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Show Of Hands July 2nd, 2012 12:00am

Details are emerging that indicate that Chief Justice Roberts may have changed his vote on the ACA individual mandate in order to protect the reputation of the Supreme Court. If true, did he do the right thing?

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jamjay Atlanta, Ga
07/08/12 5:11 pm

The court is ONLY supposed to weigh if a case is legal or constitutional.

FrankZappa New York
07/07/12 10:18 am

This comment thread has been hijacked, of course by zealots.

NYevo NY
07/05/12 8:48 pm

@dfg: Thanks a lot. All the best to you too.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/05/12 7:14 pm

@NYevo Good luck to you, I hope you find the truth, wherever that leads you. Question everything with an open mind and heart. Peace

NYevo NY
07/05/12 4:56 pm

@adalla: yes, sorry.
@dfg: maybe i'll do thay, but i'd likely do in in the religion in which i was raised. Thanks for chatting

wittmeister Florida
07/05/12 9:14 am

Tarnishing the image of the court in to protect the image....genius

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/05/12 8:51 am

@adalla you are correct. please accept my apology.
@NYevo. citizenatinsightbbdotcom.

adalla Virginia
07/05/12 8:31 am

7 off-topics posts in a row there... Have some consideration for folks here who want to discuss the issue presented. Thanks

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/05/12 8:00 am

@NYevo you asked "what is a person to do? My suggestion would be to get a Bible (I would suggest NIV or NKJV), find the Gospel of John, with an open heart and mind, ask God to reveal himself through his word and then begin reading. if you are sincere, your eyes will be opened

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/05/12 7:27 am

its as simple as the old childrens riddle, which came first, the chicken or the egg? most believers of the Bible can answer that one pretty easily.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/05/12 7:21 am

completely. compatible annatomies to be able to reproduce?

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/05/12 7:20 am

@the beauty and complexity of nature are great examples. take "humans" for example. if we evolved from organisms in a "black smoker" at the bottom or the ocean or some primordial soup, then why aren't we "asexual"? what are the chances of two (men and women) evolving alongside each other with comple

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/05/12 7:05 am

@NY if it were just a path away from a terrible time/place then the path would usually end at recovery. I've been clean 13 years and still see Gods miracles every day.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/05/12 6:55 am

@NYevo It just seems to take a harder thump on the head to wake some of us to wake up and see what's all around us.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/05/12 6:53 am

@NYevo "some occasions" is correct. I think we're the ones that are more likely to openly share our experiences. Once I got into a church I found that I was in the minority. Most in church have been there since childhood.

NYevo NY
07/05/12 4:22 am

Almost as if a person wants/has to believe in something at their lowest moments maybe because they need to in order to find a path away from a terrible time/place in their life. I don't want to have to hit rock bottom to find God. I don't want to fake my belief either. So what is a person to do?

NYevo NY
07/05/12 4:17 am

@dfg: i'm very happy to hear that your life is all the better. I suspect that took a lot of work. My next comment is very honest and not an insult, so please don't take it that way. I have heard, and noticed in some occasions, that some people find God only once they have tragedy or hardship.

Nerdz Texas
07/05/12 12:07 am

I have noticed that when you change your original answer on the last minute, it is usually the wrong choice.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 11:21 pm

@Asher. I'm sorry, I missunderstood your first post.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 11:18 pm

@Asher you don't have to believe anyone or anything. God gave us free will to decide and believe and believe whatever we choose. We are each a sum of our experiences. My experiences have led me to believe in God. I wish you the best of luck with your choices!

Asher804 Virginia
07/04/12 11:10 pm

Justice is supposed to be blind.

Asher804 Virginia
07/04/12 11:08 pm

He did the right thing by lying to you? Wtf?

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 10:35 pm

@GiantRobot - did you also go from crack adict, completely broke, divorced with a bunch of child support debt addind up daily to a successful founding leader of a small then large technology company, and! completely out of debt, without ever stepping foot in a rehab clinic or even seeing a doctor,

GiantRobot Pennsylvania
07/04/12 9:56 pm

I too cried out to the Sky and was..blessed with THE POSITIVE POWER of living past the age of 47! Thank You, Sky!

adalla Virginia
07/04/12 9:02 pm

The suggestion that Roberts changed his vote implies that he did NOT think the individual mandate was constitutional, but voted FOR it for some unknown (to us anyway) reason. Hence his clumsy and extra-legal justification and Scalia's odd-sounding "dissent."

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 7:38 pm

continued to reveal his might and magesty to me for the last 13 years. I cant begin to tell you all the ways here. he has made me understand that we are NOT a cismic accident and He is VERY real.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 7:35 pm

@NYevo at 37 I was at the lowest point in my life, in the grip of addiction. I screamed out to God asking Him if he were real and if so to please help me and reveal himself to me. within 3 days He was working through non-believers to force my recovery and has

NYevo NY
07/04/12 7:16 pm

@dfg: why did you say 37 years? Strangely, i'm 37 years old!

NYevo NY
07/04/12 7:14 pm

@Adalla: i'm less interested in the technicalities of who should have done what. He clearly should only use the constitution as hid guide. That said, if he believes its constitutional, i'm fine with how he came to that decision

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 5:04 pm

@Komm seems like the Nobel Peace Prize Committee made a similar type of decision a couple of years ago and their prizes haven't meant very much since.

Komm No. I am your father
07/04/12 4:45 pm

It seems like his decision only hurt the courts image. I thought justice was blind? Apparently this one has a little self image problem

adalla Virginia
07/04/12 4:38 pm

NYEvo - no, they can't. That's very basic jurisprudence. They rule on the arguments brought before them. If one side neglects to introduce a point of law, like establishing that the court has jurisdiction over the case, they lose. Happens all the time. Laymen call it getting off on a technicality

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 3:33 pm

@NYevo. I was right there with you for 37 years. but when you look at things more closely- our (reasonable) laws are in place because of fear of bad people, the entitlements in this. country passed using fear as motivation. why single out religeon and say it not fair to use fear as motivation?

NYevo NY
07/04/12 2:40 pm

@dfg: you are correct that fear is a great motivator. It does in fact motivate me to plan for retirement. Maybe I should myob. I just dont like when people use fear for religion persuasion. Glad to see we agree on the question though :)

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 10:03 am

@NYevo btw if you scroll back thrum this thread - we basically said the exact thing about the original question.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 9:58 am

fear is not the only reason that I believe what I do - but fear is a valid reason to search for your own answers.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 9:54 am

should we not plan for our inevitable death? out of fear of the unknown as with retirement plans and insurances.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 9:49 am

@NYevo - Not sure if you were talking to me but don't we plan for retirement out of fear of poverty when we are too old -or are no longer able - to work? We plan for future accidents/illnesses out of fear by buying insurancees.

NYevo NY
07/04/12 9:12 am

Too bad you only offer fear as your base of persuasion.

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 7:06 am

@CDFL I pray that you open your mind because your eternity IS WORTH IT!

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 6:59 am

@Geo many holes in the Theory of Evolution and many many answers in Christ through the Bible. if no accident OR creator - then from what did we progress/evolve?

NYevo NY
07/04/12 6:56 am

And no, A Supreme Court Justice should interpret the constitution, not make a decision based on his/her concern of the courts standing with the public. I certainly hope he didn't do that

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
07/04/12 6:56 am

@Geo I am sorry for making light of your answer last night - but you gave a very ambiguous answer. you said that we weren't a cosmic accident but God is imaginary. I don't see how both can be true? I beleived the same as you for 37 years but as I looked more closely with an open mind I found many ma

NYevo NY
07/04/12 6:52 am

Its the same law, carried out the same way. If you go back in time and make an inconsequential word change and give the Dems the same 60 votes that the had, I suspect it would pass again

07/03/12 9:41 pm

you don't change your answer because you're afraid of what people will think. that's the point of the supreme court and their lifetime appointment period.

Rosebud Ohio
07/03/12 9:26 pm

Timber- give out of the goodness of your heart. Not because you were forced to.
Geo- and yet, it's an unproven theory. The main basis is that macro evolution is possible. Something we have no proof-evidence for. Say it till your blue in the face, but evolution is not fact.