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09/29/11 10:11 am

What a shitty choice. Ron Paul 2012!!!

obamafail California
09/25/11 11:04 am

@moneyguy you have to vote to comment.....

09/23/11 9:30 am

democrat versus rhino. I vote niether

09/23/11 8:21 am

The question should be Generic repub vs. Hillary, She will be the Dem nominee one way or another.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/20/11 4:24 pm

What's with all this Christian not Christian. By their fruits you will know them.
Obama I'd say
walks the walk. not a fan however
Clinton .......... You'd have to do some searching.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/20/11 4:18 pm

Californians come up the 101 and stick up their noses at us too so don't feel bad. We just sigh and go about our business

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/20/11 4:14 pm

@ linton do you all even have running water?

09/20/11 4:12 pm

@maleRN: We got email two years ago, around the time we got shoes. Based on some of your comments, you'd probably fit in pretty well with Boss Hog. We have hospitals here too, well, we got one last month. We could use a RN, and Daisy Duke is always ready for a check up.

09/20/11 8:48 am

I am going to vote for anyone other than obama.

spoiler Michigan
09/20/11 8:19 am

Fortunately for us free living americans, with freedom of religion, having a muslim president shouldn't offend anyone. It would be pretty un-American to claim that a Muslim president has no place here. It could happen! However, Obama is not a Muslim

09/20/11 4:37 am

@Linton: k brother. Sorry bout that. Didn't know they had them email boxes down yonder in the heart of Dixie. Don't sick Boss Hog on me! The General Lee's in the shop and Cooter can't fix it till Friday.

09/19/11 11:48 pm

Also religion isn't hereditary. We all know that right?

09/19/11 11:46 pm

@maleRN: and you are a poster child for talking points I find in my junk mail box.

Bring some info beyond the definition of Obama's middle name. It's not like he's the one who picked it out.

09/19/11 11:27 pm

Do you really believe that most politicians are nearly as religious as they claim? I listen to Obama, Perry, and Romney with equal skepticism when they talk faith.

09/19/11 8:38 pm

Actually, if you want to put a label on Mr. Obama's religion it would be progressive social justice ideology. He likes the idea of Christianity, but believes in the black liberation theology (which is not the gospel taught in the Bible).

09/19/11 7:21 pm

@spoiler: you're a poster child for liberal talking points.

Mr. Original you surely are!

09/19/11 7:19 pm

Danny Boy: you're confusing religion with ethnicity. I know Mexican Danny's, black Danny's, Indian Danny's... but I've never met a Hussein who wasn't Muslim. The most famous Hussein was the grandson of Islam's founder, Mohammad!! You folks are in denial. Stop sucking on the MSNBC teet.

09/19/11 5:54 pm

the on topic point is once again drowned out by the religious rant. so all republican Christians are nuts but Obama is a Christian dammit. so I guess Christians aren't nuts?

09/19/11 4:43 pm

Ok, for religion. I can say I'm Buddhist, but I'm really Christian. Saying something doesn't make it true. Muslim isn't the equation of the n word. That's idiocy. No one can know for sure what religion he is.
Plus, don't know about Muslim religion but Jews can be Jewish without practicing.

spoiler Michigan
09/19/11 1:05 pm

That's very Christian of u geoag

geoag02 Dallas, TX
09/19/11 12:38 pm

We have all heard Obama say he is a Christian, but not all of us believe him.

spoiler Michigan
09/19/11 12:37 pm

Oh and thanks for that wikipedia definition

hazhap1 Las Vegas
09/19/11 12:37 pm

If you wanted to wrongly accuse him of a religious accusation with more merit you could call him a radical Christian, because the Christian pastor of his Christian church in Chicago is a little "Christian-kookie-ish"

spoiler Michigan
09/19/11 12:33 pm

Everyone knows Obama isn't a Muslim. MaleRN is obviously still brain washed by the passed rhetoric made by bigot republicans. In fact, maleRN, it may surprise you to know that Obama is actually a Christian. Idiot

jhej99 home
09/19/11 12:32 pm

Obama is a Christian not a muslim. Why are people still throwing that bull around?

geoag02 Dallas, TX
09/19/11 12:29 pm

And yes I know, autocorrect is great isn't it.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
09/19/11 12:27 pm

@leftocentr: Never let a moron in the WH? Depending on who you ask, we have had two of those in a row now.

hazhap1 Las Vegas
09/19/11 12:26 pm

My name is Danny, and I have absolutely no Irish blood in my family line anywhere.... What's your point?

hazhap1 Las Vegas
09/19/11 12:24 pm

They just call him a Muslim because they'd get kicked off the board for calling him the "N" word, and in their little brains "Muslim" means about the same thing.

09/19/11 12:23 pm

Hussein is an Arabic name which is the diminutive of Hassan, meaning "good", "handsome" or "beautiful". It is commonly given as a male given name, particularly among Shia Islamists.

09/19/11 12:19 pm

*sorry, I meant to say Muslim president.

09/19/11 11:56 am

Years ago we didn't think we'd ever have a black president, or a Muslim president either.

Well, we do.

Don't count the Mormon out.

09/19/11 10:59 am

There are some Democrats who are so disillusioned they would vote for the right Republican. I could see Huntsman Democrats and maybe Romney Democrats. Besides, most Republicans are just as lockstep. They would vote for any person running against Obama. They need to look towards the general election.

spoiler Michigan
09/19/11 10:53 am

Maybe at "this point" however, Obama is a pretty brilliant campaigner. I don't think any of the republican candidates stand a chance other than Romney because hes fairly moderate

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
09/19/11 10:28 am

Any Republican nominee can beat Obama at this point. The important thing is if the third rail candidate splits the vote for the republicans. Because the Democrats will vote for Obama even if it came out that he did something terrible or illegal. They are lock-step. By any means necessary.

09/19/11 9:59 am

What about ignorant voters with iPhones?

leftocentr Oregon
09/19/11 7:38 am

No way Romney will be prez. He is Mormon. Ignorant voters without iPhones will never let a Moron in the WH.

09/19/11 3:27 am

danni...far left comments out of red states.....voices in the darkness.

09/18/11 11:02 pm

Fox, just shut up and stop trolling. Yours not funny.

09/18/11 9:29 pm

@veritas... : the WSJ editorial is behind a paywall, but here is a link to Huntsman's plan:

09/18/11 8:52 pm

Not if I have to wear magical morman underpants he's not.

spoiler Michigan
09/18/11 8:51 pm

Romney is the only contender that stands a chance against obama

09/18/11 8:39 pm

Haw and make me marry an extra wife? Hell no! Ones enough.

09/18/11 8:32 pm

anyone else find it interesting that in comments a high volume of far left comments come out of very red states and vice versa

09/18/11 7:56 pm

Obama's losing to Romney, Perry, and Paul on this app.