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Does the government do more to hurt small businesses, or help them?

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ishady 86451132020
08/04/12 1:14 am

Eric cantor wants to debate reaffirming in god we trust. The republicans are sacrificing the economy for the election. Plain and simple.

ishady 86451132020
08/03/12 4:46 pm

This congress has the worst record for bill passage in decades. The hard liners have got to go. Vote them out.

ishady 86451132020
08/03/12 2:39 am

The republicans are not trying to cooperate growup and it doesnt look like they ever will. They are offering band aids for gaping chest wounds. Too little too late.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/25/12 11:50 am

AARP deserves MrO. They sold out their members for the lie that is O'care. Why aren't we talking about the $500 billion stolen from seniors?

MrO must go.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/25/12 11:49 am

ishady ... Again you lie. Republicans tried to cooperate with Mr "elections have consequences". MrO is going to stew in the mess he created. Republicans offered tort reform and interstate purchase of health care. Democrats couldn't listen because of their donors -- the trial lawyers.

Apex swimming in the sky
07/24/12 10:27 am

Well someones gotta get hurt don't they? but it certainly won't be big banks and corporations. No that would be bad for our economy they said. Irony isn't. Kind of corrupt when a board member of goldman sachs is the treasurer of the usa. Smh!!

ishady 86451132020
07/24/12 7:55 am

I never said all business doesn't have morals. Even with regulations some company's do commit fraud. Have you seen the economy in the past 4 years. Where do u think this came from?

ishady 86451132020
07/24/12 7:49 am

Are you saying in repub world everyone regulates themselves?Are you calling for laws to be eliminated too? Just trying to clarify.

ishady 86451132020
07/24/12 7:47 am

The health care system needs to be fixed. Do you agree?

ishady 86451132020
07/24/12 7:46 am

So you do agree that regulations are necessary. I'll give in and say they should be simplified. But removed? No

07/24/12 6:45 am

How about the liars that said HC would be deficit neutral? Now it appears that the cost will be in the trillions just like medicare. How is it that Obamas not in a commercial that shows him pushing an old person over a cliff? After all they gutted Medicare of 500 billion to help pay for Obamacare.

07/24/12 6:32 am

Ishady so in your world business doesn't have morals? They would just endanger peoples lives for a one time sale? No one is talking about NO regulations just over reaching regulations that cost jobs and excessive expense. I think its obvious who has been involved in business and who hasn't.

blueyellow Texas
07/23/12 6:01 am

My dad runs a small medical office and the government *coughmedicare* is making it extremely difficult for him...

ishady 86451132020
07/23/12 5:55 am

Did they at least give you a reach around?

Kato Minnesota
07/23/12 1:44 am

The government like to fuck all of us real hard in the ass

Godless Oklahoma
07/23/12 12:32 am

With all of the grants and low interest loans available, this should be a lopsided answer. Even if the government makes it difficult for them to operate and/or survive with taxes, regulations, & employee protections, many would not even get started without the government.

ishady 86451132020
07/22/12 3:54 am

Without regulation you couldn't return an item,it could contain cancer causing chemicals or maybe even blow up and catch on fire in your hands. It's hypocritical to say *no regulations* when they benefit you every time you make a purchase.

07/22/12 3:24 am

Gov hurts small bus. But that's not a bad thing always. Not every small bus is a great idea and gov regulations should exist to prevent bad businesses. If that means putting a reasonable hardship on others, I think that's a good thing.

DeathSheep Michigan
07/21/12 5:27 pm

Didn't see the government bailing out and small business. Or support them period

qwerter Its a trap
07/20/12 11:34 pm

Implemented many capitalist ideas into their economy I should say.

qwerter Its a trap
07/20/12 11:25 pm

@jagger China has a capitalist economy but everything else is communist pretty much.

07/20/12 11:17 pm

The govt. should do nothing. Don't help. Don't hurt.

Succeed or fail on your own merit. If a bank won't risk their money, the govt. shouldn't risk tax payer money.

No loans, guarantees, grants, tax deductions, or incentives (not even ones that favor minorities or women).

ishady 86451132020
07/20/12 6:40 pm

Oh dont let me forget that neat trick the romney camp of liars putting repeal then repeal and replace on his speech podium. Nice try but it's bullshít and more ppl than you think see through it. Mittster has no intention on healthcare reform other than a false promise. The middle sees his awkwardnes

ishady 86451132020
07/20/12 6:28 pm

They don't want reform just more leave it alone it'll fix itself rhetoric. They waste time and money on frivolous obstructionist pursuits while America rots. Maybe another prayer meeting in Texas will fix it. Yes that's worth a try.!!

ishady 86451132020
07/20/12 6:25 pm

Every one of them when asked says nothing does nothing. Romney is worthless in this area too. If you don't get the GOP to promise reform before the election and Romney wins. The system stays the same and costs continue to skyrocket while repubs sit there with dumb looks on there faces.

ishady 86451132020
07/20/12 6:20 pm

Eliminate unions and become wage slaves. Sounds great. Middle ground is needed here maybe but without health care reform what business of any size will offer it willingly. No one can afford it in right to work states. Costs are out of control and the GOP remains quiet. They have no plan.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/20/12 6:06 pm

There is no place for unions in government. Ask the Democrat icon, FDR.

MrO doesn't understand balance, he and O'care must go.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/20/12 6:04 pm

Pekin ... There was a time that unions served a valid purpose in narrow segments. Now they have turned into a cancer. The packing house where I worked was closed because the union squeezed the company out of business. Two years later the plant reopened as a non-union shop.

Balance is required.

Nerdz Texas
07/20/12 1:33 pm

Hurt, I can tell my mom's friend tells her all about it

07/20/12 1:24 pm

I work with small businesses every day and the government doesn't make anything easy for them.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
07/20/12 12:43 pm

The fed needs to stay out of business.
Period. Get Out.

07/20/12 11:37 am

Anarchy- that's a amusing quote about socialism it's amazing how china has so much money and is doing better then we are here... Good ole boy fails again

07/20/12 11:35 am

Small business fail not because of the gov but because the product sucked. Period

07/20/12 8:43 am

Dems have a very different opinion than 75% of the voting population on this one...hmmm.
I what % are small biz owners?

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
07/20/12 8:07 am

We own a custom frame shop and sometimes feel harassed, not so much by feds or the state, but the local community government enforces petty aggravations on local businesses that has caused a great many of them to flee it's jurisdiction and settle outside the city limits. Dumb small town politicians!

FrankZappa New York
07/20/12 7:34 am

Govt. protects consumers. So many businesses, not all, pander to our gimmie gimmie culture, if they're not making useless crap, they'll cut corners using dangerous materials. Also, many small businesses are just reselling middlemen. There's a great Buckminster Fuller quote addressing our future.

07/20/12 6:35 am

The unions got people equal pay, job security and the environmentalists forced companies to clean up the air & creeks. Laws should be strictly enforced. Lets NOT swing the pendulum so far that it puts everyone out of business.

ishady 86451132020
07/20/12 6:26 am

Growup .. I never said all companies are out to get you. Every game has rules. Why? To make it fair for everyone. Every civilized society has laws. Why? To keep everyone protected. All businesses need regulation. How much and what type we can argue forever.

07/20/12 6:09 am

If he is elected I don't even want to comprehend what this country will be like. I just don't understand how smart folks think O is good for this country. Do they or me live on another planet?

07/20/12 6:06 am

Roybiker@ don't be too sure about O's reelection, as a small business owner He won't get my vote. But you have heard some of these folks. There are "a lot" of O fans who thinks he walks on water. There are way too many folks in this country is depending on his reelection.

07/20/12 5:55 am

Hmann, when you don't have facts to back your statements, libs turn to personal attacks. It's what they've done for years!
Look at obama. With a horrible record, he attacks Romney's success as if it's something bad.
The whole liberal play book is sad and pathetic. History proves liberalism fails.

RightoverLeft Minnesota
07/20/12 5:53 am

Lol democrats. Even independents agree, you just can't let go that Obama is a failure.

07/20/12 5:44 am

Our local govt helps small business. The state can sometimes be a pain. The Feds don't interfere with my industry much, and the taxes we pay are low compared with historic tax charts. Healthcare law is a problem, because it's poorly designed, like when a kid designs a "concept car" from play dough.

hmann Georgia
07/20/12 5:13 am

Just reading the comments, and it's amazing how many personal attacks come from the left. They assume their Intellect is so far superior than others with a different viewpoint. The whole fox news, racist, trailer park trash, southern stupidity talking points get old. Debate without insults please.

07/20/12 4:30 am

I mean, holy crap jagger. You were being a prick to somebody and got called out. Get over it and have some respect for your other posters.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/20/12 4:19 am

ishady ... your naive view is tedious. Not all business are out to kill you. Some businesses actually want you to stay alive so you can continue to come back and buy their products.

On the other hand, government knows no balance. They only care about control.

We need a grown up as POTUS!

07/20/12 4:18 am

...however, liberal communist and socialist agendas have a far different record on history; most notably in that record is the lack of a single success. "the problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people's money"