised, but I'm just embarrassed.

12/10/11 11:10 am

@bassguy I couldn't agree more

12/10/11 10:23 am

I support the pipeline. But, one vote for one item.

12/10/11 9:55 am

the pipeline should not be interfered with by government! Get the F out!

12/10/11 9:15 am

Politics as usual. Pet project for special Interest groups. The pipeline s isnt a bad idea and Obama originally supported it until the far left decried the thought of it. Compromise can really work in everyone's favor... That's kind of the point.

rosebud. Ohio
12/10/11 8:35 am

Veritas you should like the temp jobs. That gives the workers enough time working to get unemployment again.
And I fully support cutting unemployment. Does it really need to be near 2 years? They've shown it doesn't help or encourage people to get jobs. It's criminal.

12/10/11 8:14 am

republicans only want tax cuts for the rich. this is there plan on getting away with no tax cuts for the poor and middle class. give Obama two options: cut there benefits and they keep more money or blame Obama for "higher taxes on the middle class"

12/10/11 6:50 am

even though it's getting better..... your just in denial. again. you suck

12/10/11 6:50 am

jopat... you enjoyed seeing the windmills burn up? what an ass. you probably enjoyed seeing the economy tank, enjoyed Americans suffering, knowing your guy might have a better chance to get in office. you suck

veritas1 Panda
12/10/11 6:29 am

…than giving jobs to 4000-5000 people for two years.

veritas1 Panda
12/10/11 6:29 am

@jopat I don't care a out a stupid pipeline that will create 4000-5000 temporary jobs. I care that they want to screw over the unemployed. Their plan cuts benefits from 99 to 59 weeks.

Tax cuts for 150 million working Americans and 40 million unemployed is FAR…
The word "scumbags" comes to mind.

12/10/11 6:10 am

The dems pulled that crap all the time... But now that the reps are doing it... Suddenly it's unacceptable

spoiler Michigan
12/10/11 5:59 am

I'd be all for it if oil companies would come out and explain how much gas prices would drop. Guarantee we don't save a penny at the pump

12/10/11 5:00 am

I think people need to stop quoting biased reports about the number of jobs it would create. If you look at the INDEPENDENT, not associate with transcanada reports, you'd see most are saying it would only create 2500-6500 temporary jobs and as little as 50 permanent ones. Fact check people.

rosebud. Ohio
12/10/11 12:46 am

Gas is not perfect. Neither is coal or anything else we can or do rely on. But currently, it's one of very limited choices. I can't run my car on wind or solar, and can't afford a hybrid (we barely afforded our $600 car). Like with the cheeseburger analogy earlier (love that btw!)

12/10/11 12:26 am

We might have found the one tax cut conservatives don't like!

12/10/11 12:08 am

So your telling me gas is perfect and no negatives?

rosebud. Ohio
12/09/11 11:57 pm

Chance at it being passed as something other than an earmark? Then yes it'd be horrible. But you can't say it's ok for only one side to earmark.
Plus I like that it forces a choice for Obama... You can't support both sides. That's not possible if there are to be any results at all...

rosebud. Ohio
12/09/11 11:55 pm

Affordable energy. Develop effective renewable, but we're not at that point right now. If you consider it "whoring" our country out, so be it. I'd take $1 gas over the tax credit, as that'd be a lot better for us poor american's who don't have enough income for the 1k to matter. And if there was any

rosebud. Ohio
12/09/11 11:53 pm

Which. Solar and wind both require perfect conditions that we have no control over and take up a lot of space- say, that could be used for farms. Nuclear and water (both of which also have big negatives) are currently the only decent ideas. Wind and water have neg affects on wildlife. We also need

rosebud. Ohio
12/09/11 11:49 pm

It's not feasible to run very much at all on solar or wind right now. Anyone who says otherwise isn't educated on the subject. Plus, there's research into the negative health effects of windmills... Possibility living near them increases the chances of either brain rumors or cancer, I can't remember

got2BFree South Carolina
12/09/11 11:30 pm

If Al Gore wasn't about the GREEN BACKS & really cared about the planet which is "millions of miles deep" he would be encourage automotive mfg's to make this standard. Republicans, well, there's no money in rain so why bother. Let's all burn water & the rough necks can go to Lincoln Tech.

got2BFree South Carolina
12/09/11 11:26 pm

You know what really gets me going about all of this. Hydrogen...or better yet, water. The moment my warranty expires, I'm converting. Why aren't we talking about water. Before you all beat me up, YouTube "water for gas" or "HHO". Especially Al Gore & environmental left.

12/09/11 10:43 pm

How is Progressivism not morally defensible?