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Jan. 22nd was the 39th anniversary of the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal nationally. Did the court get it right?

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tuvwxyz New York
02/04/12 7:03 pm

Unless in the case of rape or another exception etc... I don't think it is right, life is a life no matter at what state!

02/04/12 7:16 am

Abortion should be dealt as a state law..

02/03/12 8:28 pm

lovejesus: really good point. A life is a life- it doesn't matter how old or young the life is. As dr. Seuss put it, "a person's a person, no matter how small."

02/03/12 5:42 pm

Land of the free. Mind your own business and make your own decisions.

02/03/12 10:32 am

call it what you will, its a living growing being, a human being . A plant cant live after being disconnected form its roots but yet its illegal to pick certain plants. why not show the same respect for human life we do for plants, and animals.

02/03/12 10:19 am

I believe in equal protection under the law, regardless of sex, ethnicity, religious veiws, ect. this would give men the same right to terminate his seed after conception. you girls up for men having the right to equal protection under this law?

swimguy Illinois
02/03/12 6:39 am

I have a question that I truly want answered though, women are born with a ton of eggs and no one makes each and everyone to a baby. So if its a crime for women to have an abortion is it a crime for them to die not having any baby

swimguy Illinois
02/02/12 10:18 pm

I find it funny that the people who normaly dislike wars (democrats) and the people who usually incourage wars (republicans) the beleifs are a bit flip floped on this. Its kinda funny when republicans try to say that a fetus is a real human being when they have no problem with killing humans

02/02/12 4:50 am

Abortion is for quitters. Quitters are never winners. Losers never prosper. Where am i going with this?

Abortion is just an easy way out. Apoptin is always an option. ALWAYS. So is Angelina Jolie.

01/31/12 9:26 pm

It's sad that the same people who were outraged that Kaylee Anthony's mom didn't go to jail for murdering her daughter would have celebrated her "right to choose" if she decided to murder her daughter in her whomb.

01/29/12 10:01 pm

Better that a fetus 'dies' in the early stages of development than lives an entire lifetime under he care of a mother who, for whatever reason, is not ready or prepared to provide the child with everything he/she needs.

mellnok Massachusetts
01/29/12 2:10 pm

you can't murder that which is not alive. A zygote is not life; learn some high school biology

01/29/12 8:33 am

I cant say any more on the topic. If you agree with murder and want to call it choice, thats your karma.

01/29/12 8:31 am

The Nazis did not target a single race, they went after a single religion+ minorities+ mentally handy capped+ gays+ pro-democracy/communists. I agree that a woman has a choice to do whatever she wants with HER body, not the body of her child. Murder is murder no matter how much sugar you add on top.

katania Illinois
01/28/12 7:43 pm

I'm pro-choice, I agree w/ abortion up until the 2nd trimester, in case the mother isn't physically able, the child can't live a healthy life, or in case of rape. A woman's body is her own and I'm not going to tell another what she can and can't do with it.

01/28/12 4:59 pm

Roe v Wade declared it unconstitutional for States to make abortions illegal. No SC decision makes laws. Poorly worded question, IMHO. Yes, it was the right decision.

01/28/12 2:29 pm

Not really. She killed her baby, basically that is what an abortion is.

kellyjelly Maryland
01/28/12 12:48 pm

and what Casey Anthony did is completely irrelevent to this topic.

kellyjelly Maryland
01/28/12 12:45 pm

ajnix; i don't think people applaud abortions. in fact, last i checked, they're severely traumatic. and Nazi's targeted a single race. abortion doesn't do that. again, pro-choice isn't pro-death. you need to realize that.

01/28/12 12:31 pm

Yeah, and mothers that murder their own should be disgraced into obscurity, not applauded by half of the population.. Do you think Casey Anthony did the right thing?

01/28/12 12:29 pm

Kellyjelly: abortions that were meant to save the mothers were absolutely legal before Roe v Wade. How was I rude? I don't agree with Eugenics? I only want people to look into the true history behind it before blindly following Nazi/Soviet style eugenics. Thats all.

kellyjelly Maryland
01/28/12 10:33 am

mothers dying because of unsafe abortions. A mother is going to get an abortion if she really wants to. Making it legal makes it safer.

kellyjelly Maryland
01/28/12 10:32 am

Ajnix; Being rude isn't going to make anyone listen to you. And abortion isn't Genocide, nor is it forced. So if 90% of abortions are black, then that's because it's THEIR choice. Not to mention, if abortions weren't legal, it wouldn't stop the abortions, only increase the number of deaths from moth

01/28/12 8:06 am

Just because the TV tells you that yuppy white chicks are eating their young, doesnt make it true. Like I said before google Margaret Sanger Racist, and Eugenics Courts in America. Most people getting abortions are minority. Margaret Sanger referred to blacks as weeds that needed to be rooted out.

01/28/12 8:04 am

Abortion is just another morally void sign of the times. You guys are so ignorant its a wonder you even have opinions. Abortion is a result of eugenics, of creating a master race. Seriously guys, do the homework, THEN form an actual opinion based on fact. 90% of abortions in America are black.

Thistle Pennsylvania
01/28/12 6:25 am

This should not be federally funded. I believe states shod have their own laws.

01/28/12 12:52 am

It is the women's body, not yours. You don't know her situation, it get decision not yours.

01/27/12 6:53 pm

@palindrome I have no problem with abortion but I wanted to make the point that even though the fetus lacks cognitive ability at the time it would have been able to get to that point so I do not agree that a fetus is not a human being

01/27/12 6:50 pm

I'm strongly against abortion and I'd never do it but it's your right and who am I to say you can't do it. People are so ignorant and judgmental and they don't realize the situation these women are in. Theyre in no position to judge

bigfish Missouri
01/27/12 6:46 pm

@informer rape is a special case. Paying a little tax is worth it knowing that someone made the moral choice not to take a babies life

palindrome California
01/27/12 1:55 pm

That's just my opinion though. You don't have to like it but that's why I'll never judge any woman who takes that medical procedure.

palindrome California
01/27/12 1:45 pm

A fetus isn't a human being to me. It doesn't talk, it doesn't think, it doesn't breathe, it doesn't cry, it doesn't ANYTHING. If you're going to go ahead and call that murder, then so is eating meat and killing bugs and hunting, that's outright murder! Slaughterhouses etc.. It's not a human being

palindrome California
01/27/12 1:42 pm

our hands. If we leave our hands filthy for a very very long time, "life" will grow on them. The building blocks of life are everywhere.

palindrome California
01/27/12 1:40 pm

parties were better off. The mother's are the ones who keep the feelings. The fetus was still forming and wasn't aware of anything at all. The process of development was just aborted and that was it. It's very sad, yes, the possibilities... But it's no more murder than masturbating is or cleaning

palindrome California
01/27/12 1:36 pm

An abortion is just that, abort. It hasn't been fully formed, a fetus lacks cognitive ability, studies point to them not being able to feel pain until late in the pregnancy... It's sad, sure! Heart-breaking. I know many girls who have broken down after getting them... But in our society, both

palindrome California
01/27/12 1:34 pm

Josh- are you saying a fetus can feel terror?

01/27/12 10:30 am

Yeah, do a little reading on Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who was a Nazi sympathizing Eugenicist. I think abortion will make more sense to you after that.

EnginE3r Texas
01/27/12 9:57 am

@Rio trees cannot feel terror. When a woman is pregnant, the baby forming inside of her is not part of her body. The baby simply depends on her to live, as it does after it is born. Having an abortion is also just a way of avoiding responsibility, by not accepting the consequences of their actions.

Rio76 Wild West
01/26/12 10:56 pm

even more interesting, Palindrome, the pro choice crowd is also the anti war crowd. they are against any loss of life, abuse of animals, terrorizing trees...but when it comes their personal opportunity to chose life or death, they chose death, and defy anyone to judge their actions.

one80 California
01/26/12 10:15 pm

Yes, the Supreme Court interpreted the Constitution correctly in Roe v Wade, but that decision didn't make abortion a good thing. We need to change the way we think about sex, pregnancy, motherhood and women. By embracing Education, Love, and Respect we could lower the abortion rate.

01/26/12 9:12 pm

If you decide to've already made the decision.

If you don't want a baby...don't procreate.

01/26/12 8:43 pm

Most women who chose to take an unplanned pregnancy to term do not regret it.
Most women who chose to terminate an unplanned pregnancy do not regret it.
Both categories have exceptions.
Neither choice should be made by anyone who is not the mother.

teaparty Cleveland
01/26/12 8:30 pm

That's sad that people think that we should kill babies to control the population.

IMO atoms, space, opinion
01/26/12 8:25 pm

A woman has the right to chose what's best for her, as an adult. Children (girls under 18) need consent. Rather, it should be required they have consent.

01/26/12 3:14 pm

1.The world is overpopulated. 2.If a woman wants an abortion that means she is not ready/can't care for a child so they would end up having a bad life anyway 3.J

01/26/12 2:52 pm

Tops queen, you are ridiculous. You really saw people applaud a completed abortion? REALLY? I've always been pro choice, I know a ton of pro choice people that have actively worked for reproductive rights and I have NEVER seen anyone happy for a completed abortion. Ever! I can't believe