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Show Of Hands June 23rd, 2011 12:00am

When U.S. troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan, will the local government maintain control, or will Al Qaeda soon take over?

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Dithrick Colorado
07/04/11 11:01 am

If we didn't baby sit it would collapse again and it would pretty much be square one from that poin

07/02/11 9:54 pm

They are both pretty bad options. The government works like a hierarchy based on fear, power, and greed.

06/30/11 11:00 pm

Whoever wrote this question doesn't understand the situation there. The Taliban is the group that was there and in power as the government before we came and if any group did takeover instead of the government, it would be the Taliban. Al-Qaeda is more of a terrorist group.

06/30/11 10:37 pm

No one in human history has defeated Afghanistan from Alexander great to the Russians. Now what do they say about people that ignore history...,,

06/29/11 6:18 pm

Hopefully the government will.

06/29/11 12:21 pm

@parker14 Shut up! You are why I'm loosing faith in our country. Violence is not always the answer.

06/28/11 4:21 pm

Besides me. I just said Soap

06/28/11 10:48 am

U guys r stupid, government will end up winning

06/27/11 4:34 pm

Bring in Soap McTavish

06/26/11 12:44 pm

American can be so naive sometimes. This is a typical poll response from people who know little about cultures other than their own.

06/25/11 2:35 am

Afghanistan will always struggle with Taliban control in the east part of the country but the rest of the country will not be taken over by the Taliban.

06/25/11 2:14 am

When we leave, the corruption will spread. Us being there is like blocking a leak with your hand; you can't stay there forever and when you leave the water will gush out anyways. However, that doesn't mean trying to hold in the water is the best path

06/24/11 9:52 pm

al qaeda is not in Afghanistan, that would be the Taliban. and yes, they will probably get control of some areas but not the whole country

06/24/11 4:55 pm

@ Leonel... Mossad commits war crimes? Says who? The Geneva Convention? Depending on one's definition of Hamas, perhaps (but it's certainly a stretch). Al-Qaeda, however, is clearly an illegal combatant and therefore not under the protection of the Geneva Convention.

06/24/11 4:15 pm

I'd like to hope that the local government will gain power, but I can't say that with total confidence, either.

06/24/11 3:53 pm

Parker14 r u serious? U r y all the other countries hate us. Selfish and abuses ur power.

06/24/11 3:28 pm

@Janey: truth be told.

06/24/11 2:46 pm

Their local government is not capable of handling Al Qaeda.

06/24/11 1:29 pm

As a solider that came from there, they are worthless. As long as we are over there, at least they are shooting at me and I am trained to shoot back. We leave Iraq and AF, and soon the Islamic war will be in Atlanta and new York and LA and Dallas, well maybe not D Dallas, go Texas!

06/24/11 12:02 pm

Their government is far more inept than our own - how could anybody expect it to make it without help

06/24/11 11:38 am

The U.S. government will always be in control of that country.

runamok NoVa
06/24/11 11:14 am

We spent money on a country that didn't care about us to try and prevent the spread of terrorism. Now obviously it probably didn't work. But that's why we did it. it was to try and reform a country obviously run by a terror group and try and return it to the people. And protect ourselves

06/24/11 11:06 am

I dnt get why we went nd spent money on a country tht doesn't give a rats ass about us... Jst sayin

06/24/11 10:50 am

Since the poll shows only a minority think "Government" doesn't this prove it was a waste going there in the first place?

06/24/11 10:32 am

There are less Al Qaeda than the amount of Yakuza in your local sushi place

06/24/11 9:52 am

We need to turn the middle east into a bomb testing site BLOW IT TO HELL. We get 80% of our oil from North America. They don't even use the oil they have horses and donkeys so we need to show the world what America can do when someone messes with us

06/24/11 9:45 am

That government sucked and it still sucks the Taliban was controlling it when WE were there

06/24/11 8:42 am

the Taliban had a stronghold on the government before we got there so the government is the more plausible answer

06/24/11 7:36 am

the Taiiban is the correct answer

06/24/11 1:51 am

yeah, I'm sure the Taliban will be all over that...

cassie Texas
06/24/11 1:16 am

If they want to live like animals then let them, as long as they stay away from America I don't care

Babaganouj Oklahoma
06/24/11 12:34 am

yeah, the Taliban, not al Qaeda, will take over. Until they decide they want democracy like the Egyptians, Tunisians & Yemenis, it doesn't matter whether or not we have troops over there. They have to do that for themselves.

06/24/11 12:27 am

They will not gain complete control

06/24/11 12:27 am

I'm a combat vet who fought in Mosul, Iraq. I helped Iraqi police and Iraq national guard train to take over when we "leave". I know for a fact we will NEVER completely leave Iraq nor will we completely leave afghanistan. What we will do is hand over control.

06/24/11 12:14 am

I don't give two shits whose in charge as long as they keep their terrorist asses the fuck away from our country and our troops!

06/24/11 12:13 am

Of course the liberals would say that government keeps control. Smh I'm an independent who happens to disagree w/dems quite often apparently lol

06/24/11 12:05 am

They have been having tribal warfare for 1000's of years and will revert to the animals they are as soon as we leave. The only long term solution is nuclear genocide of the savages that live in that god forsaken country.

LOx2 California
06/23/11 11:39 pm

We keep drilling for oil, some one will always be there to bend us over the barrel.
We need to diversify. Any investor or business person will tell you that's the safest bet. All options should be given the same consideration.
You put all your eggs in one basket, you become an easy mark.

06/23/11 11:38 pm

Is this question assuming that the government doesn't have ties to al qaida?

06/23/11 11:17 pm

Turn it into a parking lot

06/23/11 11:12 pm

I have confidence in what our people have done to teach them about how to run a country and defend a working country. But we can only hope.

06/23/11 11:09 pm

LOx2, you don't think we should drill for our own oil?

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
06/23/11 10:43 pm

the Taliban will take over once we pull out. al Qaeda does not run countries out in the open. they partner with sharia governments.

06/23/11 10:42 pm

Al Qaida won't take over, the Taliban will.