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As an employer, would you review the public Facebook or Twitter profiles of job applicants before making a hiring decision?

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08/04/11 1:30 am

If you want more unemployment, go right ahead. Everyone's an idiot so that takes care of well 100% of American employees. Looks like I'll have to fly to England to work at a 7/11 for 7.50/hr so I can afford to live in America.

08/03/11 10:33 pm

If my potential employee is a goddamn idiot, I'd like to know beforehand. Seeing how they act among their friends allows me to judge that pretty well, so I'll definitely be checking Facebook.

07/28/11 5:14 am

What they do in their personal life is none of my business. Besides if they did anything serious it would most likely show up in a background check

07/28/11 1:55 am

@perot4prez Facebook is not necessarily public. I'm pretty sure it's a WEBSITE you have to decide to JOIN to gain access to.

07/28/11 1:51 am

@itslorr. Great point.

07/28/11 1:48 am

Facebook is a social networking WEBSITE people. Quit giving it so much power and letting it control your lives. It was meant for college kids to network between schools, keep up with their friends. It's not a means for employers to prescreen applicants. Trust your instinct in interviews only.

07/27/11 8:40 am

People are different socially than when at work. You don't talk to your boss like you do to your friends, so I wouldn't judge someone based on their private life. That's stupid

07/26/11 9:35 am

This is actually illegal to do! ;0

07/25/11 9:36 pm

I always check and have passed on candidates based on some of what I have seen. If you're smart you will make your profile and pictures PRIVATE.

07/24/11 8:01 pm

I do hire people and use social sites, public sites to make a hire decision. I don't judge too harshly with what I find.

07/24/11 5:46 pm

@Alec: Kind of hard to keep your life private, if you are posting it in public.

07/23/11 10:25 pm

..the smoking. He thinks it's bc of his age, which is equally sad. That said, I would hire a nonsmoker over a smoker. They take way too many breaks (in general), I'm paying them to work. They make the air harder to breathe, even when they smoke outside it's still in their clothes, breath, hair, skin

07/23/11 10:20 pm

My dad is a smoker & he works damn hard. Including for our family business. He has been addicted for 50 yrs. I know it will be the cause of his death. He has had a hard time quitting & a hard time finding a decent job since his state job was outsourced. I would hate to think he was passed on bc of..

07/23/11 9:46 pm

Of course! If they'll put it on the Internet, they must know their employers (and others) will see it. If they can't maintain a good public image, I would never hire them.

alec Georgia
07/23/11 12:24 pm

But it does reveal some stuff

alec Georgia
07/23/11 12:24 pm

Even though I said yes, it is their private life your tapping into...

6fingers Texas
07/23/11 12:18 pm

I had an ex-employee friend their direct manager on fb. Later the employee claimed they were sick and missed 2 weeks of work. The whole time posting pics of their Mexican vacation on fb. You can guess what happened. Only private if you don't post on social networks!

07/23/11 9:31 am

No. Facebook is their personal life. I'm wouldn't cross that boundary.

07/23/11 7:19 am

Let's see ... we can judge our When you use social media you are INVITING others indiscriminately to look and learn about you. The only filters are the ones you have set. If you are not thinking clearly enough to set those, you have already told me a lot about your ability to make decisions.

dotnetdev Georgia
07/23/11 7:19 am

I am trying to find a programmer and I went on a blog to find comments that the applicant was tired of programming & wanted to be in marketing. I dont want someone that doesnt like what he does and will be leaving at the first chance he gets.

dotnetdev Georgia
07/23/11 7:15 am

Absolutely! I'm trying to find someone for our group and its NOT just about business skills, its also about being a good fit for our group (personality wise).

07/23/11 4:57 am

Is it wrong. Yeah. But I'm still going to do it.

emsies Seattle
07/23/11 1:26 am

No. Unless it was a highly personal job, I respect their life outside of work and (before giving them the position) make sure that they know to keep thar separate from their job. People who have the ability to party with friends and work the next day have an extraordinary talent!

07/23/11 12:37 am

Probably so, but whether she got the job would depend on the character needed for the job. In some positions a flamboyant personality, or in others a vitriolic temperament, are just the assets the position requires. All that glitters may not be gold, all that stinks may not be manure.

07/23/11 12:30 am

I know someone who was fired because she dissed the company on Facebook.

07/23/11 12:10 am

If it's public then it's fair game but I would never ask to see any information that is private (I've heard rumors that done companies will not hire someone unless they are given access to the persons social media sites, public and private)

jjandrt21 Wisconsin
07/23/11 12:10 am

No. Someone's social life should not be connected to their career. A employer has no right to hire based on there social behavior, only what work skills they have.

07/22/11 11:56 pm

I make it a point to clean up my Facebook and twitter before I apply for a job. I also jack up my privacy settings.

kristea Denton, TX
07/22/11 11:44 pm

If it's public, sure. If they have privacy settings, nah. It would also depend on the job/company I was hiring them for.

07/22/11 10:47 pm

already do this. it tells a whole lot about a persons character especially on how they'll interface with customers or their peers.

07/22/11 9:41 pm

Does a person's social life and sommetimes poor judgement necessairly make them a poor worker. Sure if they spout out about something illegal, then by all means don't hire them. But their personal lives do not necessarily reflect how they act at work.

07/22/11 9:28 pm

I actually have done this in the past...before hiring for an opening working with children, I checked the pages to make sure they won't be a bad influence...looking at drinking smoking swearing and especially drugs

Wert A picture of my junk
07/22/11 8:44 pm

Vanguard, I thought it was against the law in WI to discriminate against smokers when considering them for employment.

07/22/11 8:16 pm

i was hired as a manager at the age of 19.... if my Facebook was public I probably wouldn't have even been hired in the first place. I like to go out drinking and have a good time. but I still go to work every day and put in 200 percent. they have no right to check your Facebook

07/22/11 7:44 pm

Well, if the person isn't "smart" enough to lock down their personal pictures and comments, then they aren't very bright.

dlyliny1 New York
07/22/11 7:42 pm

Why does anyone care what someone does on their own time as long as they do a good job? Their personal life is no one's business. Most co's do "formal" background checks so let the pros handle digging up any dirt on a candidate. The manager should have more important things on which to focus.

07/22/11 7:18 pm

It's all fair game if you are putting it out there into the " universe ". it amazes me what people post on Facebook!

07/22/11 7:04 pm

I do not even have a Facebook or twitter account, and I am in the young'un category

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
07/22/11 7:02 pm

While I don't agree with it. It is public and if your personal life is a wreck then your professional life might be to. With so many applicants nowadays u can b picky

07/22/11 7:00 pm

you are saying a person needs to be able to see whether an applicant is lying or not? check everything. it's your business.

jates Houston, TX
07/22/11 6:53 pm

A good manager and talented interviewer doesn't need to. This is a sad state and unfortunate that many of you would work for someone who would treat you this way.

07/22/11 6:47 pm

I've checked and it has influenced my perception of an applicant. both for the good and bad.

indy Montana
07/22/11 6:30 pm

If you haven't looked at the results based on income you should

07/22/11 6:05 pm

To me it's the same as dress appropriately to an interview, if you don't care what people think about you, and post anything on facebook, you probably won't be a good employee either

07/22/11 6:04 pm

People especially 17 under crowd are stupid when it comes to facebook, I've had ex friends cuss me out cause they thought I told their parents they got drunk or something similar, and I'm like dude, it right there on your facebook, pictures don't lie.

07/22/11 5:44 pm

It would be my responsibility to my bosses, the other employees, and my customers to use every tool at my disposal to identify the best possible candidate. This would include screening out those with negative behavior -- and the bad judgment to post its evidence to Facebook.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/22/11 5:30 pm

If any emplorer ever check SofH we proberly all be in

07/22/11 5:19 pm

Of course you check it. You're not just hiring their skill set, but you're hiring them as a person, and you need to know before if they are the kind of person you want in your office. One of the easiest ways to see is to see how they act online.

07/22/11 4:06 pm

I would do it. If they know how to act right on twitter/Facebook then they know how to act at work. It's not rocket science.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/22/11 3:19 pm

It is ashamed you have to go on line now days to get a job,no person to person anymore.