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Which is more important to you, your ability to see or your ability to walk? (UserQ)

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03/04/12 5:05 pm

I would want to see because.if I couldn't walk I would be.fine. but I love.seeing things

03/03/12 8:52 am

if i couldnt see i wouldnt be able to walk anyways.... honestly i cant walk as it is, i have horrible balance.

TechSgt Arizona
02/29/12 9:22 pm

What's the point of walking if you can't see where you are going?

02/29/12 6:51 pm

I rather have my eyes, I rather see then be blind. :)

chalie Georgia
02/28/12 8:15 pm

I'd rather see my useless leg rather than my legs kicking me in the face.

02/27/12 7:41 pm

As a gamer Video games would be so hard without sight especially my favorite fps

02/27/12 7:37 pm

U can learn to walk ez but if ur blind or something it's impossible to really learn how to see but not that I'm making fun of blind ppl

02/27/12 8:11 am

Hard to walk if u cant see

kandykane California
02/26/12 5:51 pm

@EPIC- I am officially very impressed.

02/26/12 9:05 am

I could still read music in a wheelchair, so I'd be fine.

thedani New Jersey
02/26/12 4:21 am

Definitely rather be in a wheel chair than not be able to see... I enjoy my sight.

02/26/12 1:57 am

I'm hoping to be able to get a motorized chair/scooter-considering the shape my elbows & shoulders are in-I don't go far in my manual. Am TRYING to find an apt fitted for a wheelchair & on first floor. Beginning to wonder if that's impossible in this area.

DrKelly Wisconsin
02/25/12 9:56 pm

wheel chairs or scooters are amazing these days! is there an equivalent substitute for eyesight?!??! hell no!!!

PresidentDonald Washington D.C.
02/25/12 9:31 pm

If i cant see were im going, whats the reason for legs?

02/25/12 5:49 pm

I've been paralyzed and told I wouldn't walk again. 8 months in a wheelchair and 4 more with a walker. it sucked but I'd live in a wheelchair before I'd go blind. at least u can still drive. lose ur sight and a lot gets takenaway.

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/25/12 4:26 pm

I can live without legs.

But without eyes I wouldn't be able to see how people answered the question on here.

And then I wouldn't be able to correct them when they give the wrong answer.

02/25/12 7:48 am

I'm an artist so I'd be skewed if I went blind...

02/25/12 4:30 am

BUT-considering how much I read, (2-3 books/week usually, plus a LOT of blogs/news sites), my sight is most important. I can't use any of the usual glaucoma drops because of an allergy; so right now I just PRAY I see long enough to my first grandchild-AND everything else... ;)

02/25/12 4:25 am

Uuuhhmmm...considering I'm legally blind from glaucoma AND, well, am *supposed" to use my wheelchair, (I can't walk more than about 80 feet these days-BUT, NOT ready to "sentence" myself to the thing 24/7), I don't have much of a choice in the matter-I don't want to give up either one!!

Priceless Kentucky
02/24/12 10:30 pm

@EdMinasyan. it's called using a "screen reader" such as voice over on iOS or JAWS on windows-based computers.

02/24/12 10:03 pm

Sight. I was once blindfolded to see how it was and it was an awful, dark place. I've had family members in wheel chairs, and they're perfectly content with their lives. They can still watch sunsets, and the ocean, an all the most beautiful things.

02/24/12 9:53 pm

You couldn't walk places if you couldn't see

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
02/24/12 9:41 pm

I worked hard to regain my legs, but my vision is more important.

02/24/12 9:11 pm

Would the numbers be different if the question was;
What do you check out first on your blind date?
Just asking.

02/24/12 6:17 pm

she/he is part of the religious wrong.

02/24/12 6:15 pm

if I couldn't see I couldn't pity the babblers pathetic views.

homeagain NWA
02/24/12 1:11 pm

@Epic- most of your skills you listed require sight to properly achieve. Eg. Identifying poisonous plants.

I would prefer to keep my eyes. They have prosthetic legs that function, so you really haven't lost much. Prosthetic eyes' only function is cosmetic.

EnginE3r Texas
02/24/12 11:17 am

I would rather loose my ability to walk than to loose one of my 5 senses

02/24/12 8:03 am

Many people choose not to use thier legs any way

02/24/12 6:34 am

@EPIC. that's awesome!!! I'm only 13 too and I can do some of that stuff too! That's amazing though!

MadJefrson West Virginia
02/24/12 6:00 am

@DH3 why do you think they call it the religious right? It because they always think they are right about everything.

02/24/12 5:32 am

@HolyBabble what makes u the judge? Lol

mamita Alabama
02/24/12 5:18 am

To see. I think life would be harder being blind. At least for me it would

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/24/12 4:57 am

An overwhelming majority of you (90%) got this one right.
Well done.

RunN2Poles The Room of Requirement
02/24/12 4:16 am

@EPIC, sounds like you are preparing for the Hunger Games...LOL As far as losing your vision and the way you see things, If you previously had sight you would still have your visual memory and thus all the visual concepts you previously had.

BadBadger Georgia
02/23/12 11:46 pm

Good grief, EPIC. You may the only one of us left alive on 12/22/2012!

giveup2 New York
02/23/12 11:41 pm

if I lost my sight I would be disconnected to the Internet

02/23/12 10:28 pm

A relatively long time

02/23/12 10:23 pm

there r many alternate Ways of.getting around but once ur sight is lost u lose the way u see things and u can never get ur sight back, opus there are like mechanical legs u can get

02/23/12 10:21 pm

Oh I also now how to make paper out of wood pulp and papyrus and what berries make good ink and how to make invisible ink and how to make clothing and how to make cups plates forks spoons and furniture and how to make a spear a knife and stone arrow heads and I also know how to track animals for

monkxo New York
02/23/12 9:54 pm

There are alternative ways of moving

kellyjelly Maryland
02/23/12 9:03 pm

Zack100; yeah but how will you know where you're going?

Zack100 Tatooine
02/23/12 8:47 pm

I am a x country runner! I can survive without my eyes!

02/23/12 8:40 pm

Correction bowl *FIRE and sock
Sorry ;-P

02/23/12 8:38 pm

How to shoot it (even tho I've never been hunting) and I'm a 12 year old girl! I guess I'm just some little freak

02/23/12 8:35 pm

Herbs and how to look at the stars and sun to roughly tell the time and date and how to purify water with a bowl and sock and how to treat some diseases and how to prepare food (including snake and fish and other meat) and how to fix a broken bone and how to make a bow and arrows out of nothing and

02/23/12 8:26 pm

I do NOT want to sound like the unholy babbler but what's up with the results? Maybe it's just because I trained my self to navigate in pitch black in case I ever have to I also know how to build a shelter out of nothing but sticks twigs and leaves and I know all about edible wild plants and medical

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/23/12 7:56 pm

I'm an avid reader, and I hate audio books although there is Braille I would rather not have legs then eyes

02/23/12 6:17 pm

I can sit and do my job, but nobody wants a blind hygienist