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Show Of Hands August 2nd, 2012 12:00am

Beautifully painted graffiti on a public structure/wall: art or vandalism?

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Sporter80 Oklahoma
08/09/12 11:12 pm

Artistic and aesthetically pleasing, but still illegal. They should probably tag their own house.
Or garage doors!! Oh, what a genius idea!

lasorope Illinois
08/09/12 1:48 pm

It really depends. If its just words or gang symbols then its vandalism, if it's truly inspired and creative, then it's art

08/08/12 4:27 pm

The problem is who decided what's beautiful

08/08/12 12:46 am

Just because it's vandalism doesn't preclude it from being art too, ...duh.

08/06/12 4:14 pm

you'd be surprised by how much you can say with a can of paint and a wall. btw, I love coldplay's recent graffiti inspired music :)

08/06/12 4:13 pm

graffiti isnt something we should fear or hate. graffiti is just a way to take an ugly, boring, wall or other surface, and turn it into something colorful and creative.

keeper1722 lighthearted
08/06/12 2:17 pm

Here is SD we have art alley where people are encouraged to "vandalize" the alley which goes the length of the city. There really are no vandalizing acts because anybody who wants to can go to art alley and do it legally.

iyfyuk Massachusetts
08/06/12 2:05 pm

with a gas mask and a can you do anything

08/06/12 11:23 am

Vandalism is not an opinion. If you're not allowed to do it then it doesn't matter what it looks like.

08/06/12 4:42 am

graffiti is always art. look at some dull city around the world, you're sure to find graffiti somewhere.

striker59 Colorado
08/05/12 8:16 pm

If your gonna draw a pretty picture draw it on the dang paper not wall!

08/05/12 1:00 pm

This is why criminal behavior is allowed to continue....I agree with ilikepl always vandalism sometimes art

missalissa Ohio
08/04/12 9:06 pm

Loaded question. What if the person was paid to make this painting? And vandalism can be called art too.

08/04/12 8:03 pm

Anyone who votes for Romney seriously does not understand politics and economics

08/04/12 5:16 pm

If you don't think it is anything other than vandalism how would you feel if someone sprayed graffiti on your personal property.

08/04/12 4:53 pm

If you're vandalizing the earth by tearing trees and nature down, it's not vandalism if people make art on it.

08/04/12 3:32 pm

There are places that sell wall space for people to spraaypaint. If it's not bad words and stuff, then it's fine.

08/04/12 12:22 pm

@kpasrija don't be so quick to talk, 41% of republicans think it's art too.

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
08/04/12 11:52 am

It's not vandalism if it's beautifully painted!!!

08/04/12 10:25 am

not all graffiti is vandalism. Some shop owners pay artists to display their work on their buildings.

thekoon TX
08/04/12 9:19 am

Democrats not respecting the law? Surprise surprise

08/04/12 9:08 am

It said public so I assume it was gov property. In which case art. Otherwise vandalism.

dadstad Texas
08/04/12 5:36 am

Legality doesn't take away from its beauty. Murals are better than walls randomly tagged. I don't condone either and would like to see the "artists" get permission from owners to paint murals - a win-win situation.

nFavOfSecess Texas
08/03/12 7:54 pm

It may be beautiful but defacing another's property is vandalism. Period.

LoisRight Illinois
08/03/12 6:57 pm

Wow... 57% of you have no respect for someone else's property.

EarlyBird Portland
08/03/12 6:45 pm

There's no beauty in breaking the law.

FakeSound Arizona
08/03/12 6:37 pm

It's funny seeing the cultural differences between Repubs and Dems.

elbow82 Veganland
08/03/12 4:48 pm

Tagging = abhorrent vandalism. Beautiful graffiti = art.

trav USA
08/03/12 2:15 pm

Of course it is both. Why can't we be nice and call it art?

08/03/12 1:19 pm

@Gautama: Very well stated. I agree 100%!

08/03/12 12:52 pm

Its more artistic than, what others consider to be, 'modern art'

08/03/12 10:18 am


What's wrong with a canvas?

08/03/12 7:43 am

If the painters didn't have permission from the city or owners of the property, it is vandalism period.

hmann Georgia
08/03/12 7:02 am

@PM. I hope you would have the same attitude if the art was put on your home or car.

munkey? SilentMunkey
08/03/12 6:53 am

If it is well done I enjoy it but I think people should leave other people's buildings alone. Walls are free-game.

08/03/12 6:41 am

some of it is well done art, but it IS vandalism if you think about it.

08/03/12 6:05 am

@hmann, why remove a beautifal art

hmann Georgia
08/03/12 5:55 am

@raygray. Public or private doesn't matter. It's someone elses property and not the "artist's". Public property is paid for by you and me. The clean up of this art on a public building is also paid for by you and me. Just respect other peoples property. Jeez!!

08/03/12 4:01 am

It's only vandalism if not approve of by the owner of the structure.

08/03/12 3:48 am

It depends on intent. If the intent is to deface a public building, then vandalism. But if the intent is self-expression and to create something beautiful and meaningful, even if it is technically illegal, I would still call it art. The mentality behind the two is too different to be lumped together