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Show Of Hands August 28th, 2012 12:00am

Are all psychics fake, or are some really able to discern information that isn't scientifically explainable?

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jamjay Atlanta, Ga
09/02/12 10:25 pm

Total BS.
Sorry to be the spoiler.

chrismisen atlanta
09/01/12 10:28 am

this makes me feel sorry for half of you. what a joke. but y'all must be pretty easily persuaded.

FrostedMin California
09/01/12 10:25 am

Gosh haven't any of you ever seen the show psych?? That's what "psychics" do. They are just really good observers. Some are even just saying anything that would make since. :P

ishady 86451132020
09/01/12 1:12 am

Maybe that get their information through what is called a bullshít conduit?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/31/12 8:31 pm

There's no arguing that some are legit. The question, to me, is where do they get their info? That's when you start wading into some dangerous waters.

08/31/12 10:21 am

I like on the big difference between men and women.

dylansl Texas
08/31/12 8:50 am

50-50 for demos...? Really? And I thought they believed in science.

08/31/12 4:45 am

Ane@if you learned to understand these " feelings" you would be surprised what you could accomplish. Your inter voice is real, it's hard for a lot a folks to understand this concept.

08/30/12 10:39 pm

Ppl aren't really capable of understanding quantum mechanics. I don't expect to meet any in the 90% majority to be smart...or average. Ppl are as dum as rocks usually. It's sad.

Dream Hogwarts
08/30/12 10:30 pm

My mom also recently went to one and the lady said that I wanted to be a writer, which is correct. She also knew my dads mom had passed, and my moms dad. She talked about my brother and how even though he doesn't like school and gets bad grades, one day he'll impress everyone!

Dream Hogwarts
08/30/12 10:28 pm

My parents went to a psychic on there honeymoon to Hawaii. Everything she said came true. My dad was a co-owner of a bakery, she predicted that would fall through, it did. She predicted my parents would have trouble having children, which they did. She was totally legit!She predicted other stuff too

08/30/12 7:56 pm

I'm the kind of person who has to see it to believe it when it comes to this stuff

giottoblu Connecticut
08/30/12 7:30 pm

At first I thought it said physics, and was very confused.

08/30/12 6:37 pm

I sometimes get a strange feeling the night before an unexpected event occurs. Can't tell you what it will be though.

08/30/12 5:19 pm

I can't believe that many people are arrogant enough to know everything does or does not exist in the universe. Even about things that no one can explain. That's arrogant. Lol

08/30/12 5:17 pm

Early bird,
I read some accounts that a few did see 9/11 and mentioned it before. What can they do if no one believes they are real? Obviously you wouldnt have held a press conference if someone told you that scenario on 9/10. Right? You defeat your own rationale.

samshine Montana
08/30/12 3:28 pm

I've lost a lot of faith in my fellow women...

ishady 86451132020
08/30/12 1:32 pm

I want to believe but I just can't get past that " it's all bullshit" thing.

08/30/12 10:51 am

I want to believe I continue to believe but I have seen top psychics in Ny and have paid big money and nothing came to fruition.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/30/12 8:51 am

I've had experiences my self. I would not say I'm a psychic.

08/30/12 7:11 am

I saw one once and she was definitely legit. She knew I loved animals immediately even though I hadn't said or wore anything that suggested it. I also did a tarot reading which was pretty accurate too.

08/30/12 6:29 am

Finally, I want to say that I would not pay money to a psychic. I agree that people who do this for a living are, generally speaking, fakes. However, my vote, "some legit," stands on the word "some."

08/30/12 6:27 am

However, I do believe that some degree of ESP does exist in some people. That's why I answered "some legit." I am an educated, intelligent woman and not at all embarrassed by my answer. Indeed, there things that we do not understand. Why do they frighten some of us so much?

08/30/12 6:21 am

I'm amazed that this question generates so much emotion. I thought it was more of a "fun" question. Indeed, as an earlier poster noted, the word "some" is very important. I agree that most psychics are fake, certainly the ones who do it for money. Continued next post ...

08/29/12 9:22 pm

"And the story that Barack Obama does tell, forever shifting blame to the last administration, is getting old. The man assumed office almost four years ago – isn’t it about time he assumed responsibility?" Paul Ryan

yepnope Maryland
08/29/12 7:54 pm

Holyshhhhht I agree with a teabagger!!

sccr28jb No No No
08/29/12 6:23 pm

Oh... My... Gosh... Really America?

08/29/12 6:23 pm

Seriously. Anyone who said they are real, don't vote. If they could they would be rich.

Shovel Arizona
08/29/12 6:17 pm

Really? 45% believe in psychics?!

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
08/29/12 5:50 pm

I totally believe in physics. Newton, Einstein, Steve hawking, Great stuff.... Oh you mean psychics...

08/29/12 5:23 pm

I have to agree with you cowboy! Fear does it to people!

cowboy Proud Father
08/29/12 4:55 pm

Thanks hapbgme. Some people just can't see past their own noses as they're staring down at you.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
08/29/12 4:53 pm

I say fake until I meet one in person. Same with people who can communicate with the dead. I'll believe it when I see it with my own eyes and not on tv.

WinterRose New York
08/29/12 4:30 pm

At the possibility that ANYbody would choose Mitt, and yet the conversations don't generally turn into name calling contests (at least from what I've read).

WinterRose New York
08/29/12 4:28 pm

Wow. Reading this thread I'm seeing a clear tendency that I don't understand. People who don't believe it are so passionate in their rudeness to people who think there might be some validity. Funny how the response is stronger even than for polls about politics. I'm sure a lot of us feel terrified

08/29/12 4:24 pm

Fake, the gender split is understandable. Women tend to be more empathetic and are socialized to be in tune with others' feelings. It stands to reason women would have more psychic experience because of being more open this way.

Mr.logic California
08/29/12 4:19 pm

Lol @ income, gender, and age filters.

FakeSound Arizona
08/29/12 4:11 pm

With that said and with the huge split among gender... that brings some even more interesting implications about gender equality and what we value from the genders to the table.

WinterRose New York
08/29/12 4:10 pm

She is extremely detailed in the messages she gets, about things she has absolutely NO WAY of knowing... It's truly eerie.

FakeSound Arizona
08/29/12 4:10 pm

VERY interesting results among income. When we feel like we're not in control or are going trough stressful times, we're more likely to see patterns in completely random occurrence, making it more likely to believe in things like psychics, prayer, etc.

WinterRose New York
08/29/12 4:07 pm

I'm a very scientific-minded 36 year old, and kind of hate admitting this even, but grew up with a medium/psychic mom. I would NEVER have though it possible if I didnt see it with my own eyes time and time again.