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Do you believe that Joe Paterno intentionally covered up evidence of Jerry Sandusky's child abuse?

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Godless Oklahoma
07/23/12 12:43 am

The information regarding the cover up is primarily coming from the prosecution. While it is likely that the cover up did occur, I think everyone has a right to be innocent until proven guilty and we should all wait to judge until a defense has been submitted.

07/21/12 8:18 pm

@prterri that's true but the guy was molesting children. He should have gone to the police not anyone in the school. When the school didn't do anything, he should have gone to the police an told them everything, including that the school did nothing.

07/21/12 7:49 pm

Whatz inentionally mean?
Dogsaver bitch plz

07/18/12 11:57 pm

This case is an over as the Casey Anthony case. We need an IDC choice. I. Don't. Care.

dogsaver new Jersey
07/18/12 6:45 pm

Football is everything and it doesn't matter what it takes to keep it there! Look at the NFL and the scum bag Vick! College and Paterno is no different.

BriD Illinois
07/18/12 7:25 am

Adam -- um, newsflash...he's dead!

AdamT Boston, MA
07/18/12 4:14 am

Why is this still in the news? Convict him already, he's guilty

07/17/12 11:40 pm

bop, he reported it to his superiors as policy dictated. Those superiors chose to do nothing. He did what he was supposed to and took the blame, ruining his career and his legacy.

07/17/12 9:39 pm

he purposely didn't report it from what I heard. that's not the same as covering it up.

07/17/12 9:39 pm

he purposely didn't report it from what I heard. that's not the same as covering it up.

niteowl Hold Fast
07/17/12 7:54 pm

Forte: fair enough, thank you for answering.

07/17/12 7:43 pm

He told the people he was supposed to tell and they did nothing about it. Yes he maybe should have pursued it further, but it wasn't his responsibility. The coverup came from much higher up. The Athletic Director and President of the school made him a scapegoat.

forte6627 Ugh
07/17/12 7:31 pm

I did answer your hypothetical situation. If you are trying to imply if my children did not tell me after it happened, I would not be upset with Joe, I would be upset with myself cause I should have recognized their personality changes and wonder why they were either scared or ashamed to talk to me

aam Pennsylvania
07/17/12 7:27 pm

Of course he covered it up to protect Penn State football. I am disgusted with every single person involved. And, I still can't understand how you can witness a child being raped in a locker room and walk away. It defies explanation.

niteowl Hold Fast
07/17/12 6:36 pm

I believe you are a great father. If (hypothetically) it happened, do you think it would change your view?

forte6627 Ugh
07/17/12 5:48 pm

If Jerry tried to do that to my children they would have told me or their mom the day it happened. And if it was my youngest most likely would have stabbed Jerry with a pencil. They are both outspoken, loud and tend to be unruly at times. I do my job pretty well. I'm an attentive supportive father.

niteowl Hold Fast
07/17/12 4:51 pm

Forte667 don't you have two young children? If you were a father of one of the victims, do you think you would still support Paterno minding his own business?

2Bfree New York
07/17/12 3:47 pm

Wow, there are some disturbing comments in this discussion.

2Bfree New York
07/17/12 3:35 pm

What kind of a human being could let this happen under their nose? Whether Paterno commited a crime or not, he could have stopped it and maybe saved some people from having their lives ruined. He chose to look the other way. It's indefensible..

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/17/12 10:55 am

Great. Nice to see your committed to remaining consistently delusional in your beliefs.

It's nice to see there aren't many like you around, at least not on this app.

forte6627 Ugh
07/17/12 10:21 am

Cool glad to see you understand and agree.

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/17/12 9:36 am

Uh huh, riiiiiight.

Forte, I wouldn't SMH too hard, that joker may fall smooth off.

forte6627 Ugh
07/17/12 9:24 am

More allegations? Mmm...(shaking head in disapproval) the school should not be accountable for a persons deplorable actions. Joe did not intentionally try to cover anything up he was busy doing his job. if Joe tried to cover it up it was a good reason,disassociating him/others from the incident.

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/17/12 8:52 am

Maybe he DID touch some of them... who knows? He certainly tried to cover it up.
For the sake of the school's rep? His own arse?
Who knows... Normal people don't hide that type of activity from law enforcement once they're aware.
Not norrrrmal people...

forte6627 Ugh
07/17/12 7:56 am

Guilty of what? Joe did not touch any children. It is not a crime to not be socially ethical or a good samaritan

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/17/12 7:23 am

... In which case you're both becoming more and more ridiculous and disgusting with each comment you post.
The old guy was GUILTY as well!

Guh, you're disturbing the normal folks with all the crazy support for him.

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/17/12 7:19 am

Forte and Quinn must be insurgents sent by Penn State in attempts to cull the opposition to the school's administrators obvious wrong doings.
We're on to you, suckers!
No, seriously though, you two are either child predators yourselves or complete and absolute nimrods incapable of empathy.

07/17/12 6:54 am

So joe is still liable for being part of the sex abuse scandal. I think he covered this up because he wanted Sanduski to still be part of the team because he was a major asset to the defensive team and if Joe lost him then he would lose more games.

07/17/12 6:52 am

He did report it to his superior in the university. But what he failed to do was to tell the cops. He did part of his job but not everything to stop this pedophiliac.

07/17/12 6:33 am

interesting age filter. naive youngins.

forte6627 Ugh
07/17/12 6:21 am

Joe did nothing wrong, it is not in his job description to investigate allegations. I would have done the same thing; "mind my own business"

Quinnipiac Here
07/17/12 5:45 am

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07/17/12 5:27 am

Quinnipac: none of that matters though. The fact is, when something like that is going on, even if their rumors, the safety and well-being of the CHILDREN is FAR more important than keeping a potential scandal quiet. The authorities should have been called, and the buck stopped with him.

07/17/12 4:24 am

Quinnipac- really?? Joepa knew what was going on you sound like an idiot to still be defending him

Quinnipiac Here
07/17/12 4:18 am

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lmurder MDK
07/16/12 11:16 pm

Yes and tear down the statue. Dude is a joke and tore down his own legacy with his ego and very poor judgement.
Football isn't life. It's just a part of it.
Penn State will feel the affects of this for decades.

qchulk Indiana
07/16/12 11:14 pm

Why is his intention in question? What was he high when he did it?

All4RPaul Texas
07/16/12 9:16 pm

quinni - there's no excusing what he failed to do.

All4RPaul Texas
07/16/12 9:15 pm

whaaaat? the old man knew, according to emails. guilty as charged by the majority here. depraved? tuh, not hardly.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
07/16/12 9:10 pm

20% of these people should join the Catholic church too.

Quinnipiac Here
07/16/12 9:06 pm

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forte6627 Ugh
07/16/12 8:46 pm

Well that's your opinion, this is mine.

All4RPaul Texas
07/16/12 8:05 pm

@ fart6627, you're joking, right?