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Show Of Hands December 30th, 2012 12:00am

Have you ever had a romantic relationship with someone that you first met online?

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Liebel michigan
01/07/13 9:35 pm

Yes and still together 8 years

01/06/13 8:22 am

Still together after 8 years.

kristea Denton, TX
01/04/13 8:29 am

Yep, we met on Twitter & we've been married for 9 months, now.

mcgaff Kenosha, WI
01/03/13 10:16 am

Met my ex-wife online and, except for my wonderful daughter whom I have custody of, it was the worst mistake I ever made in my entire life.

01/02/13 6:56 pm

My ex husband met his second wife online while he was married to me he proposed to 3 woman at the same time

01/02/13 6:24 pm

Met my wife on match. Married a year and going strong.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/02/13 5:38 am

@cynthisa, such a fruitful and happy experience! Guess one reason I've yet to check any of these sites out, besides skepticism, is my comfort-zone with myself. I don't feel incomplete (Yet!). I always appreciate hearing these stories, though, so thank you for sharing! Happy New Year to you both!

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
01/02/13 4:34 am

The most Romantic Sex ever.

cynthisa Heartland U.S.A.
01/02/13 12:36 am

I agree! I'd only met 1 person ( I was willing to meet in-person and that 1 date -no chemistry! But...about a year later I went on Jdate (Jewish singles--sorry, Gentiles) and the 1st person I ended up meeting in-the-flesh is now my husband of 5 years. So you never know...good luck to you!

cynthisa Heartland U.S.A.
01/02/13 12:24 am

Why, yes! And, now I'm married to him! (The second person I met online, but first that made it beyond a single date.)

mandalynn Oregon
01/01/13 3:39 pm

I met my husband three and a half years ago as just a hook up on a casual Craigslist post. Now we own our first home together, have a baby, and are very much in love.

jgf I have a few questions
01/01/13 3:00 pm

Met my wife on Together 10 years now. Love of my life.

01/01/13 11:48 am

Met my husband on match 10 years ago been married 8

01/01/13 9:16 am

She added me on Facebook because she thought I was someone else. I messaged her and asked how we knew each other, and before I knew it we were in love. Wasn't planned, but I happened. She's quite the c word now though.

01/01/13 8:05 am

Not romantic, but have made several very close friends online.

itsmelindaa1 Illinois
01/01/13 5:06 am

3 years the 23 of February met in myyearbook. (: ????????

Quinnipiac Here
01/01/13 1:51 am

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Zenaide Grand Junction, CO
12/31/12 10:53 pm

Going 5 years after meeting on MySpace...

12/31/12 9:21 pm

Just once. Married her 12 years ago.

whatsername Hawaii
12/31/12 8:45 pm

Yep, we eloped to Vegas on 9/11/10

12/31/12 7:33 pm

Married him. 02-04-08 <3

Happy Hong Kong
12/31/12 6:33 pm

I met my wife online in 1993. The Internet was a much smaller place back then.

12/31/12 6:19 pm

I met my husband online 5 years ago. We have two kids ;)

icytoes the tepid north
12/31/12 5:30 pm

Yup - met my husband online in Jan 1996. We lived within 40 miles of one another, so it was real pretty quickly.

12/31/12 5:19 pm

Not that desperate yet.....sorry I shouldn't have said that. I'm sure it works.

T0ny_B Oregon
12/31/12 5:19 pm

Met my wife on Show of Hands.

She's a hand model and gives awesome handjobs.

cagurl23 Northern San Diego
12/31/12 3:55 pm

Yup! "Met" in 2000 and dated on and off (in person) for several years and got married in 2008. It's been the best 12 years of my life.

arborfamilia on top of the hill
12/31/12 3:44 pm

Met my wife (6 years together, married 3) on OkCupid!

dilbert The Dakotas
12/31/12 3:09 pm

Well, I married him in person :)

dilbert The Dakotas
12/31/12 3:03 pm

Met and married the love of my life one eHarmony!

Libertarian2016 Texas
12/31/12 2:57 pm

We went to the same school, but yes we did meet on facebook before meeting in real life.

firedude Missouri
12/31/12 2:21 pm

Also met my wife on Going on two years with a baby on the way. Mutch better way of finding people with common interests if you have jobs that limit your free time.

centexken Republic of Texas
12/31/12 1:41 pm

Billyjoebob, what are you doing on SoH? God didn't mean for us to communicate with smart phones. It is unnatural! Cast away your evil electronic gismo!

kellyw The Mississippi Delta
12/31/12 1:36 pm

Lauren, my husband and I also met online - we're coming up on our two year anniversary as well! Congratulations!

centexken Republic of Texas
12/31/12 1:31 pm

Not yet but I am talking to one online.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/31/12 1:06 pm

One of our friends is an American French couple like yourselves. They are such nice people. They get to take nice vacations visiting family and sights in France every now and then.

FaceMoose Over There
12/31/12 1:02 pm

I really don't like smoking, drinking, or dancing, but I do like geeks and nerds, so I went where the nerds are: the Internet! And my efforts were quite successful. ^.^

In my opinion meeting someone in a bar is just as risky as online. Sometimes it is even riskier.

FaceMoose Over There
12/31/12 12:53 pm

Met my boyfriend on!! We celebrated 3 years last month and we've been living together for about half of that time. I've met so many scum bags that it was soooo much better to get to know someone online first.

LaurenLsly Texas
12/31/12 12:42 pm

Met my husband on almost five years ago. We celebrated our two year [wedding] anniversary yesterday. =)

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/31/12 12:34 pm

Nah. You can't really size up the physique online. I mean personality is great and all, but I like to know that the hardware matches the software if you know what I mean.

12/31/12 12:29 pm

I met my boyfriend of over 3months online and we're still going strong. :)

JaingN10 Death Star
12/31/12 11:52 am

Hahaha democrats are socially awkward

susanr Colorado
12/31/12 11:32 am

Kinda similar to the story of the man who drowned because he told everyone who came to rescue him No thanks, God's going to save me. In heaven he complained to God. God said, But I sent you a man in a canoe, someone in a powerboat, etc... What more did you want?

12/31/12 11:17 am

You mam give hope to those who are in an online relationship. Thank you.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
12/31/12 10:51 am

Awww.... You're required by man law to say something manly now.

12/31/12 10:44 am

It could have gone either way. But I don't speak French very well and it would have been tough getting a job. Luckily he was able to continue his job moving over here and works from home. Things just fell into place . . . Though I'd still love to live in France some day.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/31/12 10:35 am

Jlove, that's why some states are wracked out on the voting results. However, wythanee said he LIVED in Paris.