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Show Of Hands September 1st, 2012 12:00am

To elect the president, would you prefer the current winner-take-all state electoral college system or a national popular vote? (UserQ)

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09/07/12 11:48 pm

Just another progressive move to take away states power. They did it by making the senate a popular vote now let's destroy the electoral college too. Sheep.

Think Lovin Life
09/07/12 5:03 am

Face it, Gore is a failed Nobel Laurette, and he'd have been a TERRIBLE president.

ishady 86451132020
09/06/12 7:37 am

The republican party has 126 super delegates, they just have slightly different rules on them.

09/05/12 10:21 pm

Anyone who picked popular should check out I was on the fence until I read this. Electoral college all the way.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/05/12 7:39 am

The electoral college does a small bit to help mitigate voter fraud in my opinion.

09/04/12 8:34 pm

One person one vote. How the rest of your state votes should not nullify your vote.

saxmaster6 Locust Grove
09/04/12 7:45 pm

I'll be honest I'm not sure what exactly a popular vote system would look like. Could someone please explain?

SillyNiner New York
09/04/12 12:57 pm

the electoral system is corrupt. The Republican party has delegates, while the Democrats has delegates and super why is that? that doesn't seem fair. After I found this out, I also found out they are politicians. and (I think this how this goes..I gotta read on this again) but as I

09/03/12 10:35 pm

Unfortunately, I find most people who want to get rid of the EC have not studied our founding and world history. This system which may not seem fair, is actually one of the fairest systems that has ever been used. Whenever population centers start dictating policy , history will show .. It's no good

mattman32 Michigan
09/03/12 8:14 pm

to the 'big states/cities would rule everything' ppl, why do you assume everyone there would vote the same? just bc CA could have 37M ppl vote and RI only 1M, that should have nothing to do with it. a blue vote in a red state (or vice versa) would then be just as good as one anywhere.

mattman32 Michigan
09/03/12 8:00 pm

@Chopper2 (cool name, btw) I like your point about our country not being the united 'people' of america but I'd say that about 3/4 of the 'popular vote' on SoH disagrees.

calloveca California
09/03/12 5:35 pm

What I would be in favor of is to have the electoral college to be proportioned rather than the states being entirely winner take all.

calloveca California
09/03/12 5:33 pm

Having taken a political science class last semester, I have realized that having the popular vote means that campaigns would only be focused on large metropolitan areas and rural and small states would be lost. However, living in CA, I can care less about small states.

09/03/12 2:38 pm

Those who voted for the popular vote prove the ignorance the EC protects the country from.

09/03/12 1:40 pm

Electoral college throws away so many votes just because people like me live in states that always vote for one side

09/03/12 1:06 pm

The whole point of the electoral college was to prevent someone from winning via popular vote from an UN-educated and UNinformed populace.
227 years later, we still have an ignorant population.

Hawkn Texas
09/03/12 12:58 pm

1 person: 1 vote
I hate living in a non-swing state

09/03/12 11:33 am

@muwriter evidence please? Many of your claims are ridiculous. Taxation is theft??? Move to Somalia then, and see the alternative: anarchy

moonshot More often I know nothing
09/03/12 9:57 am

The system that we have now makes it so that the national campaigns can completely ignore the majority of the population. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.....hmmmmm....

moonshot More often I know nothing
09/03/12 9:53 am

State A has one delegate for every 3,333.33 people while state B has on delegate for every 9,090.90 people. The current system overly weights the power of the smaller states and that is not right!

moonshot More often I know nothing
09/03/12 9:48 am

An example. 10,000 voters is one EC delegate. State A has 10,000 people, so they get one EC delegate plus two extras. State B has 200,000 people, so they get 20 EC delegates plus two extras. State A has 3 delegates and state B has 22 delegates. How is this fair?

moonshot More often I know nothing
09/03/12 9:44 am

The cities are where most of the people are! Why should your vote have more value just because you live in a rural state?

09/03/12 8:24 am

Pick the 20 largest US cities, they will decide who would win, everyone else, your vote means nothing... Stick with the EC, it was done this way for a reason.

moonshot More often I know nothing
09/03/12 7:45 am

I would be fine with the EC if the rules were changed. Take away the two extra votes that each state gets and base the electoral count strictly on population.

moonshot More often I know nothing
09/03/12 7:36 am

The electoral college transfers power from the large states to the small states.

sneuby Philadelphia
09/03/12 5:03 am

If we had national popular vote, there would be factioning based on class or race instead of geological demographics and the elected president would need only represent the largest faction.

09/03/12 4:20 am

And abortion is a result of incest in a very few of the nearly 1 million abortions performed per year. The vast majority are for convenience.

Taxation is theft, and excessive taxation on the wealthy discourages needed investment.

Gov't college funding programs just make college more expensive.

09/03/12 4:17 am

The Welfare state does not help the poor.

Regulation of business is not intended for consumer protection, but rather to protect existing bug business from new small firms.

Medicare and Medicaid make health care more expensive for everyone - doctors used to provide service to the poor pro bono.

09/03/12 4:15 am

Ranks, you could actually read Ayn Rand. But you'd do better to study Murray Rothbard on the subject of regulation. "Man, Economy, and State". Learn why we have the Welfare/Warfare/Corporare State.

09/03/12 4:15 am

Ranks, you could actually read Ayn Rand. But you'd do better to study Murray Rothbard on the subject of regulation. "Man, Economy, and State". Learn why we have the Welfare/Warfare/Corporare State.

Chopper2 Georgia
09/03/12 2:33 am

Electoral college is the process to make the state as an entity vote. We are called the united "states" not the united people of america. It the states' value based on populous. The popular vote is used to for our legislative branch of government. then our elected elite appoint our judicial branch

09/03/12 1:57 am

@joey California has a higher population than Ohio. Your vote is worth more than most states.

joey513 California
09/03/12 1:08 am

Old system for an old time. There is no reason why a voter from Iowa should have 3 times as much of a vote as I do.

09/03/12 12:18 am

America is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy.

09/03/12 12:17 am

The electoral college wasn't a freak if nature. The Founders created it for very good reasons.

madeit Houston Area
09/02/12 9:15 pm

We'd better pray for Ranks. Anyone who is that self-centered, sick and selfish needs it.

09/02/12 8:17 pm

People who want to abolish the electoral college don't understand it. The popular vote would eliminate smaller states from even having a say. We might as well turn the country over to the 5 biggest states (one of which is Texas). Please read up on it before having an opinion.

09/02/12 7:11 pm

We need to abolish the electoral college's how bush became president in the first place

09/02/12 6:58 pm

I don't care what happens as long as my vote counts and there is no more war.

Ranks New Jersey
09/02/12 6:32 pm

Romney Ryan 2012!!
No more Medicaid!! War with Iran!!
No more Welfare!!
No more Abortion!! (even when they get raped by there dad) No more Social Security!! More power to the JOB CREATORS on WALL STREET!! 10% TAX CUT 4 the Kardashians, PARIS HILTON, CAST OF JERSEY SHORE!! JOB CREATORS!!

Ranks New Jersey
09/02/12 6:10 pm

Romney Ryan 2012!!
A 10% tax 4 my rich ass!?! Hell yea I'm voting 4 them!!
Who needs Health Insurance when your rich?
Poor people need 2 stop whining! They only get $150 worth of Food Stamps per month any way!! I don't need college, I got my $ from inheritance. I own a company but don't need 2 work!

Ranks New Jersey
09/02/12 5:50 pm

Romney Ryan 2012!
There going to give my rich ass a 10% tax cut?!? Hell yea I'm voting for them!! Can u say an xtra $224,000 per year!!
New Lamborghini please!!
Plus a European Vacation!!
Medicaid needs to go!!
Get a job you dumbass or die already!!
Just read Atlas Shrugged opened my eyes!! Ayn Rand

Mr.logic California
09/02/12 5:24 pm

Besides, the majority vote has almost always agreed with the electoral college in past elections.

Mr.logic California
09/02/12 5:22 pm

The goal of the electoral college is to represent our opinion. Understand that you may not alway agree.

deosil WA
09/02/12 5:03 pm

Electoral college is not the right way to go because then the elected officials make the decision and we all know that our elected officials don't always represent our points of view.

commonsense America isnt racist
09/02/12 4:50 pm

You must have an electoral college if you have a republic.

You are represented.
And you get to choose.

Best of both worlds.

spicysteve M14D SBS
09/02/12 3:50 pm

Just think if we went on popular al gore would be our president... Even worse than W!