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Show Of Hands June 15th, 2012 12:00am

Do we need to try to create more public sector jobs, or fewer?

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Doopy Remedial Americanism
06/22/12 11:57 pm

I think it's important to point out that "less" doesn't mean "no". Do we really need a federal Department of Education for example?

Googleplex Pennsylvania
06/18/12 9:47 pm

EPD what about the people who can not afford that?

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/18/12 6:23 am

@epd: $150 to call the police on the weekend? I can't afford that. That sounds absolutely ludicrous, I hope that was a joke and I'm just not seeing it.

06/17/12 9:39 pm

Turn all police, fire departments and education over to private industry. As we all know the government cannot do anything right. The private company would charge a fee. Much like a service call, from a plumber. 8am - 5pm $75.00, 5pm - 8am $100.00, weekends $150.00. Then add for the service.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/17/12 6:20 am

During times of economic prosperity, yes.

06/17/12 6:15 am

YOU are the source of funding for government sector jobs. Aside from constitutionally mandated govt jobs, police, teachers, etc are funded at the local level. Let states & local municipalities decide what their staffing should be. Uncle Sam has no business intervening in state and local affairs.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/17/12 6:06 am

...those (NASA, EPA, FDA, Military, etc.) .

@bobC: YEAH! No more teachers, cops, firefighters, social workers, mayors, Depts of Transportation, park rangers, let's let our economy crumble because those aren't JOBS as well...

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/17/12 6:03 am

@coloradical: Just like pcfz said, public workers are workers that fuel our economy just as well as private job holder do. Besides, private WORKERS aren't innovating, since around more than half are minimum wage worker bees; it's the scientists, mostly, and the government is much better at hiring...

spoonrock North Carolina
06/16/12 9:37 pm

Coloradical, what do you mean they don't do anything? They are teachers and the armed forces, you've got to be kidding me that they don't do anything! And bobc, what are you talking about?

06/16/12 9:16 pm

Typical Democrat loony left thinking. Gimme Gimme. They all have their hands out. They make me sick.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
06/16/12 8:27 pm

Public Sector Jobs. They do not create anything, they do not create revenue for the treasury. PSJ's are a drain on society. Research USSR all of you little Bolsheviks. Make sure the research material wasn't written in the last 30 years. And make sure it wasn't widely used to teach public schools.

spoonrock North Carolina
06/16/12 6:32 pm

Rio, you are right that there are plenty of public sector sinecures that taxpayers could do without. I did not really think about that, and I agree with you, but what about more teachers? Or construction workers? Those are jobs that we need more of and can help this country.

Rio76 Wild West
06/16/12 4:31 pm

We certainly don't need MORE tax supported federal, municipal, county jobs than we already have, and could probably do with less. As a municipal employee myself, I can think of a few city positions I would consider a waste of taxpayer money.

spoonrock North Carolina
06/16/12 3:19 pm

Why would anyone think that fewer jobs, regardless of whether they are public or private sector, would be good? We need more jobs for all America even if they do have to come from the public sector. I do understand however that it would cost more tax payer money, but I feel that it would be worth it

cato Santa Barbara, California
06/16/12 3:12 pm

@pcfz please recommend some important books on economics.

06/16/12 11:13 am

@mali: My heart goes out to you and your father. However, for your father to be out of work for 3 years, he must be unwilling to take a job in another field or he deems lower income jobs to be beneath him.

Take a step back and start over in a new field.

I started over at 40% lower salary.

06/16/12 8:42 am


You should read an economics book , considering that unions are actually beneficiary to the public because they improve the workers conditions thus increasing work pay that they can spend on consumer goods. Also unions are not solely public. The teamsters union is both private and public

06/16/12 8:36 am

The government gives jobs and provides work to people. The money the people receive is then spent to buy consumer goods that fuels the nation's economy. Because there will always be a private sector those businesses will be competing for the workers salary, thus innovating.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/16/12 8:31 am

@roybiker: Did my congressman say something smart for once? He's still a freshman member. We haven't had a smart representative fore years here.

@mikesell: Who cares if cops and teachers cost more money? They do. It doesn't eradicate the fact that we need them! and more of them.

dogsaver new Jersey
06/16/12 7:38 am

NJ is densest state worker state. We have the most state worker per 1,000 residents in the country. We also have the highest taxes, highest car insurance, but we don't pump gas and our gas is one of the cheapest in the country.

06/16/12 6:11 am

We need an adequate amount of public sector jobs but not so many that we take away people that can be use in the private sector. Areas of govt that are unnecessary could put thousands of accomplished individuals into the private sector work force if cuts are made.

ProfDG I Want Truth
06/16/12 5:06 am

We don't need more government workers; we need less. The government doesn't contribute to GDP, they are an expense. And a costly one at that. The private sector is where invention, innovation, and job creation take place.

06/16/12 2:52 am

More public jobs?? Are 1/2 of you retarded? Private pays for public. Public employees form unions and screw everyone ... Read an economics text book people

06/15/12 11:36 pm

We need enough public workers to run the programs we want our government to offer. No more, no less. The focus should be on these programs and their utility, not if we should arbitrarily hire or fire more people.

06/15/12 10:54 pm

You're right, we can only sustain giving all the money to the top 1%. It's those cops and teachers taking all the money! Maybe we should focus on all workers getting a decent benefits rather than take it away from those who do.

BTR Florida
06/15/12 10:42 pm

We can not keep paying them pensions of 80% of what they made. You can't sustain that.

06/15/12 9:49 pm

What crumbling Infrastructure?

06/15/12 9:48 pm

Too many public sector jobs sucking up my tax dollars already.

06/15/12 9:39 pm

More money sucked out of the private sector = fewer jobs & more poverty.

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
06/15/12 9:29 pm

Once again resorting to personal attacks to discount my opinion. Of course I can't change any of your minds. So good night

06/15/12 9:28 pm

Who cares? As long as there is jobs.

06/15/12 9:17 pm

Every dollar spent by the federal government comes out of the private sector either now or in the future (borrowed amount = 42% of all govt expenditures). That money is then not available for use in the private sector. Borrowed money has to be paid back plus interest. China loves it but I don't.

06/15/12 8:45 pm

Roybiker how did you figure out that specific information. What source did that come from?

06/15/12 8:38 pm

My dad is a teacher who has been out of work for 3 years.... I might be alittle biased..

06/15/12 8:36 pm

Every public sector job reduces private sectors jobs by a factor of 1.2. So for every new public sector job we will have fewer total jobs. We borrow $0.42 of every federal dollar we spend. So for every public sector job we send a bill to our children when they reach the age that they can work.

06/15/12 8:32 pm

If you voted for more public sector jobs you need to learn basic economics.

because South Dakota
06/15/12 8:25 pm

lets see. over the last 40 years the public sector has grown exponentially. over the last 40 years the debt has grown exponentially. our economy is in the trash because of the democrats and the Republicans. yeah maybe we need to grow gov some more,that should fix everything

Jzz California
06/15/12 7:57 pm

Public sector jobs, such as teachers, firefighter, EMT, and police. Yes.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/15/12 7:41 pm

Mikesell lives in la-la land.

FakeSound Arizona
06/15/12 7:40 pm

Some of the "simplest principles of economics" fall flat when faced with reality. Neither pure socialism nor pure capitalism work. We've tried both. Both have failed. Both sides make excuses for the failures of the past but the truth of the matter is that we need both.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/15/12 7:37 pm

@mikesell: That's my point. I do see how it works.

Socialism is just a different economic program. So is capitalism. It's like Black and White. Both can do the same things, but people trust one over the other.

I didn't mention black and white for opposites sake.

FakeSound Arizona
06/15/12 7:29 pm

He's saying that because even Reagan increased public sector jobs during his economic downturn. Many Republican presidents have. It's one of the ways to get an economy back on its feet. But this policy would be considered "socialism" in today's GOP.

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
06/15/12 7:12 pm

It's the simplest principle in economics. Precisely why socialism doesnt work.

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
06/15/12 7:11 pm

@beach yes they pay taxes. But where does their pay come from? Yes, taxes. They obviously have to have private sector jobs to pay for their salary. They can't pay taxes and still have jobs unless they are backed up by private jobs. Don't you see how this works?

06/15/12 7:07 pm

the private sector pays for the public sector. increasing the private sector will allow for growth in the public. but do it the other way around and the whole thing will collapse on itself.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/15/12 7:05 pm

@mikesell: Teachers pay taxes. Cops pay taxes. Infrastructure is contracted to private companies, in most cases, yes, in major projects. So the government is funding private jobs there...

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
06/15/12 6:45 pm

@Jackie: The private sector operating in a free market has a long, successful history of solving the problems you've proposed, and done it cheaper and more efficiently than the public sector. We don't need more teachers nearly as much as the unruly students need to get their asses beaten soundly.