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An Alaska Airlines pilot kicked a toddler (and his family) off of a flight after the cranky 3-year-old refused to stay in his seat while the plane prepared to take off. Overreaction by the pilot?

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alekat93 Tennessee
06/13/12 5:48 pm

@liberty maybe so that the kid cant but he parents can. I mean id tell my kid if he doesn't sit down and act right the plane would malfunction. jusbsayin if you didn't get your kid in check at home scare him in public.

gonk In a psychology textbook
06/12/12 11:33 pm

Children need to be raised to be responsible adults. Children should not be allowed to just get away with things for the simple fact that they are children. If you don't know how to control a child, don't have one.

BadWolf The Library
06/11/12 10:03 pm

The kid was disrupting the flight. If he could not be calmed, then yes take him off. A disruption is still a disruption, kid or not.

06/11/12 8:58 pm

Why wasn't the parent stopping the child? It is the parents responsibility to keep the child in check. They could not/would not and they paid the consequences.

monty New York
06/10/12 8:31 pm

There is no problem as long as it was done in a polite way and they got their money back but any other compensation is not necessary especially being that it is quite simple to tell your kid to purposefully misbehave

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/10/12 3:08 pm

I say we throw the child in the fuel storage compartment and use him as fuel!!

06/09/12 8:32 am

No. But he's likely to get divorced.

JAsher Fishers, IN
06/06/12 11:26 pm

It's interesting how people say "If you don't have kids, you don't know," or "explosive kids are difficult to handle, so everyone should understand." Well, frankly, of you have an "explosive child," then you have ZERO business even thinking about taking said child on a plane; you're NOT entitled.

emu Missouri
06/06/12 6:20 pm

Agree with vladrac. Control your kids or drive.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
06/06/12 4:08 pm

I applaud the pilot. I do not want to deal with bratty kids.
I should not have to.

06/05/12 8:46 pm

Not going to lie, there was a kid screaming for the fun of it (laughing when his parents told him to stop) and getting up with the sign on from the runway into the flight and right on till we touched down...then at baggage claim. I wish our pilot would have kicked them off -_-

06/05/12 6:55 pm

this is why I don't plan on traveling with my kids until they are old enough to behave. and if you're not sure how they will handle being on a plane give them a little Benadryl to calm them down and not be a pain to the rest of the people who paid good money to be on the flight too.

random1996 Florida
06/05/12 12:56 pm

How could you walk uphill both ways?

06/05/12 6:36 am

Folks- that kid gets hurt- who gets sued for doing their job?!

Sporter80 Oklahoma
06/04/12 10:25 pm

Takeoffs are dangerous. If the child was in danger or was endangering other people, I say, 'get that baby outta there!'

06/04/12 10:02 pm

Considerate people do not take young children on planes. Leave Jr at home or stay home yourself. Unless the baby has a business meeting to attend to, I can't imagine why it would need to fly. Bring the adults to visit precious Jr if necessary, not the other way around.

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
06/04/12 9:49 pm

So... Just because it's hard to raise kids, you should subject everyone around you to your obnoxious offspring?

06/04/12 5:18 pm

he may of not broke the law but what he did was pretty low he could of waited till his wife died

Eleeto California
06/03/12 10:02 pm

pilots should be 100% in control of the plane.

adalla Virginia
06/03/12 7:24 pm

Matter of fact, yes. Now get off my lawn

cathyro Long Beach,Ca
06/03/12 6:19 pm

I agree that it was the right thing to have them deplane, but what a lot of toddler bashing going on. Maybe the little guy was scared. And congratulations to all of you who know everything about child-rearing and raised perfect kids. Did you also walk 20 miles to school, uphill both ways??

adalla Virginia
06/03/12 12:48 pm

@rhe128 - You have a toddler. There are no "explosive" children (except perhaps in Gaza). You need to establish rules and discipline the child for breaking them. You are not doing your lid any favors by tolerating bad behavior. Her teachers/friends/boss will not.

06/03/12 11:24 am

If you can't control your 3 year old you're just inconveniencing everyone around you. Parent or gtfo

06/03/12 7:42 am

it will only get worse as airlines are starting to charge Etta for aisle and window seats. the only seat without an up charge will be the middle seats. wait until you pay extra for your aisle eat only to have an unattended three year old in the middle seat .

godcyanide Probably gone for good
06/03/12 6:22 am

Never met a three-year-old that couldn't be picked up, strapped into a seat and forced to remain in said seat. No need to throw them off the plane... Unless the parents refused to deal with it. We coddle our children way too much.

06/03/12 5:26 am

Children can be unruly at times for various reasons. All of them.
I don't see a problem with asking them off the flight as long as they were refunded their monies.
Flying is expensive as is raising children, so...

blutuesday California
06/02/12 11:38 pm

If I'd been on that flight, a standing ovation for the pilot would've been my response!

06/02/12 9:01 pm

Can't the mom just hold the kid in her lap? It seems to me like this whole situation could have been avoided.

06/02/12 8:29 pm

I'm sick of the way parents nowadays let their kids run shit!

06/02/12 7:57 pm

This the parents fault for not controlling their kid. The pilot did the right thing.

06/02/12 7:42 pm

The kids whining could cause the flight to become unsafe

blutuesday California
06/02/12 7:16 pm

That's his job. The pilot calls the shots. The parents of the toddler should be put on house arrest!

06/02/12 6:48 pm

I'd love to hear one good yes argument...

06/02/12 6:48 pm

Who the hell answers yes to this?!

ltsmith WV
06/02/12 5:49 pm

No. If the kid was not able to be controlled and was delaying or making the flight unsafe it's totally acceptable

JFradley Hawaii
06/02/12 5:34 pm

I am a pilot and as pilot in command, you are personally responsible for the safety of all passengers. Being seatbelted in for takeoff is a non-negotiable requirement. That pilot acted perfectly.

latebird SOH Bunker
06/02/12 5:33 pm

I originally put yes because I misread the poll thinking that it said the pilot KICKED a toddler for refusing to get its seat but after rereading it I guess it's not that evil to remove an unruly child from a plane

06/02/12 5:18 pm

how hard is it to hold a toddler down in a belt buckle

dotnetdev Georgia
06/02/12 5:02 pm

yeah, the nerve of him kicking off 1 family to save the time and sanity of 200 other passengers. everyone should just shut up and put up with your bad parenting and bratty kid!

06/02/12 4:18 pm

Overreaction is quite an understatement.

That pilot would've been napping the remainder of the flight had he kicked my toddler. Bad behavior or not.

Guh, the NERVE!

faraway New York
06/02/12 4:02 pm

The pilot and crew has the right to dismiss anyone who may be considered a risk to the flight. Just like the staff at a restaurant has the right to kick anyone out of their restaurant that is causing a scene.

cutiepi86 Bodybuilder in the making
06/02/12 3:33 pm

First off, if parents can't control their kids, then you deserve to get your ass kicked off a plane. Second, if I'm a passenger, I don't want to hear that shit for however long that flight is. Bottom line: the pilot was looking out for the safety and sanity of the passengers...flat out! ;)

HolyBabble Mississippi
06/02/12 2:39 pm

If I were the dad, I'd find out were the pilot lives.

I'd wait outside his house and break his jaw with a bat when he stepped outside.