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When reporters or politicians attempt to pronounce a foreign word or name in it's native accent (e.g. rolling r's on some Spanish names), is it respectful or ridiculous?

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Jut347 Georgia
08/02/11 2:03 am

If they can then it's respectful if they can't and wind up laughing then it's ridiculous

07/30/11 3:30 pm

or my burrito or spaghetti!

07/30/11 3:29 pm

to heck with pronouncing a word incorrectly! I get upset when my sweet and sour pork isn't done perfectly!

veritas1 Panda
07/25/11 11:08 pm

@kandykane. ¡Si no puedes hablar en otras lenguas, no lo trates a hacer! Puedo hablar tres lenguas y por eso, puedo decir algo como eso. Si no sabes hablar chino o japonés (no sé que lengua estuvo), no lo hables. ¿Comprendes? No voy a traducir eso a inglés. Lo siento.

07/24/11 3:19 pm

"It's" is a contraction for "it is". "Its" is the possessive form.

kandykane California
07/24/11 10:12 am

If they can actually pull it off, then fine. Some foreign words can be hard to pronounce tho, especially if you aren't fluent in that language and you've been educated in English. But at least they tried, right? And since everyone seems to be typing in different languages on this poll- 아녕!

07/24/11 9:17 am

it is interesting to me how this question which has little to do with political views is so divided on party lines. I would wonder if the same results would be true if it focused on accents within the US.

07/24/11 1:13 am

At least they tried.

07/23/11 6:39 pm

Yeah guys just, just dont do it, k?

mabi Texas
07/23/11 4:24 pm

agree that it is usually messed up because they are too ignorant to actually ask someone how it is pronounced and then just use some stereotypical tone instead

07/23/11 1:15 pm

They always mess it up. It's just insulting to the language.

O13 Alabama
07/23/11 7:13 am

I say work on the language first, THEN when you have mastered that, work on the accent. Been to 4 contents and about 10 countries, and I've noticed that the smallest inflection in the wrong place and you end up saying things like "I am a jelly doughnut". Or the diff between "8" and virgin in Irish!

lovableme California
07/22/11 11:58 pm

Depends on how good their pronounciation is..

07/22/11 10:37 pm

Glamgeek hit the nail on the head. 

07/22/11 3:29 pm

I think it's respectful if they know how to pronounce it but if they are just jumbling together words and sound crazy then that's just a no no

ashley North Carolina
07/22/11 9:50 am

I picked ridiculous, only because 99% of the time they get it wrong. if they get it right, it's respectful.

07/22/11 7:59 am

when I was with a bunch of turkish people, I always tried to learn some Turkish and say what I could in Turkish.

07/22/11 6:14 am

Its native language not it's

07/22/11 4:49 am

My last name is English. Webster. & I have been called weber the whole 13 yrs I've been married. I think that is pretty ignorant. My polish maiden name was butchered even worse

lagniapppe Louisiana
07/22/11 1:19 am

@sweetness that's a terrible parallel. US accents vs. respecting a different language? It's easy to consult a translator & try proper pronun. Displaying an effort to say "Qatar" properly- not like "kayter"- if the people of that country are tuning in, would be wise.
@Terraprim: thank you, exactly!

07/22/11 1:13 am

At least they're trying to be correct by saying it the correct prenounciation. I'm tired of hearing my last name said incorrectly everyday. It's Spanish and should be said with the correct pronunciation.

07/22/11 12:24 am


Dare567 New Jersey
07/21/11 9:56 pm

I've heard so many people say Taliban like Tollybon.

07/21/11 8:42 pm

There are three ways to pronounce foreign words: incorrectly, correctly with the same accent as the rest of your sentence, and like I just changed the language on my tv. Two of those sound ridiculous to me.

07/21/11 8:19 pm

So what you're saying is that if you heard a foreign news anchor pronounce Washington D.C. as, "Way-sheen-tone DayZee" you WOULDN'T think they were careless, lazy, and ignorant~?

07/21/11 7:02 pm

According to these polls; Americans have never traveled to even Europe, don't have a passport, don't speak another language fluently. So, it's not surprising that they need to have words and names mispronounced for them!

vegas Nevada
07/21/11 5:57 pm

@anarchy I didn't say a word about Bush. I think you are a little too sensitive about it. But you are correct he is a idiot!

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
07/21/11 5:52 pm

Please it would be like talking about my trip throughout the country. I started in New Yawrk got a caar in Bawstin got some saussage in Chi-cA-go then went to MinnisSoota ya know and ended in Kintuckee. Sounds ridiculous. You can pronounce words correctly without accents.

07/21/11 5:48 pm

@luTang: oh wow...another bush is stupid very original of you

vegas Nevada
07/21/11 5:42 pm

What would Sarah palin do? That's always good for a laugh!

07/21/11 5:08 pm

10isplaya.... Says "If your not familiar with their language..."

Apparently, YOU'RE not familiar with your own language. Lol.

07/21/11 5:07 pm

When Obama did it in Puerrrrto Rrrrico the crowd loved it. It became silly when he stopped doing it and just said it like "Porto Rico." That was pretty awful and lame.

Some, like Bush, wouldn't even attempt to say words ethnically, because English was hard enough for him.

07/21/11 4:49 pm

I say go for it, unless you sound like your are pitching potato chips... Rrrruffles, has Rrrridges!

07/21/11 3:54 pm

Although it can be very funny when it comes out totally wrong.

07/21/11 3:53 pm

It is always good to respect a foreign language's accent, so I think trying to pronounce it in it's tongue is very thoughtful.

07/21/11 1:14 pm

if your not familiar with their language and its accent then its very risky you could slander the word and show disrespect so why bother

07/21/11 12:02 pm

I have seen so many bad accents to the easiest names in the world. I can roll my r's but people try too hard and make names sound exaggerated.......maybe because i live in california.....hmmm

07/21/11 11:42 am

I hate to say it, but you have to admit that when an American try's to say an Arabic country (or any other country for that matter) it's kinda funny.

dangercat Washington
07/21/11 11:32 am

This is why we can't have nice things America! Because all of you that voted ridiculous can't roll your r's.

07/21/11 10:37 am

I guess I wasn't out of here! \8^)

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
07/21/11 10:17 am

Dlyliny that's BS I work in Vegas & trust me the foreign tourists don't bother learning about American customs so we're ALL ignorant. I'm more than capable of pronouncing Puerto Rico as well as French words correctly w/o throwing in their accent btw its respectful to capitalize countries people