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Are you LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender)?

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01/09/13 5:54 pm

So it official? God exists?

BadWolf The Library
01/09/13 5:20 pm

He told me personally he likes gays. I prayed, he answered. Told me to spread the word of love. Your old bible sucks.

BadWolf The Library
01/09/13 5:15 pm

Is the spirit a physical thing? Or a metaphorical thing?

thefoot1998 Conservative Christian
01/09/13 5:13 pm

mitwister, god hates homosexuality. he never said its ok.

susanr Colorado
01/09/13 4:07 pm

Because people should be *killed* over their sexual preference? That makes no more sense than killing over skin color or religion. We don't do that here, not as a society anyway.

01/08/13 8:52 pm

We should follow Uganda steps

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 7:19 pm

So now you're speaking on behalf of god and every church. Fantastic.

01/08/13 6:51 pm

Churches haven't hurt you. Members of churches who don't follow what they are taught hurt you and others. Don't blame many for the mistakes of the few.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 6:05 pm

Many churches have hurt me and countless others. You yourself called me a liar and a nut job during this discussion. I don't care what you believe until it affects others. Then get a grip, the world doesn't revolve around you.

01/08/13 5:59 pm

People like you are why we need the Christ's words to be taught more. Just because you don't believe it doesn't mean you have to look down on those who do. It's called respect. I'm not hurting you. If anyone is being childish its you. An adult can accept someone's belief even if he doesn't share it.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 5:18 pm

Your proof is that you read a book? Do you believe in the Loch Ness monster? Nessie has some good books.

I refuse to respect an opinion that is so childish. When you have facts to back up your fairy tales, then I'll respect it. No facts means your opinion was pulled out of your butt.

01/08/13 5:12 pm

Like most children we often think we know better than God what is best for us, but that's not the case.
You don't have to believe me, but you should respect my beliefs.

01/08/13 5:09 pm

I already told you that I have received proof. I've read the scriptures, I've tried to keep the commandments, and I've prayed to know. On multiple occasions I have felt the spirit testify to me that God lives. He loves his children gay or not. He only wants what's best for them like any parent.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 4:55 pm

If there's no proof of god, then why do you believe? What makes you so sure that those specific fairy tales are correct and no others, that you should base your life on them?

I'm guessing your parents told you to, that's a vast majority of people's reasons. Or you're desperate for hope. Kinda sad.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 4:52 pm

So god has no proof and you're just believing because you want to? But believing in Santa is ridiculous?

There is no evidence to suggest he does exist. If he existed, there would be evidence. No evidence, no existence.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 4:50 pm

What?!? A generic prophecy that means nothing is fulfilled by stretching the truth?!?!? What kind of blasphemy is this?!?!?!

01/08/13 4:39 pm

There is no proof of Gods existence. We need to live by faith not by sight. The only "proof" you will get is confirmation by the Holy Ghost when you sincerely pray.

You have yet to provide proof that God does not exist.

01/08/13 4:31 pm

It says in the bible that in the last days people will call evil good and good evil. How does it feel to know you are helping to fulfill prophecy?

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 4:30 pm

You have yet to provide any proof whatsoever that god is real so you must also be denying the existence of our great powerful cloud man.

01/08/13 4:26 pm

Ok well either you lied or God talked to you. Since you are still denying the existence of God you must have lied.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 4:25 pm

Yes, it is damaging to society to try and control it. You're "better" life is not better for everyone. Nobody cares about your religious rules but you. I can live how I want and you preaching that everybody sucks at life is harmful.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 4:22 pm

You said so yourself that god talks to everyone so you can't know if I lied. And I have not acknowledged the existence god because you have yet to provide any proof other than "it's not fictional" and "pray on it"

01/08/13 4:21 pm

And I don't think it harms society to encourage people to live better lives. I have never once told someone they are going to hell. I don't decide that, God does. I know if they live better lives they'll have better chances but I won't claim to know them as well as God does.

01/08/13 4:17 pm

Let me start by saying its not fictional. You must not know much about the Mormon church. There's no scam. The ministry is all volunteer. Nobody gets paid for their church service. Any money I give to the church goes to help those who need it and build and support new buildings.

01/08/13 4:06 pm

You're lying. But at least you're acknowledging the existence of God.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 4:04 pm

You don't think it's damaging to your life to worship something fictional, to spend time, money, and resources going to wasted efforts, cult exercises, and someone's scam pocket? You think you aren't harming society by preaching that other people are wrong and going to hell and terrible people?

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 4:03 pm

If it's true, then prove it. I prayed sincerely and I was told by god it was a bunch of bologna, so now what

01/08/13 3:58 pm

You're wrong about that. It's true whether you believe or not. You can't pray just to try to prove someone wrong. If you have a sincere desire to know the truth then you can find it. How do you think me being religious is damaging my life?

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 3:53 pm

So I have to believe it in order for it to be true? Sounds great. You picked a great thing to model your life around. Excuse me while I spend the rest of my life applying to be an elf at the North Pole. Santa only talks to the good elves, so he wouldn't talk to you. Got to be in the bloodline.

LokiD Massachusetts
01/08/13 3:45 pm

i dig anyone regardless of gender and i'm proud, yo

01/08/13 3:40 pm

I can't prove it to you. There are little pieces of physical evidence but that won't change what you think. Only you can prove it. It'll never happen though. You would have to sincerely search. Read scriptures and pray having faith that you will get an answer. I hope you do try but I doubt you will.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 3:11 pm

That was supposed to say without. Prove your religion, or at least a part of it, without saying its in a book so it must be true.

01/08/13 3:04 pm

What do you mean? Like from the bible? I know how much stock you put in that.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 2:58 pm

You're right, coincidence is far too hard to believe, but a magic sky god is so much more realistic.

Can you prove anything you've been saying with "hey look, it's written down"?

01/08/13 2:50 pm

I do think people can do good without being inspired to, but when it's a direct answer to prayer I find that a little too coincidental.

I am trying to follow the direction to love everyone. Which would include homosexuals. That doesn't mean I need to approve or support their choice to sin.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 2:26 pm

And that passage doesn't sound like it was mistranslated at all.

thefoot1998 Conservative Christian
01/08/13 2:25 pm

them themselves arent evil the spirit inside them is.
1 corinthians 6:9 says:
no men who practice homosexuality will inherit the kingdom of heaven.
there you go. i hope you dont wait til you die to find the truth.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 2:25 pm

Nobody cares about your heaven. Go to it and leave the rest of us alone.

thefoot1998 Conservative Christian
01/08/13 2:19 pm

if you were close to god you wouldnt say that
1 corinthians 6:9 men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of heaven.

01/08/13 2:12 pm

It's not like LGBTS are evil!!!!
I kinda like them they troll all the haters out there. Go LGBTS!!!!

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 1:22 pm

But you refuse the direction of love the gays and ditch the current system.

Hearing fake voices is a mental illness. Someone helping you is a good person, you don't think there's any way they could not be through god?

01/08/13 1:15 pm

I don't know everything that God wants or will do. I know how he gives direction but I don't always know what direction he will give.

He can answer through a person. If I need help he could inspire someone to help me. Otherwise it could be a feeling. I've never heard a voice but some do.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 12:41 pm

Either you do or do not know for sure what god is going to do.

And let me ask you this, when you pray to god and question things, how does he answer you?

01/08/13 12:37 pm

I said he would say important things to anyone who asked. Just because it doesn't pertain to the entire world does not mean its not important.

I am still sure of that. I never said I was questioning that. I just said if I ever need to know I can pray about it.

BadWolf The Library
01/08/13 12:30 pm

One comment ago you were so sure god would never say anything important to anyone else or ever reform his system. What happened?

01/08/13 12:23 pm

I would say I know God pretty well. Not everything he will do, but if all else fails I could always pray about it.

And you never know. People change.