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Do drug company profit motives cause more harm or good?

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10/07/11 1:55 pm

lemme put it this way do you want as a business repeat business? yes? then you want to make a damn good product

scottiedaw Washington
10/06/11 11:25 am

Good. The cost to produce an effective drug (of any kind) is staggering. Without the profits, no R&D would ever happen. No Viagra yes, but no advances in any other area of prescription drugs.

10/02/11 12:26 am

Harm. Drug companies are so eager to get new drugs on the market that they rarely have done as many clinical trials with humans as necessary to prove the safety of their products.

10/02/11 12:06 am

drug companies very good indeed ...

10/01/11 10:06 pm

Being a pharmacist I can say grateful for drug companies. Take one disease state hypertension. If we didn't have blood pressure medications people would be having strokes, heart attacks, etc.

09/30/11 7:16 am

An AIDS cure? I read the medical journals. Don't think we'll have one for a long time.

Viagra? Actually was/is used for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension... one of the side effects discovered, if you will, was a raging boner... so to speak.

09/29/11 7:14 pm

Wow theres a lot of conversation on this one

veritas1 Panda
09/29/11 6:43 pm

@Damnation Hey! I'm 15, too. I don't know very many liberals (I live in Texas…'nuff said), but many are against abortion.

It all depends on whether the value one places on the life of the unborn outweighs their personal wants.

IMO it's a selfish thing to do…and I am liberal (but not A liberal)

staunch hawaii
09/29/11 11:12 am

Yeah...the HIV meds monthly cost is much more than Viagra. Hopefully things will get better one day.

Soitgoes Missouri
09/29/11 8:09 am

Penis pills make money, AIDS does not. Get a clue.

09/29/11 6:41 am

A company can try to make several drugs at the same time. AIDS cure is proving harder to create. It's not because the company doesn't think it will make $$ developing it. Get a clue.

09/29/11 6:38 am

You're misguided to believe Pfizer set out to make an erectile dysfunction instead of an AIDS cure. Viagra was sort of an accident looking for a high blood pressure pill. Look it up. Drug creation and human nature just don't work they way you're saying they do.

staunch hawaii
09/29/11 3:55 am

Sex indeed sells, Viagra (and Lipitor) brought in the most money for Pfizer in recent years.

Soitgoes Missouri
09/29/11 2:22 am

Why is there Viagra and no cure for AIDS? Numbers. AIDS patients versus horny old men ratio must be at least 20/80...

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
09/29/11 1:37 am

Why would most of them exist or create knew drugs if there wasn't a profit motive? The problem with our drug industry isn't its motive to improve themselves.

09/29/11 1:25 am

Literally makes me sick- oh, I have the finances, I had unprotected sex, I'm out of school, independent and stable, but I don't want stretch marks or to stop sleeping around (I actually met someone who felt that way...). Or kids in hs who had them because they didn't feel like it...

09/29/11 1:24 am

Damnation, I agree. It'd be nice if life was easier. But then again, do you like to play video games on easy or hard? Hards more fun because it's more challenging. It's how my husband and I view it at least :)
I guess the thing that bothers me most is people who get abortion for selfish reasons. It

09/29/11 1:19 am

...Because if it were easy there'd be no point. I know, I know, but sometimes it sucks life just can't be linear. I mean, the most LIBERAL guy I know HATES abortion with his life! I have to agree with him. Its like I'm pro-choice, even though I'd never have an abortion, I don't know, I'm just 15.

09/29/11 1:13 am

Yeah, I know. It's just so muddled. it's like it is, but it isn't, but it is, it's just confusing. I don't know. I just know I wouldn't get an abortion. don't know bout anyone else, but I'm not. I wouldn't kill my soon to be human. Gah, why can't life just be a bit simpler...

09/29/11 1:10 am

Not more republican... Just realizing actual politics more! I couldn't give 2 craps before my daughter, and after Having her didn't have the time, but now I'm slowly getting into it... As much as she let's me, of course. And I changed my SN bc it was too close to my real name! Safety first!

veritas1 Panda
09/29/11 12:26 am

@rosebud. Lol. New rosebud/Rosebai is more republican :(

Bring Rosebai back!! Lol jk.

veritas1 Panda
09/29/11 12:25 am

@Damnation Well technically it is alive. The fertilized egg is a cell. Cells are very much alive, we are simply so complex that we are made of trillions or them. But the "baby" is alive from the moment of conception. You are killing a loving creature. I won't venture to say babu, but being. Organism

09/29/11 12:03 am

I'm not sure you heard me right. Abortion isn't murder. I would never, ever get one if I could could be pregnant (I'm a man). But I don't think it's technically alive. It has potential, but potential doesn't mean it is. Just because there's potential I'll go to work doesn't mean I'll be at work. ;)

RJ1969 SoCal
09/28/11 11:55 pm

RB, if I could come to Ohio and help you with your studies, I would! nonetheless, best of luck to you!

09/28/11 11:47 pm

Well, I've de-stressed a lot... We now have a doubled income, are about to get off assistance within a month, no more post pardum depression...
So since I'm not perpetually angry it's a lot easier to not be angry everywhere lol.

09/28/11 11:44 pm

I will, as long as you don't expect me to go out and get it right away. I'm still trying to afford college textbooks for the class I'm taking right now. And don't have a way to get to the library...

RJ1969 SoCal
09/28/11 11:43 pm

BTW....I like the new rosebud. nice. civil. engaged. fun. a refreshing change.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/28/11 11:42 pm

RB, I agree, but check out the book freakonomics. the fact is that crime and murders have dropped and these mathematicians have proposed that changes in abortion laws have led to those decreases. I'm not taking a positions here...just suggesting you check it out.

09/28/11 11:40 pm

Damnation- how is it not the same as killing?
I mean, for one, murder of a pregnant woman is two counts.

09/28/11 11:38 pm

RJ not a fact I'm familiar with. Can you give me a link to where that is shown?
A child who's mother doesn't want him-her still has potential. There's adoption. Fostering. Even families of friends who are "surrogate" families that are good influences on the kids.

09/28/11 11:36 pm

Rosebud, I thought you were going to pull the annoying "It's not the same! You don't know anything." Card that is said so much today. It's not you, it's just experience. Anyway, abortion is pretty messed, but it's not the same as killing.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/28/11 11:36 pm

well, rest assured. children are my top priority.

09/28/11 11:34 pm

Ok. I just have more respect for someone's opinion on the value of a child's life when they've one of their own. As I said earlier, your view of children changes drastically when you have one of your own. Regardless of if you were a kid person before or not.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/28/11 11:33 pm

so, then would you agree that babies that are not wanted by their mothers deficient in that potential? are the analysts in freakonomics right? once abortion was legalized, crime rates plummeted. thats a fact.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/28/11 11:31 pm

RB, me and my wife are older ( but still, very cool! ) and we've been tring for some time. I was in a previous relationship where I raised a very young, very small child for many years that I consider...well. I think of him as my baby. and I am still a part of his life.

09/28/11 11:30 pm

Children, babies, ect have potential. Lots of potential. Regardless of if you consider a fetus a baby, you can't argue that there is no potential there- for president, astronaut, researcher, ect.

09/28/11 11:28 pm

RJ, the biggest part of the issue is robbing potential. Does someone without proper brain function have potential?

09/28/11 11:27 pm

Damnation, you don't have any clue why I was asking RJ that. I was asking not saying it determines if he can have a say in the issue, but because I want to know if his opinion is coming from that of a parent. Because your views change drastically when you become a parent. On everything.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/28/11 11:25 pm

I, for one, do not believe that a fertilized cell or mass of cells constitutes a person. but others do. so, where's the outrage about not keeping brain-dead babies on life support? hmmmm.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/28/11 11:23 pm

my question was ( obviously) hypothetical, for the sake of the philosophical discussion.

veritas1 Panda
09/28/11 11:22 pm

@radsxr The constitution doesn't give that right! The supreme court set the precedent by saying that the death penalty was not "cruel or unusual punishment" which is prohibited by the 8th amendment. The constitution does not specifically give that right.

09/28/11 11:21 pm

Does it matter if he had a child? Should people who've never had a medical condition not get to vote on healthcare? Should people who haven't drank get to vote on achohol issues? By your logic, the answer is no, because it does not apply to them. But it does apply to them.

09/28/11 11:21 pm

And I know executions can cost more (and with the current system it does). Not assuming otherwise.
And we do need prosecutors unconcerned with records. Seems in capital cases though the defense is more concerned with one result no matter what.

09/28/11 11:16 pm

RJ, what deformity causes someone with no brain to survive?
With very few exceptions, also, birth defects are not 100% for sure until birth. Not all are fatal.
And may I ask... Do you have children of your own?

RJ1969 SoCal
09/28/11 11:06 pm're my defacto go to person. should we keep babies with no brains or those destined to die from deformities on life support because we cherish life, some interpretations of scripture.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/28/11 11:03 pm

2 points about the death penalty: you're assuming that prosecutors are focused on the right thing not their win/loss record and that executions cost us way, way more money than life in prison.

09/28/11 10:55 pm

Our constitution gives judges and juries the right.