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Show Of Hands October 17th, 2012 12:00am

Would friends and family be more likely to describe you as a "neat freak" or "a bit messy"?

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10/20/12 7:22 pm

messy...but it's gotten WAY better.

10/20/12 6:09 pm

My friends would consider me a meat freak, my family would consider me the opposite

dabrat East Coast
10/18/12 4:05 pm

Creative messy

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/18/12 6:15 am

But that is actually quite literal here. No joke in this house. You keep track of your stuff, or it might just be cleaned out from under you.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/18/12 6:13 am

Or, if they worked their way up, they learned quickly that being neat had rather important implications.

10/18/12 6:13 am

Or because rich people are more disciplined.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/18/12 6:12 am

@TopsQueen not necessary unless it impedes their normal lives. Now on the other end, hoarders could definitely use some help considering that it can quite literally become hazardous to their health.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
10/18/12 5:04 am

Well then, maybe I need a Japanese husband.

10/18/12 4:12 am

Well. If you were to ask my mother, she'd say 'a bit messy.' But if you were to ask most teenage mothers, my room is very neat. The messiest I get is a pile of clothes, an unmade bed, and having a bit of a messy closet.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/18/12 1:20 am

You know they do have medications for that.

10/17/12 10:50 pm

Neat. My wife is Japanese, I have no choice.

angiebrite Gallifrey
10/17/12 9:56 pm

When I am at work I am an efficient neat freak, but when I'm at home I'm a swamp monster of messy doom

emmbeedee Arkansas
10/17/12 8:05 pm

I used to make sure all of my dolls and stuffed animals were lined up neatly!

10/17/12 8:02 pm

In my work life in my op neat and clean exact, anal and organized.My house is neat and clean and organized, but if anyone looked in my dresser drawers or my closet...

emmbeedee Arkansas
10/17/12 8:02 pm

Oh yeah, me too!

emmbeedee Arkansas
10/17/12 8:01 pm

Ditto! Messy makes me crazy!

burdman Nowhere
10/17/12 7:43 pm

I haven't been able to see the floor in my room in over 3 years, so definitely messy

snafu Washington
10/17/12 7:15 pm

I have 4 dogs and my car and clothes are almost always covered in dog hair (not like a mink coat but if I don't use a lint roller you can see a few hairs) so I would say that I'd be described as messy. My house at the moment is also a bit messy, not the dogs fault I've been lazy lately.

10/17/12 6:58 pm

Thats me too, Dust protects furniture. But my kitchen is clean, and food prep. I have dog toys and a blanket for old boxer to lay on out all the time. Might be clothes in the washer or dryer but never piled up. I'm a great cook but lousy housekeeper.

not_even Boston, MA
10/17/12 6:19 pm

Family says I'm messy, friends say I'm neat.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
10/17/12 5:32 pm

"A bit" would be the understatement of a lifetime!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/17/12 3:59 pm

When I'm on a project I have stacks of papers and tools scattered around where they'll be most convenient to me. It looks messy, but I know where it all is. I neaten up and put it all away when I'm done. That might be months or even years from now - leave my "mess" alone.

CAKE is good for the soul.
10/17/12 3:46 pm

I can't even think straight if my surroundings are messy.

mememms WI
10/17/12 2:44 pm

I am somewhere in the middle.

10/17/12 2:36 pm

I prefer to think of it as organized chaos.

Sam95 Nebraska
10/17/12 2:26 pm

I've always been a neat freak. Even when I was little, my room always had to be perfectly clean and organized.

10/17/12 2:10 pm

I have aspirations of being super neat. I'm the only one in my house who does. There is much less stress and more peace if I just let the mess be.

centexken Republic of Texas
10/17/12 2:07 pm

A bit messy. I have more important things to do.

10/17/12 2:03 pm

parents would say messy. friends would say clean

gummyworms BAAAA
10/17/12 1:51 pm

I'm organized, just not neat.

10/17/12 1:47 pm

Depends on who your asking. My dad and brother would say messy because I live with them others would say neat

10/17/12 1:39 pm

I can't sleep if everything isn't picked up. I can't leave the house if the beds aren't made. Even when the boys were little I had my routine.

HGolightly California
10/17/12 1:36 pm

My mother is the neat freak and makes everyone around her look like hoarders.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/17/12 1:29 pm

A little messy. That's funny. They'd describe me as a neat freak unless they've just cleaned up for the first time in a quarter. Because by then I have a book or two out and am "a little messy" :)

GirlOnFire Ohio
10/17/12 1:17 pm

I'm mainly neat but my rooms usually a little messy.

10/17/12 12:43 pm

I get my neatness from my mom. She gets a bit carried away sometimes... Haha

Burntwaffle VA Politics and Pie
10/17/12 12:31 pm

Lol look at the income. The richer u r, the neater u are. Probably cause rich ppl can afford maids

10/17/12 11:56 am

I try to keep my house clean but I have kids so it doesn't last. I'm not that dedicated.

10/17/12 11:42 am

Messy - I don't lose stuff though - I know exactly at what coordinates and how deep I have to dig to find something ;) And I have a bad hair day every day.

Weave77 Indianapolis
10/17/12 11:21 am

Both (i.e. they think I'm a messy freak)

b3tsy Missouri
10/17/12 11:06 am

I'm a professional organizer and I truely enjoy cleaning my own house.