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Show Of Hands January 12th, 2012 12:00am

Have you accidentally written/typed "2011" instead of "2012" as this year's date? (UserQ)

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thedani New Jersey
01/14/12 9:56 pm

Haven't yet, but for some reason I wrote the date 1/9/10 somewhere. WTF

01/14/12 5:23 pm

I always I do that for the 1st week or so after new years :-)

thepinkone93 California
01/14/12 1:49 pm

Haha, for those of u who said no u will eventually!!!

Dream Hogwarts
01/14/12 10:59 am

No, but I accidentally wrote 2013 and 2014 once. Don't know why, it just sorta came out of my pencil.

striker59 Colorado
01/14/12 8:26 am

I done it like once. But last year I did it ever since like March

Nerdz Texas
01/13/12 5:50 pm

today is Friday the 13th 

ilikepie Pieland
01/13/12 1:41 pm

YES! watch...... today's date is January 13, 2011

01/13/12 5:48 am

No. Usually pretty good about that.

Metal4life California
01/12/12 11:12 pm

At school, I always mess up when is a new year, its like a yearly routine. I'll get use to it in a month. Know I know I'm not the only one.

01/12/12 9:02 pm

No ,surprisingly, I normally can't even get the day of the month right. I was contemplating only writing the month on my papers.

01/12/12 8:25 pm

Going to be a lot of babies September 2013.

01/12/12 8:24 pm

The results are surprising, until you realize people think the world is going to end.

01/12/12 6:57 pm

Well, I only write one check/month, so no, not yet. But, considering I have to move ASAP so they can tear this building down, I assume I'll be signing a LOT of papers soon! I DID write 2012 though on my discharge papers @ hospital on Dec 30th! ;)

Jacks29 Chicago, IL
01/12/12 6:28 pm

Surprisingly no I haven't yet but I probably will mess up soon. Ask me in a month or two

smiley12 California
01/12/12 5:13 pm

Always do that on homework and in-class assignments lol

01/12/12 4:33 pm

Yes!!! On Jan. 3rd I wrote it on almost all of my assignments!!

latebird SOH Bunker
01/12/12 3:56 pm

On all of my tests and quizzes up to a couple days ago

sohuser California
01/12/12 3:43 pm

Not this year, but I remember starting 2000 and that was almost impossible to get right.

Wes28 CBus
01/12/12 2:55 pm

For the first time! But I'm sure I will by the end of the year.

01/12/12 2:44 pm

ask me again in April :) For some reason it is later un the year when I start screwing up

KatieYou Minnesota
01/12/12 2:17 pm

Oops, I forgot the 's' in 'is', yikes!! But that does not change my opinion, still super dumb

KatieYou Minnesota
01/12/12 2:16 pm

This I the dumbest poll I've seen so far

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
01/12/12 1:51 pm

Just once and changed 2011 to 2012 easiy.

01/12/12 12:18 pm

Ive only written the date twice this year and both times the lady at the dr. Said 2012.

runamok NoVa
01/12/12 11:18 am

Haven't done it yet...I always manage to still do it. In Nov I wrote 2010 a couple of times so I was way off there

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/12/12 8:35 am

Amazingly with the two checks I wrote got the year right. It's been so warm and sunny I nearly goy the wrong month.

jose3803 Pennsylvania
01/12/12 7:22 am

I accidentally wrote 2012 on papers when it was 2011

01/12/12 7:01 am

I usually have that issue every year, but haven't done it yet this time!

gonk In a psychology textbook
01/12/12 6:42 am

Yes, on some important papers at work. Good thing I realized before I submitted them.

01/12/12 6:23 am

No.. I know what year it is

01/12/12 5:38 am

I accidentally wrote 2010 instead of 2012... hehe

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/12/12 5:18 am

Only once (on the notes app), otherwise I've done well this year.


Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
01/12/12 4:53 am

I havent even wrote the date once this year yet and i dont recall writting it many times last year

DrCarpenter Ann Arbor
01/12/12 4:42 am

I have always had that problem all throughout January but this year I haven't made the mistake.

epicawesum Indiana
01/12/12 4:34 am

Nope because I have yet to have to write 2012. If I have to write the date I just put the month and dayw