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Show Of Hands August 7th, 2011 12:00am

Have you rated Show of Hands in the app store since the 1.6 upgrade? Your positive ratings fuel most new downloads, which leads to more accurate poll results, so...pretty please. :)

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08/10/11 2:16 pm

Need to put a "rate now" link on a question like this. happy to help if I don't have to swap to the app store, search, then rate.

nubby89 Indiana
08/08/11 12:18 am

Just left a 5 star rating, best app ever thanks Tony for the hours of entertaining debate!!

08/07/11 11:55 pm

@Zack - many people actually do read the most recent reviews. And pretty much ALL people look at the average star rating. @greenbean lol - noted.

Zack100 Tatooine
08/07/11 11:14 pm

I doubt anyone reads all of the ratings anyways so whats the point of more ratings than people read!

08/07/11 10:45 pm

changing the physical description of the 'please' is not going to make me do something with any more enthusiasm.

emsies Seattle
08/07/11 9:47 pm

No, but I did email Tony to tell him how good of a job he's doing!

lizbeth fl
08/07/11 9:32 pm

Please do one of those pop up rate us thingys so I don't have to go find it in iTunes. (lazy)

08/07/11 9:00 pm

lol @brrrrrrr (did I get the number of r's right?) What would the new age category be called, "Mental age"? :-)

valeriejo ramble on
08/07/11 6:29 pm

@xtole-- I agree with voter! Don't hate because he's trying to make the app better for all of us!

I usually never rate apps, but since I love SOH so much, I will go rate it right now :)

08/07/11 5:34 pm

@ xtole and gleftog....give the guy a break! he's trying to make a better app for you. you could always just ignore those questions.

08/07/11 5:13 pm

hey guys! I'm a 19 year old stuck in a 64 year old body. Please Tony, add a new age category for all the users whose mind age and body age don't match.

08/07/11 2:31 pm

Sorry @xtole. I'll try to keep them to a minimum. I currently do about one per week - about 1 out of 25 posts. I have intentionally not done them for the last couple of blog posts, even though I currently have no other way of notifying people that there is something new there. Trying to balance...

08/07/11 1:45 pm

enough with the app related posts

08/07/11 10:30 am

By the way I believe I was the first to rate 1.6 in the AppStore. Great job Tony. Keep it up and keep the updates coming!

08/07/11 10:29 am

I just watched the episode of south park where Kyle wanted to be tall and black, his dad wanted to be a dolphin, and mr. Garrison had a sex change. It was pretty funny and illustrated that just because you feel like your something else, it doesnt mean you are. Even a surgery can't change that

08/07/11 9:17 am

Just gave the app 5 stars!!! Tony and the crew need to grow this thing! Hopefully the beginning of a polling revolution!!!! Viva le Tony!!!

08/07/11 9:02 am

I gave the app  when it first came out. 8)

08/07/11 8:51 am

I am Republican and I don't give a you know what about queers.

08/07/11 8:42 am


08/07/11 8:31 am

@jessminda - tap the user name to block or report someone. reviewers - thanks so much! p.s. this thread wins for most unexpected topic change ever!

Punchy Michigan
08/07/11 8:08 am

why are we talking about transgender people? don't they refer to themselves as he and she? just pick a side and grow up. I don't care if you were hugged by your uncle to many times and now you want your wang chopped off.

NYevo NY
08/07/11 7:57 am

There are actually in-between (for lack of a better description) genders. These things sometimes happen during fetal development if something goes awry. Shame on those for making fun of these people.

08/07/11 7:28 am

Or hermaphrodites. They are real and have a penis and a vagina

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/07/11 7:00 am

@jessminda You click on the username and up pops a little window giving you 3 options: Ignore Forever, Report Abuse, and Cancel.


08/07/11 6:45 am

To all hating on transgender people:

What if you had been born with as one gender, but inside you always felt like the other gender, or no gender at all? Your birth gender was out of your control, but you still want to live a happy life. So quit being stupid fucks and get some brains.

08/07/11 6:45 am

how do you block or hide comments? I'm just curious about how you do it

Piper? Texas
08/07/11 5:50 am

I just wrote a five star review. Thank you for making Show of Hands, it's amazing!

08/07/11 3:17 am

if you have a peepee you're male, otherwise you're female. there, lgbt nonsense solved.

08/07/11 3:15 am

contact the guys that make pocket frogs, they have a deal where they'll promote your app. their users will be prompted to download the this app, and if they do they get a free frog.

purpledragon Pennsylvania
08/07/11 3:07 am

I'm the guy that said your my hero. And gave it a 5.

08/07/11 3:06 am

We only have two genders. Male and female. All other feelings are a mental illness that we have yet to discover and cure.

08/07/11 2:37 am

I wish Show of Hands would give a third gender option, "other". Not for me, but for the trans/queer/questioning folks out there. Sorry I'm off topic, but there's no other way to suggest this and it's an important issue.

08/07/11 2:36 am

I never rate apps I do not see the point.

08/07/11 2:15 am

Gave it 5 a while back.

08/07/11 1:57 am

Keep em coming Tony, I was talking about this to a few friends yesterday.

Nerdz Texas
08/07/11 1:38 am

maybe one day but not now ( 9! )

08/07/11 1:27 am

I will get to it. 5 stars for one of the best apps on the app store, with the best developer! ;)

gardianlh Oregon
08/07/11 12:46 am

I already did it, because I blocked myself, but I can see myself again!!! Don't worry, it's a five star review!!! Keep the updates coming Tony!

08/07/11 12:45 am

Haven't gotten to it...But, I promise I will!! :)