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Show Of Hands October 12th, 2011 12:00am

Are people who work in the financial services sector (e.g stock brokers, investment bankers, etc.) generally ripping people off, or providing a valuable service?

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10/21/11 4:32 pm

I put rip-off but that's not really what they do... They are actually really smart... Its a game and they are the ones winning

akdad Alaska
10/21/11 3:22 pm

Do u have any kinda retirement. Don't u want the best person handleing your money

10/19/11 8:17 am

@jedihov I know right? the people who are most hurt by those in service of corporate greed are the least likely to call them out. if you serve the devil's interest in an economy manipulated by the wealthy, your "service" is going to represent the interests of your masters. fact.

Dsal1951 California
10/17/11 6:12 pm

Al3cn is wrong, the vast majority of a bank's revenue does not come from. the losses of anyone else. Investment Banks make their money through advisory fees just like a consulting company and from underwriting new issuances of stock and debt.

Flooded Virginia
10/16/11 11:03 pm

I say both, but there's no option for that.

10/16/11 10:02 pm

the map results on this question boggles the mind... sort of.

10/15/11 1:37 pm

Stupid spell was RIP off not TIP off...

10/15/11 1:37 pm

I'm not pro~Wall St., I'm pro~"if you think the service is a tip off, then dont use it"! Let's get a little individual responsibility going

10/14/11 6:50 pm

Lol the money they make comes from the misfortunes of others. Not thin air.

kmsexton McLean
10/14/11 5:40 pm

The financial sector is a lot broader than IBs and stock brokers. I work at a bank and there are a ton of us trying to provide transparent, valuable products to consumers (checking, savings, etc.). And we work *really* hard. We have to make some profit to cover the cost of all that effort.

10/14/11 5:27 am

Nvwssnwv: the have a skewed sense of reality. They've been indoctrinated in school. There is plenty of weed at these OWS protests. Their parents did a poor job of raising them. Oh, did I mention they were indoctrinated and brainwashed in high school and college?

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
10/13/11 9:54 pm

Financial companies are a necessary evil. These "protests" do not have a clear message. Why do so many people want to punish rich people? Most of them have worked their butt off to make it to where they are.

10/13/11 9:43 pm

You get a little of both.

polarized Tennessee
10/13/11 8:26 pm

but then again they are anything that is pro-gbtv

polarized Tennessee
10/13/11 8:26 pm

never thought the south would be so pro-wall street

10/13/11 12:21 pm

Putting stock brokers in the same category as investment bankers is unfair.

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/13/11 11:08 am

Wall Street lobbyists control D.C.

If you want to put government in-check, you must first cut off the head of the snake.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
10/13/11 10:35 am

be either at a price above the last traded price of the security, or at the
last traded price if that price was higher than the price in the previous trade.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
10/13/11 10:34 am

1. Re-instate the Glass–Steagall Act &
2. The Uptick Rule
The uptick rule refers to a trading restriction that disallowed short selling of securities except on an uptick. For the rule to be satisfied, the short must


10/13/11 10:24 am

If you are relying in someone to manage your money or you then you need to closely keep an eye on them. If you just say "Do what you do!" then don't be surprised of they lose it all.

10/13/11 9:21 am

The problem is how they maipulate the market, not the retail service they may offer

10/13/11 9:12 am

A lot of great points here; nobody is forcing anyone to use financial services! People choose of their own free will. More power to you investment/financial practitioners!

10/13/11 9:12 am

They may provide a service, but if you don't think they won't destroy you, a company, the environment or anything else to save pennies on the dollar your naive. Last I checked lining your own pockets with more than anyone should make at the expense of others is a rip off.

ProfDG I Want Truth
10/13/11 7:58 am

Most of the people in the investment community are honest and responsible.

ProfDG I Want Truth
10/13/11 7:53 am

There is always opportunity for ripoff artists, but they mostly provide services that are needed.

ProfDG I Want Truth
10/13/11 7:51 am

Don't want financial services? Do it yourself. Want to build a power or water treatment plant? How about a school? Go door to door in your community and raise capital.

10/13/11 7:44 am

I don't think they're all rip offs, but market forces definitely overinflate fees and incomes in the financial sector.

10/13/11 7:38 am

unfortunately, as of late, republican are just as bad...deficit spending, more government growth...blah blah blah...we need conservatism more now than any time in our history! CAIN/DEMINT 2012!!!!

10/13/11 7:32 am

....are there bad apples? of course! but that's Bernie Madoff...funny thing is, the government is pulling the same ponzi scheme with your tax dollars, yet you idiots love and want more and more government....there's a disconnect with reality if you vote democrat.

10/13/11 7:30 am

you dems crack me up. the people that are claiming "rip off" are mostly in democrati, big-gov, heavily union states. all you union morons that say rip off, I hate to tell you, but your beloved pensions are mostly tied up in the stock market, and are serviced by these very people you hate.

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
10/13/11 7:10 am

They provide a needed service but can rip you off if you agree to a bad deal. If they all ripped everyone off, we wouldn't have that service since nobody would use it.

10/13/11 6:39 am

regulation isnt the answer. it causes the execs to find creative ways to exploit the customers to stay profitable instead of being attractive to more customers.

10/13/11 6:36 am

i work in the financial services sector. our company is a total ripoff. Many Americans are too stupid to see they have other options out there or that the cost of convenience is too high. So the company exploits that stupidity.

gelina44 Missouri , MO
10/13/11 5:40 am

If you don't like financial services, pay cash for everything, keep it in your mattress and see how it goes. Be a good consumer and actually pay attention you have to pay to use someone else's money. If you don't like it don't use it.

dotnetdev Georgia
10/13/11 5:35 am

Most of them, no. But, the fewmthat do, do it BIG.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
10/13/11 2:37 am

To all the dems that think stock brokers are ripping people off: There is no law that says that you must give any of your money to stock brokers. If you don't like them don't use them.

However there are laws that say you must give money to the gov whether you like what they do with it or not.

10/13/11 2:29 am

Public employee unions are the real crooks. They hold the taxpayers hostage and, like spoiled children, they constantly want more... more money, more benefits, more perks. They are greedy bastards and only care about securing their lavish futures at our expense.

10/13/11 2:22 am

Alyssa: excellent comment.

cup0pizza .
10/13/11 1:49 am

COMPLETE scam job. These people will all fry in hell, though.

10/13/11 12:12 am

I'm a financial planner. Republicans and democrats come to me for advice. For a 1% annual fee, I don't see how I am possibly ripping people off. Yeah, more regulation...that's the answer. You should see the hoops we have to jump through as it is now. Everyone just wants someone to blame.

Topgun California
10/12/11 11:35 pm

Once again this shows dems are misinformed, of course this is a service. My dad used to be a stockbroker until the market tanked, now he is an investment banker. Brokers get a couple percent commission and investment bankers get little commissions sometimes too.

10/12/11 11:02 pm

I think that they provide a valuable service- using money to create wealth is a valuable skill that, at it's core, puts investors together with entrepreneurs. They earn everything they make.

pkt1906 Kentucky
10/12/11 10:48 pm

I wish they would all just quit to show how much we actually need them, their work, and the tax revenue they pay.

eradicator JC
10/12/11 10:19 pm

Shift your thinking from individuals to systems.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
10/12/11 10:17 pm

Chuck has taken excellent care of me for years.

Wes28 CBus
10/12/11 10:12 pm

The economy needs stock brokers, even though some do rip-off society.

10/12/11 9:14 pm

hahahahahahahahahahahah: these results are sad...the sheeple have been brain washed by the dems into thinking anybody that works with money is bad....sorry, but if you voted "rip-off" you either didn't read the question or are a friggin idiot.