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Show Of Hands December 29th, 2012 12:00am

The family of a 6-year-old student who witnessed the Newtown school shootings is seeking permission to sue the state (normally immune from lawsuits) for $100M. Should the state allow the lawsuit?

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01/06/13 7:06 pm

So true Americans have become so greedy and selfish. I can't even find decent people these days!

01/05/13 5:33 am

A lawsuit against the state is a lawsuit against the people. Although this event was horrid, the school did everything they could. Bottom line is, if a maniac wants to do something, they will find a way

susanr Colorado
01/03/13 4:01 am

It's not the student. The student is 6 years old. For the reason, see my reply to the comment just above yours.

susanr Colorado
01/03/13 4:00 am

To penalize the state for not providing adequate security for the school. According the the lawyer bringing the suit. ("It's not about the money.")

Or so he says.

Alaskanteen Clear, Alaska
01/02/13 8:11 am

Greedy motherf*ckers. It's SICK what our nation has become. Even when little kids are brutally murdered all we can think of is money, money, money.

01/01/13 10:32 pm

Because the state totally planned it.

People these days are so annoying

01/01/13 9:05 pm

I say thank you to your friend for protecting the kids at the possible expense of her own life. We need more people like her (and the rest of those teachers) in our world.

Berry3890 Missouri
01/01/13 8:26 pm

This right here is sad, messed up people out there.

01/01/13 8:17 pm

That's ridiculous. If that lawsuit is successful, then every fat person who has health issues is entitled to mass compensation from (fast food industry here)

01/01/13 8:11 pm

And the point of suing is...?

01/01/13 12:07 pm

Why is the student sueing..?

anTONIarchist FL
01/01/13 7:28 am

Americans are sue-happy. Pathetic.

noahj96 North Carolina
01/01/13 2:12 am

This is just a way the parents are trying to find a payday out of their own child's traumatic experience. SHAME!

TheOnEdgePro Area 52
12/31/12 9:38 pm

Selfish, that's all that needs to be used. The state had nothing to do with these shootings.

12/31/12 8:41 pm

I agree,this lawsuit would only increase taxes and serve no other purpose but a monetary gain for this family.

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
12/31/12 6:59 pm

It isn't the fault of the state

mcdkm Houston
12/31/12 5:36 pm

Gold diggers. They should be jailed for fraud.

firedude Missouri
12/31/12 2:35 pm

Wheather right or left politically, we should understand if a person has evil motives no amount of help or laws will stop them. Not saying saying we should not try. These families are beyond grief and need help but with out tort reform this well never end.

12/31/12 12:31 pm

That's complete crap. What has this world come to!?

huskermedic Cincinnati
12/31/12 12:03 pm

Also, I have worked in health care. If I get someone that says I want to kill someone I can take them to the MD. If they say they are fine to the MD they have to be let go by law. The bill the ACLU got block would have allowed the state to keep them in care until the MD felt he was better.

huskermedic Cincinnati
12/31/12 11:59 am

No, not the states fault. If you sue anybody sue the ACLU for getting a block on the bill in the state legislature the would have allowed the shooters Mother to put him in mental health care with a phone call. Bills like this have been blocked by ACLU type groups for a long time.

12/31/12 11:49 am

Are you kidding me? Why the hell would it be the states fault! If this goes through God help us.

12/31/12 10:16 am

Yes they should allow it. And the judge should dismiss it as groundless.

riclfren Tennessee
12/31/12 8:55 am

I got fat by watching mcdonalds commercials. I'm suing :)

12/31/12 8:43 am

I heard news stories about the shootings on tv. I should get $100 million from the state.

tdaddy Kentucky
12/31/12 8:35 am

No. A lawsuit against "the state" is paid for by everyone who pays taxes in the state; since every taxpayer in the state that has children is equally vulnerable it isn't fair to compensate one child's family when every other family with school aged children is equally deserving. It's just greed!

geoag02 Dallas, TX
12/31/12 8:21 am

By prosecution guilty I mean the crime that they are guilty of is using the legal system to commit theft. I don't really care if it is considered a civil or a criminal charge just as long as it is bad enough to stop people like this from filing suits against everyone that they can think of.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
12/31/12 8:13 am

I think that in all civil trials the jury should have three options: not guilty, defense guilty, and prosecution guilty.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
12/31/12 8:09 am

I don't think the state should ever be immune from litigation, but this case is ridiculous. These people are just trying to profit from a tragedy that they were lucky enough to be marginally involved in. There should be some sort of punishment in place for people who file suits like this.

supertylerguy Andromeda
12/31/12 7:25 am

That's so disgusting and disrespectful to the families that LOST their children in this tragic event. People lost their kids, and this family wants to make money because their kid WITNESSED it. Absolutely atrocious. "I know your child is dead, but my child saw it. I deserve compensation."

jam8807 Havelock, NC
12/31/12 6:13 am

The majority of the polls show them as being a different color, opposing answer. I have also noticed it.

EarlyBird Portland
12/31/12 4:53 am

Same here Jack.
I could go on and on and on... but I won't :-)

pattyflipper a stinky dungeon
12/31/12 3:51 am

the American dream I guess

pattyflipper a stinky dungeon
12/31/12 3:49 am

ye if every kids parents sued the state would be fking broke beyond any repair

12/31/12 1:38 am

Well I disagree with saying it wasn't a horrible traumatic experience, but I don't understand why the state should give her $100m because it happened.

12/31/12 1:34 am

Because they didn't do anything wrong. There was an unforeseeable tragedy.

12/31/12 1:31 am

I think it should be worded, you mean in America they make money when they see someone murdered? Is that why they can all eat?
But seriously you should set that up. That's wicked funny.

deathvalley Chicago native
12/31/12 12:15 am

Didn't know this was the states fault!
Guess people will do anything for money!

EarlyBird Portland
12/31/12 12:07 am

Not showing that for me

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
12/31/12 12:04 am

What's the difference between a dead deer in the road and a dead lawyer in the road?

The skid marks before the deer.

I could do this all night!
I won't though, don't worry.

mark7569 Kentucky
12/30/12 11:24 pm

New Jersey has the most toxic dumps, California has the most lawyers... because Jersey got first pick...

12/30/12 11:06 pm

Their decision to do this will only cause their child more stress in her young life. They certainly are not thinking of her, being grateful she was safe, and helping her move on with as much of a normal life as possible.

sal10851 Eastern Tennessee
12/30/12 9:42 pm

What happened in Newton was awful. Awful media circus that is. Holy shit I've never seen so much media orgy in my life. People die. Get over it.

12/30/12 9:00 pm

They can sue if they want, as anybody can attempt to sue anyone for anything... But they should not win.

12/30/12 8:04 pm

She the state for what

12/30/12 7:56 pm

It is unbelievable that people will exploit a tragedy out of greed when they should be grateful that their child was fortunate enough to survive it.

12/30/12 7:20 pm

Ridiculous! This is a slap in the face to all the parents who lost their babies during that shooting. Unbelievable. Be grateful your child is alive!

12/30/12 6:56 pm

The past 7 polls reflect mississippi the opposite of the rest of USA