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Show Of Hands July 9th, 2012 12:00am

Do you usually prefer the 2D version of a movie, or the 3D?

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kywrite augusta, ga
07/19/12 10:07 pm

Glad I'm not the only one who can't see 3D!

HappeeMe Texas
07/19/12 4:08 am

I usually end up with a headache during a 3D movie. :-(

07/18/12 11:12 pm

Plus 3D sometimes looks really odd.

banAnna Ohio
07/15/12 5:40 pm

3-D gives me headaches. The movies are also just as good in 2-D

AdamT Boston, MA
07/15/12 6:06 am

I like movies made for 3D. I don't like movies made in 2D then converted to 3D to make money. Most people don't like 3D because things aren't constantly flying out at you, but I like it because it gives the movie a sense of depth if used correctly.

StaffSgtKip Florida
07/12/12 8:14 pm

I can't wear 3D glasses over my glasses

AriAshley7 New York
07/12/12 6:04 pm

I'd like 3D if it was actually 3D. They usually don't really take enough advantage of 3D, so it's a waste of money.

EIT Near You
07/11/12 8:46 pm

It isn't worth the extra $$$ to watch 3D at the theatres.

Zack100 Tatooine
07/11/12 10:08 am

Some movies in 3d are fine but I prefer 2d

07/11/12 9:52 am

I do not like wearing the glasses. They are too big for head and give me headaches

monkeyy Ohio
07/11/12 7:09 am

HolyBabble I haven't either! :)

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/11/12 6:31 am

Am I the only one that's never seen a 3d movie?

07/11/12 6:27 am

Another thing that's ridiculous is that I can't see with some movies in 70mm (IMAX) I have to see the 3d version jut to see the 70mm (IMAX) ridiculous

bandgeeky New Jersey
07/10/12 8:47 pm

Its cool to see things I REALLY want to see in 3D but otherwise is just hurts my eyes waaaaay too much to watch

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
07/10/12 8:45 pm

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was pretty damn bad a$$ in 3D to me

07/10/12 7:37 pm

I have had too many problems with 3d glasses and movies. Either the glasses were defective or one time the film was being projected wrong. I had to wear the glasses up side down to see the movie right. And yes, I tried more than one pair of glasses.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/10/12 6:32 pm

IMAX 3d. Although the realD 3d glasses are clean and sealed in bags and the image appears more natural/relaxing to my eyes. Then IMAX is bigger screen. If I make the effort to go, it needs to be better than rental.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/10/12 9:19 am

3D is cool, but too expensive in theaters.

07/10/12 7:28 am

Like some children or young adults they cannot watch a black and white film due to I have no idea but this could fall in the same category with 3-D where the younger generation will not be able to watch anything that isn't popping off the screen because they have become on unimaginative.

07/10/12 7:27 am

Another bad thing about 3-D is now were going to lose the traditional 24 frames per second for 48 frames so our eyes feel better with the 3d . Things already jump off the screen in 2d. I don't want 3-D and I don't want 48 frames. All this is taking away everything traditional about cinema

TheWatcher Ohio
07/10/12 5:38 am

3D is a cheap gimmick to make us pay more. 2D rules!

imsuperawe New York
07/10/12 5:19 am

well, I personally cant see 3D. so I really don't care for paying the extra money to watch a blurry movie. I don't like it and I hope the fad ends quickly.

07/09/12 11:35 pm

There are only 2 movies I have left and said... Now, that was was 3D done right... Underworld: Awakening & Avengers.

Most of the time, I feel the 3rd dimension added nothing to the film.

Spoiler alert... Save your money... the new Spiderman has long stretches where there is absolutely no 3D.

Wert I am a frayed knot
07/09/12 11:20 pm

3D is overrated. They all look like cartoons filmed on 5 or 6 flat plains. Distracting and adds nothing. The fad needs to die soon.

07/09/12 11:00 pm

3d is for the unimaginative

bnnt Los Angeles
07/09/12 10:45 pm

3d is just an excuse to charge way more for a ticket

kst8r Iowa
07/09/12 9:55 pm

In my opinion, most of the time 3d does nothing for a movie

07/09/12 9:17 pm

They have way overdone this 3 D phase!

07/09/12 9:13 pm

3D gives me headache. I can barely handle a 3D show at a theme park that's 10 minutes long. Lol

HGolightly California
07/09/12 8:54 pm

I can't wait to see The Great Gatsby in 3D. Finally a movie with high content in 3D. Hugo was perfect for 3d considering the plot.

polster2 US
07/09/12 8:36 pm

If the story is good then the 3D just adds cheap gags and kind of ruins it for me. It brings nothing to the table.

07/09/12 8:18 pm

movie theatre 3D is crap. it's just better picture quality that you pay 2 bucks extra for. now if you see 3D other places like Disney world ( we were just there) that's great 3D. it really does look like things are coming at you.

07/09/12 8:17 pm

Would prefer 3d if it was not so expensive.

07/09/12 8:16 pm

3d gives me headaches

07/09/12 8:11 pm


Kay41 the Midwest
07/09/12 7:57 pm

3D gives me motion sickness. Yuck.

07/09/12 7:08 pm

@bigevs44 They're doing it for the money, them seeing this wouldn't change anything.

07/09/12 7:07 pm

Like several other people on here, I've seen very few movies where the 3D was worth it. Avatar was, and The Polar Express IMAX 3D was too. The others I've seen since have been disappointing.

renormal redefining normal
07/09/12 6:57 pm

I LOVE watching movies in 3d! I would watch all movies in 3d if I could

hazel Tennessee
07/09/12 6:48 pm

With 3d the viewers focus is more on the special effects rather than the overall story

misterzero West Virginia
07/09/12 6:48 pm

3D is a fad, just like it was in the 80s.

Wes28 CBus
07/09/12 6:47 pm

Surprised there isn't more of an age difference. But glad to see that movies won't be going all 3-D soon. I like movies how they are!

07/09/12 6:24 pm

Today's 3d is nothing. A few years ago I saw an IMAX movie about the ocean. It looked like the fish were all around you. I don't know what made them change it from that, but the modern "3d" is awful.

bigevs44 Washington
07/09/12 6:21 pm

Someone send this to Hollywood, idk if they realize how little people care about 3D.