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Did your parents ever let you try any alcohol as a kid or teenager? (UserQ)

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BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/10/12 6:26 pm

I thought beer was straight disgusting, till I was shown the light of great German beer!

09/09/12 8:33 pm

To all parents of teens: your kids are going to drink. Get over it give them rides.

09/09/12 8:31 pm

Im 17 and I drink way more then my parents ever have

09/09/12 8:31 pm

Im 17 and I drink way more then my parents ever have

brinrawson Knoxville and DC
09/09/12 6:45 pm

My mom had never tried straight vodka. She asked if I wanted some. Only time I've ever drank. Haha

09/08/12 10:08 pm

my dad said it was raspberry juice (wine) wen i was 7. tasted horrible

AnthonD Nebraska
09/06/12 5:46 pm

Just sips one time I tried a big sip and my dad called me a drunk lol

sal10851 Eastern Tennessee
09/06/12 8:29 am

It's better to try it in a safe environment than in the street.

kales Not Quite Boston
09/06/12 2:39 am

I said no, but I've never had any desire to drink/try alcohol, so I'm not quite sure if my mom would let me if I wanted to.

rgum Texas
09/05/12 4:29 pm

My parents were baby boomers... Enough said. :-)

09/04/12 9:05 pm

When I was 7. I begged my dad for a sip. ( thought it was a different kind of soda). He finally gave in. If AFV was on then, my reaction would have won the grand prize. NASTY STUFF!! To this day, I can't even pass by the beer in the grocery store without a shudder. Ughhh!!!!!

09/04/12 8:40 pm

My dad used to send us road tripping with Lord Calvert when I was just 17. I would never do that to my kids!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/04/12 6:46 pm

It was in my Barbie glass though. We very seldom had alcohol in our home when my kids were growing up. Mostly wine for sauce.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/04/12 6:29 pm

In an Irish home! Yes Passover wine.

Nerdz Texas
09/04/12 4:11 pm

They offered and I declined various times.

chrismisen atlanta
09/04/12 1:31 pm

nope, but neither of my parents drink more than once a month.

IraqVet03 North Carolina
09/04/12 12:42 pm

Budweiser w/ my uncle at 10. I thought it tasted foul.

cowboy Proud Father
09/04/12 9:48 am

My uncle, on the boat, on the Illinios river.

09/04/12 5:20 am

It was a frozen drink, and just a few sips. They weren't real heavyweights themselves when it came to alcohol.

09/03/12 11:33 pm

Offered tastes but always said no. I

opie123 Washington
09/03/12 11:13 pm

I was allowed 1 sip of beer when we it was in the house. I was 12, it was for beer battered onion rings. My parents didn't drink, Neither do I.

bnnt Los Angeles
09/03/12 10:48 pm

I was allowed watered-down wine at around 12-13 during family events. It tasted like dishwater though.

I think it was a deterrent.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
09/03/12 10:12 pm

I was offered to have a sip of wine at holidays, but always declined. I don't want to drink, and don't want to get into a habit of doing it.

09/03/12 9:55 pm

Not yet, they don't drink. I'm not interested in it anyway. Beer smells like shit.

09/03/12 9:28 pm

They jut told me to NEVER drink & drive & check in every so often but other than that they knew I was gonna drink in HS but were fairly ok with it

Gingerred primum non nocere
09/03/12 9:27 pm

I was allowed to sip from my parents beer if I wanted to when we ordered pizza. Sometimes I did, other times I wasn't in the mood. And I could have half a glass of red or white wine at Thanksgiving.

09/03/12 8:59 pm

I've tried vodka, beer, rum, and wine. Guess what? It all tasted like complete shit.

BladeNut MA
09/03/12 8:39 pm

offered me wine, but my dad was a second gen. russian immigrant and his grandad told him, after weeding the beet fields, u work like men u drink like men, and gave him a small glass of vodka,he was 8…and no he never had a drinking problem

09/03/12 8:31 pm

Yeah and im glad cus I didn't go get drunk out of curiosity.

09/03/12 7:31 pm

It's legal to drink under age with your parents in wisconsin(:

Comet? Tennessee
09/03/12 6:31 pm

62% are so sad. I will not surprise the parents are permitting younger than 18 years old have over 10 tattoos on one body. YUCK!!!!!

qwerter Its a trap
09/03/12 6:04 pm

Just to let me know what it tasted like.

dannypo Michigan
09/03/12 6:01 pm

My parents allowed me to taste any drink they had, be it beer, wine or mixed. On special occasions I was allowed my own if I wanted one. This removes the mystery. While my friends were binging in high school and college I would have a drink or two and be done.

09/03/12 5:56 pm

Here and there they would let me.

09/03/12 5:50 pm

My asshole father pushed a cigar in me when I was 9 -.- thank god I didn't smoke it.

Terrence Utah
09/03/12 5:16 pm

I had to change my answer because I misunderstood question. The answer is no.

09/03/12 5:13 pm

Yes a couple times and I never abused alcohol and drink very rarely at 28. Never actually been drunk.

09/03/12 5:08 pm

When I had a cold coming yes - it was considered an old house remedy.

Sam95 Nebraska
09/03/12 5:01 pm

When I was little I always wanted to know what beer tasted like so I tried a little bit.
Then when I was 12 I accidentally drank some of my moms Rum and Coke, thinking that it was my Coke.
I've by accident had a Jello shot with alcohol too.
And now sometimes they let me try margaritas.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
09/03/12 4:05 pm

Just a little sip, but I refused. It didn't smell good.

monkeyy Ohio
09/03/12 2:25 pm

Nope. I've NEVER had alcohol. Ever. My parents or other family have never had it either. :) and proud of it!

FrostedMin California
09/03/12 2:12 pm

One time I ACCIDENTALLY did. When I as like eleven my parents were having a party and I accidentally drank some champagne. I thought it was white grape juice. -__-

09/03/12 1:56 pm

First taste of wine at my bris. Seven days old.