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Show Of Hands July 29th, 2012 12:00am

Apple is rumored to have recently considered buying Twitter. If you were in charge at Apple, would you pursue this deal?

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EarlyBird Portland
08/04/12 6:15 pm

Rather then buying Twitter, I wish they would put their energy into improving the battery life of their batteries.

08/02/12 7:37 pm

Apple is very greedy!

Reddit Florida
08/02/12 12:38 am

Even as a teenager I hate social networking, however this would seem like a short term, but possibly profitable deal. Who knows? Maybe Apple could improve twitter so that it could last longer.

07/30/12 3:10 pm

Short term though. Something else come along and take over. Facebook is on way out with the youth and twitter is in with them. Find the next new thing.

07/30/12 1:10 pm

I don't want them to, and if I owned the company I'd say no because people don't really want everything controlled by 1 thing. We have already had that problem to some extent with the government.

07/30/12 11:47 am

Apple Needs To Keep Making Electronics, They Don't Need Any Websites.

07/30/12 10:14 am

Twitter is LAME. It'll be gone in a year.

2katz I live in Nebraska
07/30/12 8:08 am

As an owner of Apple I'd buy it to keep someone else from getting it. I personally have seen little use for twitter

chrismisen atlanta
07/30/12 6:21 am

i dont see why not. they havent hit their decline yet, and purchasing twitter would mean close integration with apple products. of course, the two sides have to meet at the right price.

07/30/12 6:18 am


andrew2052 New York
07/30/12 4:18 am

Twitter will eventually become another my space, so,etching that was popular than and no one cares about now

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
07/30/12 2:00 am

Twitter doesn't fit with Apple's core competencies. I would need to see the strategic plan to decide, but at this point I would say no because it doesn't relate to their strengths as a company. Unless they were planning to diversify, but even then I don't see how it helps Apple long-term.

07/29/12 11:35 pm

We already have the intense being bought out by tech giants left and right. Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

Can we please have at least SOME companies let be?

Where are the trustbusters when we need them?

JamesMadison La Palma
07/29/12 11:09 pm

I would, then I would sell it to Facebook and give them social-media monopoly

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/29/12 10:53 pm

Twitter courted and hired my youngest son. Amazing binifets.

07/29/12 9:48 pm

No, I don't really see the point. Apple's got plenty of money and merchandise I take care of, I don't see why they'd want Twitter.

madeit Houston Area
07/29/12 9:00 pm

Apple should focus on its own strengths and talents.

07/29/12 8:27 pm

why would they want to? apples big enough

trailready Maryland
07/29/12 8:18 pm

I don't care what happens to twitter... I'll care when it disappears

Nerdz Texas
07/29/12 7:56 pm

I think it would be a nice addition :)

tidford My little piece of heaven
07/29/12 7:50 pm

Pursue does not mean consummate. At some price Twitter is worth buying. Perhaps Apple can make a deal at that price. Worth pursuing - but maybe not real hard.

veritas1 Panda
07/29/12 6:55 pm

If they do, it won't be to make a profit, it will be to either make twitter integration proprietary to apple products or to make Google's android pay big bucks of they want any twitter application or integration on their platform.

I don't think it'd be worth it as twitter is at its peak.

jojo08 Odenton, MD
07/29/12 5:30 pm

If I were in charge of Apple, I'd buy Twitter. I honestly don't know much about business, but it seems like a potentially good move. As a regular consumer, do I want Apple to buy Twitter? Hecks no!

mouthwash West Virginia
07/29/12 5:10 pm

BTW, if Apple buys any social network, I'd go with Path over Twitter. Cheaper, more potential, etc.

mouthwash West Virginia
07/29/12 5:08 pm

If Apple buys Twitter, it won't be to make money. It'll be to add tighter integration into iOS and OS X. Apple will buy whatever it wants at this point.

07/29/12 4:44 pm

Facebook is not a fad, but their recent business moves run the risk of making themselves are irrelevant as MySpace.

07/29/12 4:40 pm

Buy twitter, make money. Of course yes!

07/29/12 3:57 pm

That said I did say no. Apple should just focus on what it already does best.

07/29/12 3:56 pm

I don't think it's a fad - FB at least has been around since 2005. There's money to be made with twitter also.

raywygo Pittsburgh
07/29/12 3:23 pm

Twitter is the dumbest thing ever. Idk y people even use it

tdyakker lost
07/29/12 3:17 pm

Alot of you call twitter n Facebook fads. Saying they won't be around after a few years. Do you realize they have been around for several years already!fads come n go quickly having no staying power. Twitter n fb have it though I'm not sure why!

07/29/12 2:38 pm

Even after the stock dividends, Apple will probably have well over $75 Billion in cash...

Apple integrated Twitter in the last version of iOS... Could it be the start of world domination?

Too bad they didn't gobble up Facebook before it went public.

07/29/12 12:41 pm

If I was in charge HELL YES.

07/29/12 12:05 pm

Mainstream taste change so overall it's best to shy away from the social media market.

07/29/12 12:04 pm

For now it's a good investment but I'd sell that right away before the value of that social media drops in the future because of other up and coming social mediums.

07/29/12 11:33 am

Stick with what you know--making really cool products that define the industry. I'm still waiting for people to get tired of Twitter and Facebook and move on to something else.

07/29/12 11:07 am

If I was owner, then yes. Personally I don't like all these mergers. Facebook changed Instagram and I don't like that at all. There was no need for change!

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
07/29/12 10:51 am

No. But that's my personal opinion, not a business opinion. I think it's completely pointless to just sit there and write status updates. I don't understand the attraction to it, whatsoever.

07/29/12 10:41 am

If I owned apple, then yes I would pursue the purchase. However, as a user of twitter and a customer of apple, I would not be happy with the merge. I'm sure apple would charge a fee and give some company exclusivity rights if they owned twitter :0(.

07/29/12 10:25 am

Getting closer to Monopoly status...

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
07/29/12 10:20 am

Twitter is pretty stupid. I hate hash tags. Isn't the point of search engines the ability to find things without the need for special formatting?

lmurder MDK
07/29/12 10:12 am

@bgj sad to say but twitter isn't a fad. If so it would have been gone two years ago.

MichaelTX254 Check User Website
07/29/12 9:38 am

Twitter is big... Google will probably buy it lol google owns everything.