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Show Of Hands November 22nd, 2011 12:00am

Will you be having a traditional Thanksgiving meal this year (turkey, stuffing, etc.)?

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FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/25/11 8:19 am

I didn't know up until the time I ate what my uncle was serving! So, NOW I have voted on this poll.


TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/25/11 5:01 am

@CoochLvr good for you. I lost 115 lbs. doing Atkins. I also go to TOPS. Good luck.

11/25/11 4:08 am

No. I adhere to a low carbohydrate/low sugar diet. So turkey and ham - yes. All the other stuff - no. Give me meat, fat, and some salt, and I thrive!

11/24/11 6:10 pm

yes, we always have the traditional feast, with all the family helping out by bringing one of the side dishes. we all have fond memories of Grandma's wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations. family, friends and always a few visitors who don't have family close by.

11/24/11 1:06 pm

thx 3rd sides! go veg!happy thanksgiving

11/24/11 12:08 pm

Yeah! Traditional Thanksgiving foood! Turkey, cranberry sauce from the can, giblet gravy, stuffing, broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, apple salad, pumpkin pie... Yum! :D

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/24/11 11:12 am

Happy thanksgiving

Remember what you can be thankful for.
Monday I got a call. I go to OHSU for my dental instead of waiting till late March for my root cannel I got in Tuesday. It was $479 rather than $2000 that's something to be thankful for.

11/24/11 8:45 am

Happy thanksgiving!!!

11/24/11 4:06 am

Is there another option? Lol

I'm not going to eat The abused - its - entire - life turkey tho

11/23/11 11:02 pm

STUFFING. I am the only one who eats it though.

11/23/11 10:27 pm

Just like every year. :) Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

11/23/11 10:08 pm

Does anybody eat ham instead of turkey because I do????

11/23/11 7:35 pm

fried Texas turkey, yum

11/23/11 5:08 pm

Planoneck: My Son usually resides in Mangilao ;). (UOG). But he's involved with a lot of folks outside the Univ. He first lived in Yigo. He's currently doing an internship in UK, will be back "home" by April. He hopes to live perm on Saipan-where he spent last ThanksGiving with Island-Wide BBQ!

11/23/11 3:18 pm

I'm a vegetarian, so I'll eat some of the usual stuff and ad in something extra. no fake turkey, just other foods :)

11/23/11 3:05 pm

I feel bad for celebrating thanksgiving. The pilgrims feasted after the decapitation of chief Phillip. When I'm out of my parents house with my future family I wont make it a tradition

11/23/11 1:25 pm

Thanksgiving food is my favorite to make it reminds me of my grandmother so I always do it- even when I was alone I'd still cook myself a turkey breast and just small portions of my favorite sides- leftovers are the best! Turkey and barley soup is a hug in a bowl.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/23/11 11:07 am

No tofu for me ever! I want to keep my breast thank you very much.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/23/11 11:05 am

Congratulating you rosebud.  give her a hug from me please.

jofan94 32307
11/23/11 11:01 am

We'll make it as traditional as we can, considering our entire family is from the Caribbean. We'll have turkey AND cow tongue!

Planoneck Guam
11/23/11 10:36 am

Didn't know there were so many vegetarians and vegans on here. Most of the ones I know are Hindus.

11/23/11 7:29 am

My husbands family goes out to eat on thanksgiving so thats what ill b doin. and since my gma is in a nursing home this yr my side of the family won't really b doin thanksgiving like usual. Than after we go out eat we r goin to Kansas city to see the Christmas lights

11/23/11 6:36 am

Unfortunately, no. I DO miss all the cooking I used to do, decorating, kids helping out, other family & friends...but after six years, I've gotten used to it. My cat & I spend the Holidays together-IF I'm not in the hospital. She gets her Fancy Feast Appetizer, & "mom" gets a special TV dinner! ;)

11/23/11 3:36 am

@vedheadgrl Tofurkey tastes better than real turkey.

11/23/11 2:41 am

veggie thanksgiving for me! All the traditional food minus the turkey

lawstudent Western NC foothills
11/23/11 1:30 am

vegan version of all the other regular stuff: stuffing, Mac and cheese, etc.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
11/23/11 1:30 am

vegan thanksgiving. gardein brand faux turkey :)

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/23/11 1:00 am

@jjc aw, man. so hard to lose grandma and still carry on with the traditions. my condolences and blessings to you and yours.

11/23/11 12:56 am

Turkeys are easy. Put it in one of those bag things, follow the directions. Easier if you don't stuff it, bake that separately. Turkey turns out moist in the bag, no basting. Good luck, and sorry about your Grandma :-(

11/23/11 12:50 am

First year grandma is gone = my first year even thinking about cooking a turkey. STRESS.

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/23/11 12:07 am

amen, soccer09! unfortunately both of mine are gone so I have try to recreate from their hand-scribbled recipes. and loving every minute of channeling their love and passion for all things "family"!!

elbow82 Veganland
11/22/11 10:09 pm

I'm going to make a vegan version of the traditional meal.

11/22/11 9:51 pm

Food made by your grandma > everything

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/22/11 9:15 pm

damn, gjb2779. props to you for cooking for that many people!

11/22/11 9:08 pm

darn it stupid double post

11/22/11 9:08 pm

pretty traditional. only difference in our meal is the size of guest list is close to 30...yikes

11/22/11 9:08 pm

pretty traditional. only difference in our meal is the size of guest list is close to 30...yikes

11/22/11 9:05 pm

@perot4prez first I ever heard of it was from John madden during a lions game on thanksgiving. lol

11/22/11 8:59 pm

I would like to know what the person that invented the TurDucken was smoking. What would make you think it will taste good? The first 4 letters spell turd.

cautiously lost
11/22/11 8:32 pm

@cup0pizza that is totally inappropriate and extremely funny. That is cracking me up every time I read it

11/22/11 8:09 pm

yeeeah for deep fried turkey, deep fried stuffing, deep fried cranberries with deep fried mashed potatoes

11/22/11 8:07 pm

I will be enjoying thanksgiving extra this year because last year I had my wisdom teeth removed the day before. terrible holiday last year

11/22/11 8:05 pm

@punchy it's embarrassing you would even begin to assume the lions will beat the packers on thanksgiving.