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Do you cook or order extra food just to be sure you will have leftovers?

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01/07/13 1:28 am

1. I learned to cook from my mom, we are 7 in my family so I am used to making enough for 7 people.
2. Leftovers (mostly) are great. Don't feel like cooking? Take a thing or two out of the freezer and reheat. Some things are better reheated.

01/02/13 9:08 pm

We make a point of it when we cook and then vacuum seal the leftovers so they last much longer and so we have ready made home cooked meals. Saves a lot of time and money since we both work late and often don't feel like cooking each night.

01/02/13 7:37 am

Yes. My husband takes dinner's leftovers to work for lunch the next day. If there's enough, I get some too. So much cheaper than going out for lunch.

lindiihop Michigan
01/01/13 9:56 pm

Yes, but only when ordering pizza. It makes a great quick fix meal when there's nothing else to eat.

01/01/13 8:22 pm

I just started using smaller casserole dishes to split a recipe for two meals. Less wast no leftover and less overeating.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/01/13 8:03 pm

Thank you. The same blessings to you.

01/01/13 7:31 pm

Usually no, but my parents alway overestimate and we end up with a lot left over. However sometimes we make a lot of food on weekends to last the majority of the week.

01/01/13 4:16 pm

When you are a broke college student you know exactly how many packs of Ramen will fill you up

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
01/01/13 1:36 pm

tough to answer. when i go out...yes. when i However, it usually just happens in both cases.

01/01/13 1:01 pm

There is nothing like the feeling of opening your fridge and realizing you don't have to make anything to have a satisfying meal... Nothing.

ladyniner81 I hate people
01/01/13 12:46 pm

when my mom was alive she loved Red Lobster so she'd order their shrimp marinara and take it home..To this day I hate that place lol

cowboy Dog Father
01/01/13 12:20 pm

No. Most restaurants give me way too much food. When I can go out that is. But when cooking at home its expected to have some left over.

01/01/13 12:00 pm

Yes, sometimes. If I know it's something that everyone really likes and is good as leftovers I do

malibog 12309
01/01/13 11:42 am

I hate leftovers. They usually get fuzzy and then thrown out.

treegardner San Diego
01/01/13 11:14 am

Not ordering food, but cooking for sure. Cook once, eat twice! For example, grill a bunch of chicken for dinner one night, have leftover chicken sandwich for lunch the next day, use leftover chicken for stir fry for dinner another night.

WanderLost over the rainbow
01/01/13 11:01 am

Only with pizza. It's always better the next morning for breakfast.

01/01/13 10:19 am

When I cook soups and stews and 'long-cook' items, I typically aim to have leftovers. Otherwise, they usually don't keep we'll enough to be worth it. (Lasagna and most pastas are another good candidate for leftovers)

hayes9135 Hog Country
01/01/13 9:44 am

Same with chili and spaghetti sauce. Chili the first time is good, chili as leftovers is awesome.

01/01/13 9:36 am

No, not letter use. That would be exceedingly messy. Later use...

01/01/13 9:32 am

Made a huge pot of super delish lentil soup Sunday. Tastier still last night and more for today. Froze a bunch for letter use.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/01/13 9:31 am

With exception of pizza, I never order with the idea of take-home. Cooking, a different story. I cook for a gang of one, and I usually end up with leftovers. That's why one of my favorite 'one dude' cookbooks is "A Man, A Can, And A Plan"!

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/01/13 9:25 am

Next-day lasagna:
"Ahhhh, benissimo"!

munkey? SilentMunkey
01/01/13 8:02 am

If anything I aim to have no leftovers.

ryno Flyover Country
01/01/13 7:46 am

Cook yes...order no

01/01/13 7:32 am

No but ordering from a place with big portions is appealing if they're a good price and can be a consideration when choosing one restaraunt over another

jmw7477 Indiana
01/01/13 7:15 am

I sometimes do. It just depends on the meal.

robolds Initiative
01/01/13 6:15 am

We have four kids that eat us out of house and home! Never anything left over. :)

01/01/13 5:42 am

We like to freeze leftovers for days when we're too busy to actually cook. It's also much easier to take a container of soup or stew to a sick family member or neighbor. We only eat out once a month, can't afford to do it more often.

01/01/13 3:36 am

I do this because I live alone. I cook 2-3 times per month and never eat out. Gov gives me BAS of $350 per month and I spend about $40 of it on food and the rest on strippers, it works out great.

2katz I live in Nebraska
01/01/13 3:19 am

Being alone, I find it more efficient and save time and money to freeze extra portions for later meals. Is no one here aware of OAMC -- Once A Month Cooking -- many families use this strategy. Google it, there are collections of recipes that freeze especially well. Surprising how much you can save.

kingpacman23 KCCO
01/01/13 2:38 am

I'll just buy a crave case so I'll be good for a couple of days

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
01/01/13 1:29 am

I don't like leftovers, so I try to order/make just enough for what I'll eat.

dawl adulting
01/01/13 1:24 am

Happy New Year everyone! May you all have plenty to eat Always! Much love and happiness to you :)

01/01/13 1:16 am

Person1: Why are Americans so fat?

Person2: Because they order food and don't eat it all.

Person1: *stares blankly*

Person2: Derp.

chile safer than congress
01/01/13 1:15 am

I had to add this space to like the comment above

chile safer than congress
01/01/13 1:11 am

Because of leftovers?

Surely you jest.

01/01/13 1:10 am

I cook in large batches. Soup and Chilli go well in the freezer.

01/01/13 12:41 am

This is probably one of the reasons America is so obese

01/01/13 12:29 am

Chinese is better as leftovers.

01/01/13 12:10 am

Only with pizza. It get better as it gets older.

01/01/13 12:08 am

Almost always. I'm a working mother with a demanding job. I would rather spend time with the hubby and daughter than in the kitchen. Makes life easier, plus a lot of what I cook is better the next day!!!

Doopy Remedial Americanism
12/31/12 11:24 pm

Only in the case of pizza. Cold pizza for breakfast is, well, perfect.