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quattrogir Pennsylvania
12/05/11 6:53 am

I had the east coast blizzard before Halloween..

12/01/11 12:43 am

Would you believe me if I said yes?!? :)

tim Ohio
11/27/11 8:44 pm

In the forcast for Columbus OH on tues yay (not)

11/25/11 8:52 pm

Yeah right ha! We country people don't need snow:) joking wish I had some.

11/25/11 6:36 am

I love how black and white this question is, lol

11/25/11 5:21 am

I think our first snow was a light one in October.

11/25/11 4:10 am

I wish it did though

11/25/11 4:09 am

Snow. Yah right. It'll never snow here in Hawaii

BadBadger Georgia
11/23/11 12:59 pm

And I won't except excuses like Tourette's of the extremities.

BadBadger Georgia
11/23/11 12:54 pm

DK, glad I could elicit a chuckle. Some folks surprise me with their Jekyll/Hyde style of discourse. They say very foul and cruel things, yet minutes later sound civil and intelligent. What they don't understand is how often their nasty screeds render their salient points less impactful.

lilipad Tennessee
11/23/11 8:07 am

@polarized HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! oh and I live in TN and it snowed half an inch and some kids were afraid we would be stuck in the school!!

11/23/11 7:34 am

In my neck of the woods it rains everyday...... On dem hoes!!!!!!!

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/23/11 12:55 am

compliments me because I don't call names damn post length

DrKelly Wisconsin
11/23/11 12:54 am

@ bad badger. you just made me laugh out loud with the Lutang comment. Lutang has complimented me as being a great poster and then in his her next post calls someone a derogatory name. love his/her posts, but that cracks me up.

11/22/11 11:55 pm

Oh yeah...upstate NY says it all.

11/22/11 3:51 pm

Yep got over a foot ovee the weekend, just like any other year.

11/22/11 3:45 am

If it does, you el niño climate changing non-believers ought to be very worried!

11/22/11 2:36 am

South Texas?? Who are we kidding. Lol

BadBadger Georgia
11/22/11 12:08 am

croc, in some parts of Florida, it "snows" every day!

croc122 Florida
11/21/11 11:56 pm

who are the 2% of idiots from Florida that said it snowed this fall? That is bull****! I live in northern Florida and it does get really cold, but it hasn't snowed in Florida for the last seven years!

BadBadger Georgia
11/21/11 11:47 pm

In the spirit of LuTang, if it hasn't snowed in your town, you are an idiot! lol

polarized Tennessee
11/21/11 7:56 pm

it's going to be 74 tomorrow in Chattanooga!

11/21/11 6:09 pm

in Hicksville Ohio, no snow yet :(:(:(

11/21/11 2:39 pm

@monkey- agree. I live at 9,000ft in a ski town and we have had snow since September. But I'd bet a lot that down by the deserty Mexican border they won't have any all winter ;)

11/21/11 1:18 pm

8 inches baby!.......... Oh wait we r talking about snow! Just a trace in the 43050

monkeyy Ohio
11/21/11 1:05 pm

@rosebud I think there's splits because in some towns, it has snowed, but in other towns in the same state, there's been no snow.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/21/11 10:29 am

@Party-free it looked like it snowed at the ducks game. My kids live around Independence. Snow in the hills.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/21/11 10:22 am

Denver my daughter lived in Leadville I just loved it.

11/21/11 8:14 am

We live in the foothills outside of Denver at 7,300', so we got snow at our house about a month before Denver did.

Melon No Ducklips
11/21/11 7:28 am

Yup a couple times already. Time to break out the snow shovel I guess. Ugh

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
11/21/11 3:32 am

We got a dusting of snow on Saturday morning (we're at about 1,000 feet above sea level). By the time the sun had been up for a couple of hours it was gone. This is how snow in Western Oregon works... enjoy it in the morning because it will be gone by lunchtime.

AnnieM The Island
11/21/11 3:13 am

wasn't it already going to be fairly clear what the map would look like before answering with this one? I live in the southern half of my state. Snow tends to be a once-a-century thing and it last happened 7 years ago, so obviously no snow here.

11/21/11 2:01 am

I find it amusing that there are actually splits...

11/21/11 1:38 am

Snowed a couple weeks ago.

m!a California
11/21/11 1:07 am

San Francisco .... Its foggy, but still California!

11/21/11 12:26 am

Awesome question, finally...