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Should an academically struggling child (i.e. one who is unable to perform at grade level) be held back to repeat a grade, or is the potential social stigma counter-productive?

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uturn55 Florida
08/15/12 5:53 pm

I had a learning disability way before learning disabilities were recognized and was set back more than once. Setting them back has to be coupled with doing something to help them such as more 1 on 1 time. I didn't get it the second time either and finally dropped out. Yes, set them back but help.

08/14/12 7:44 pm

Pivitol learning responses should be taught now. This includes academics and social skills.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/12/12 11:47 pm

...agree that not EVERY learning disabled child would benefit. My cousin was abused by her natural father. It left her body damaged. Her brain, however, seems to work well. She was sent to school but because she can't speak did she learn everything? Who knows. She was properly passed on in grades.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/12/12 11:47 pm

OnTheNine- do you have children with learning disabilities? I have 3, maybe 4 (watching for signs). Holding them back and identifying the problem is key to helping them. Just passing them on without them understanding the material just sets them up for failure after failure in later grades. I do...

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/12/12 11:42 pm

Perot- exactly!! Hold them back and IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM!!! That's where our school failed miserably. They didn't care my son was struggling, didn't abide by my wishes and he suffered because of it. If they had tried to identify the problem, he would be so much better off today!!

cadillac6661 Georgia
08/12/12 6:39 pm

My state fights "holding back" I forced the issue and my son is now a near straight A kid... Nothing like being left behind to motivate someone to work harder to move ahead.

jstan New Jersey
08/11/12 4:31 pm

If you said don't repeat to this question either you or your kids have the IQ of a pet dog.......progression doesn't come by convincing someone the reality isn't true. Their habits have to be reformed before they can progress. Homosexuals are a great example of this model....

Aniphine Arizona
08/10/12 8:07 pm

Social interaction is something that can be learned later, whereas academics should be learned very early on. If they need to know the work, they need to know. Teach them even if you have to do so twice.

Sporter80 Oklahoma
08/09/12 10:15 pm

I've witnessed the passing of children onto the next grade who are clearly not ready to progress many times. I don't agree with the schools, nor do I see who they think they're benefitting by doing this. It is, in every way, harmful to the child and their academia.

08/09/12 7:57 pm

I believe in the value of retention, but schools in my area are reluctant to do it.

08/09/12 7:32 pm

As for parents of children with learning disabilities;
We should do whatever it takes for Johnny to learn. He shouldn't be promoted until he achieves the competence expected for children in that grade.

The school should be compassionate, but Johnny's self esteem is his parent's responsibility.

08/09/12 7:19 pm

@bekka76: not passing the dyslexic child on until they have mastered the fundamentals of the current grade is far better than promoting them to a grade that will get progressively more challenging.

Hold them back, but identify the handicap and help them learn.

08/09/12 3:58 pm

I was held back because I was considered "immature." i wasnt failing anything. I was an August baby. The stigma IS worse.

goe Nevada
08/09/12 10:10 am

@OnTheNine I had/have learning disabilities and being held back was one of the greatest things that happened to me. It was hard to see it when I was young but as I got older I was very glad that I was.

goe Nevada
08/09/12 10:10 am

@OnTheNine I had/have learning disabilities and being held back was one of the greatest things that happened to me. It was hard to see it when I was young but as I got older I was very glad that I was.

goe Nevada
08/09/12 10:06 am

I was held back in 1st grade and while I didn't like it for a few years, I am very lucky that I was held back. I would have struggled all through Jr high and high school and probably wouldn't have wanted to go or gotten into college.

08/09/12 9:19 am

They should be helped as much as possible first, particularly if they have a learning disability or something like that...

08/09/12 9:17 am

Repeat! If they are just screwing around and not doing their work then the threat can be enough, if they are actually struggling than a extra year can help.

onthenine Da Burg
08/09/12 6:50 am

If the child has a learning disability they should never be held back. It does not benefit them in any way.

08/09/12 6:08 am

Hold them back. School builds on itself, if you don't learn what you're supposed to, you're screwed the next year.

08/09/12 5:56 am

Maybe a different environment or summer tutoring with a reassessment before a final decission.

08/09/12 3:17 am

Completely agree with cougar.

08/09/12 1:42 am

I'm assuming if they couldn't grasp it the first time how would just repeating the same info help. Maybe they should be transferred to a remedial or special needs class. If I read something in Chinese once and couldn't understand, go over it a second time I still wouldn't get it without help.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
08/08/12 11:52 pm

They should be held back! My son was one of those children. I ASKED the principal to hold him back because he just didn't get the material. The principal gave me a horrified look and said "oh, we don't do that". Excuse me??? He struggled the rest of school and barely graduated. Stupid principal.

forte6627 Ugh
08/08/12 11:08 pm

It is hard to say it really depends on why they are unable to get to that level

08/08/12 10:12 pm

As someone who was held back, I felt different.
Early education - elementary school
Later on in education - its on the parents and kids to make sure they stay up on school work
-hold them back

Rosebud Ohio
08/08/12 9:20 pm

Stigma doesn't matter near as much as a proper education does.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
08/08/12 9:19 pm

Fail = FAIL. Pretty simple. If you can't do that math, then you need to repeat the class...

FakeSound Arizona
08/08/12 8:07 pm

There isn't much stigmatization for being held back a grade. Now for the things you CAN'T control (i.e. being black, gay, Latino, Persian, etc.)... that's a different story.

dflem Arizona
08/08/12 7:30 pm

Repeat. My god whats happened...I did summer school twice in elementary school and in middle school so I didn't get held back. Who cares about their feelings! Toughen up

08/08/12 7:14 pm

The child needs to relearn the classes he or she had failed in that grade.

08/08/12 7:13 pm

Counter productive wtf?

Bekka Just relaxing...
08/08/12 7:10 pm

I'd a child has dyslexia or other language-based disabilities, repeating a grade will not help. The right interventions will.

suro New York
08/08/12 6:55 pm

No one is doing a child any favors by promoting him/her to the next grade when they haven't passed the current one. They should be held back until they can legitimately pass. Maybe that would be an incentive for kids to try and do well in school!

SnowKatcher The Road To Nowhere
08/08/12 6:43 pm

If they're not ready to move on then they're not ready. It gets harder to catch up and not fall through the cracks the more they get pushed through.

applestar Florida
08/08/12 6:42 pm

Kids also need to go to preschool before Kindergarten. They are huge gaps between kids that went and kids that didn't.

applestar Florida
08/08/12 6:38 pm

They no longer have pre first and now, as a teacher, I see kids in school who can't read in 5th grade.

applestar Florida
08/08/12 6:38 pm

Early intervention is key. I mean early. When I was in school we had "pre-first" which is where the kids who needed extra help after kindergarten went. Many of them went on to advanced classes in middle and high school because they were given the support they needed EARLY on.

Taz192 Arizona
08/08/12 5:33 pm

Hold them back maybe they get smarter and who winds up becoming rich

pateach2 love my son
08/08/12 5:00 pm

I'm teaching a summer camp and I have a 3rd grader that's reading at a kindergarten level...all because of NCLB. I feel so bad for him because he gets so frustrated.

08/08/12 4:58 pm

Any repeating should be done in primary grades. Foundations are vital, and the social stigma is not as negative.

08/08/12 4:43 pm

Don't repeat, just get your ass in summer school!

IMO atoms, space, opinion
08/08/12 2:34 pm

Repeat with limits. Teenagers don't belong in grade school.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
08/08/12 2:34 pm

I am a teacher with a quarter of a century of teaching experience. In some cases the best solution is to repeat the grade. Social promotion can do more harm than good.

08/08/12 2:31 pm

What about kids with disabilities? Fed law requires help for them but ... Move tthem on to the next grade or not?

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
08/08/12 2:27 pm

Definitely hold them back. Moving them forwards without cementing the basics will only screw them over in the future.

08/08/12 2:15 pm

There is a ton of peer-reviewed research indicating that retained students as a rule (certainly there are exceptions) is highly associated with continued underachievement. The better course is to explicitly target the areas of concern.