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Show Of Hands September 23rd, 2012 12:00am

Would it be worse to give up your favorite food for life, or your favorite beverage?

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09/29/12 6:56 pm

I don't think I would last very long if I couldn't have diet coke anymore

09/27/12 11:22 pm

My favorite drink is water, so I'm going to have to go with food.

BB2014 Des Moines, IA
09/27/12 2:40 am

I could never give up Starbucks or Sun Drop!!

AntiMike Alabama
09/26/12 3:43 pm

Could never give up my Dr Pepper!

09/26/12 3:56 am

I love just about all drinks, but I could never live the rest of my life without tacos.

captain12345 Tennessee
09/26/12 1:54 am

Well I love me some water and I don't think I could give it up even if I wanted to

09/25/12 7:50 pm

My favorite drink is water so I think I'd be screwed if I had to choose giving that up.

monkeyy Ohio
09/25/12 7:39 pm

I'm sorry Copperhead:( do you still have the cancer?

09/25/12 5:10 pm

Lots of similar tasting drinks. Not so many similar tasting foods.

NONfiction Wisconsin
09/25/12 11:15 am

I find it funny that tests show conservatives are very likely to be close minded and not open to new ideas


Republicans you need to realize you have walls around your head and you are wearing blinders!!!!

09/25/12 8:05 am

I can't live without my coke. I just can't.

Itabliss Hello
09/25/12 4:03 am

Only because my favorite beverage is water and a life without drinking water.....

09/25/12 1:46 am

@aliscool. Yeah I'm really weird. I seriously love water. I think it's the most refreshing thing ever and constantly drink it. I find I get more dehydrated easier than most. I legitimately think water is delicious.

09/24/12 8:53 pm

I could never give up my tea or lemonade

ugafan Southern by choice
09/24/12 7:40 pm

Your favorite drink is water? Really? Favorite? I realize we need it to live and I drink my 8-10 glasses a day, but FAVORITE? Live a little. I'd give up food before I'd give up my Rumpelminsk.

kayjayleh Lansing, MI
09/24/12 7:08 pm

I would go crazy without milk. I could survive without ever having chicken fried rice again though. Definitely drink.

09/24/12 6:33 pm

I am not giving up my Coca-Cola.

09/24/12 5:42 pm

My favorite drink is water. I could not give that up.

09/24/12 4:41 pm

I could probably give up bacon, but never coffee.

Topgun California
09/24/12 3:25 pm

Mountain dew: Baja Blast flavor; only sold at taco bell. Best soda ever.

09/24/12 2:50 pm

I would die without Diet Coke.

I know it's really bad for you, but I live off of it.

09/24/12 2:42 pm

I have lost my sense of taste due to radiation therapy for cancer. I miss food a lot more than drink.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
09/24/12 2:41 pm

Honestly I don't even know what my favorite food is. Also, the only thing I really drink is water. I might drink some milk or apple juice or lemonade once a month or so, but I always drink water with them. :)

09/24/12 2:38 pm

Food would be easier because there so many out there- but give up my coffee?! Someone gets hurt if I have to do that!

angiebrite Gallifrey
09/24/12 2:36 pm

My favorite beverage is um, giving that up would be much worse

Sam95 Nebraska
09/24/12 2:06 pm

I can't live without icecream.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
09/24/12 1:27 pm

Well got more than one fav drink so wouldn't mind giving up one. But I love pizza and I tried to not eat it but its just so good and delicious.

lmurder MDK
09/24/12 11:38 am

Beverage. I'm not a big foodie and eat healthy except for football Sundays.

FakeSound Arizona
09/24/12 10:41 am

Since my favorite drink isn't water, it's food for me.

yepnope Maryland
09/24/12 9:26 am

Water. I couldn't give it up, I'm addicted and need help.

sawman200 Illinois
09/24/12 8:52 am

i would never give up pizza thts not a good thing tho

omniku dot com
09/24/12 8:49 am

I don't consider water a "beverage". Water is water. My favorite drink is probably orange juice and I can't live without it. Luckily I have multiple favorite foods so I could just ditch one and still have several more favorites.

ryno Flyover Country
09/24/12 7:51 am

I love water and I would die without it. So there you have it lol I can always eat other food.

timeout Boston Strong
09/24/12 7:08 am

I don't really have a favorite food and I drink mainly water now. There is one drink in can't or would be very difficult to do without, that's coffee in the morning.

09/24/12 7:01 am

Already gave up my favorite beverage (chocolate milk) in efforts to lose weight, so the food thing would hurt worse.

09/24/12 6:35 am

@EarlyBird : yeah - I might be tempted to occupy Central Park or assault Bloomberg with a 2 liter bottle of coke ;)
But actually my one favorite drink is Monster Energy and if I'd have anything over 16 oz I'd bounce off the walls and have to be put in a straight jacket :)

fuknhaus California
09/24/12 6:35 am

my favorite beverage is cheap ass beer. ill give up chicken for beer, ill just eat eggs and steak from now on.

MasterMatt Oregon
09/24/12 6:13 am

My favorite drink is water- that would suck to give that up!

EarlyBird Portland
09/24/12 5:51 am

Praet - good thing you don't live in NY;)

gonzoboy Northern AZ
09/24/12 4:45 am

It'd be SO much worse to give up any of a number of animaI species I thoroughly enjoy eating!

09/24/12 4:24 am

I would die without Dr Pepper