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Show Of Hands August 13th, 2012 12:00am

Do you think the news media actually causes or contributes to the increasing divide between Republicans and Democrats, or do they just report the facts?

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08/21/12 5:30 pm

...who is a part of that 3 percent?? I can't believe it.

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 12:05 pm

There are pro Romney on all of those by the way.

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 12:04 pm

Are there any pro-Obama commercials on fox? There are on msnbc and CNN and the big three. I'd watch but fox but it makes me laugh too hard when I watch it.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/18/12 8:02 am

Of course they fan the flames. The party breakdown illustrates it best. The media is biased to the left, and everyone knows it.

polarized Tennessee
08/18/12 4:58 am

Wow something everyone agrees on. Kill your television.

ishady 86451132020
08/18/12 1:38 am

The wall street journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Everything that old lunatic owns is suspect.

Fact FL
08/17/12 8:11 pm

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08/17/12 1:09 pm

There is definitely prejudice in media. But even if there was a completely unbiased station, people would interpret the news in a biased way.

NotAsheep Nevada
08/17/12 6:13 am

Wow. At least we all agree on something.

jobosno Charlotte, NC
08/17/12 12:19 am

Just about every network has a bias. CNN tries not to, but is liberal. The two worst are MSNBC and FOX though. Blatant partisan rubbish.

08/17/12 12:14 am

Reagan=government joke to screw with citizens so they wouldn't suspect actors in politics. I hate that crap...

08/17/12 12:12 am

President=fake since Carter. I think the government shut down in 1977..

I don't like the new people in masks.

08/17/12 12:09 am

Lol our country is NOT retarded. The news lies like these made up in that news movie about Mitt and his stupid choice. President Obama is really the president of the internet and doesn't even like politics. He's the funniest!!!!! ;D

Americaddd Texas
08/16/12 11:40 pm

CNN is heavy liberal, fox is conservative...the wall street journal is the best, although socialists hate it because they have a free market slant

coal 80132
08/16/12 10:50 pm

Why is every one ripping on just fox? They all suck and are all just as guilty. Random people on the Internet are better at giving facts than all of the newscasters.

08/16/12 9:01 pm

Just the facts=Rachel Maddow, fan the flames=every news caster on fox.

08/16/12 3:52 pm

Why do so many watch it then?

08/16/12 2:28 pm

Hahahahaah "reports just the facts". Good one tony.
Fox is as close as you'll get to accurate. Haha. Just kidding. I'll never be as funny as Tony... Just the facts... Chucklechucklechuckle

ishady 86451132020
08/16/12 2:17 pm

Funny you're named Christian and you think other ppl ignore " facts".

08/16/12 1:09 pm

They ignore most of the facts.

stoughd15 Texas
08/16/12 9:19 am

Look at the facts! America is broke. We need to cut back our budgets or well be paying huge amounts in taxes. The only person that has talked about cutting anything is Ron Paul.. Barack Obama and mitt Romney are way to shady to be presidents.

Apex swimming in the sky
08/15/12 4:41 pm

When a single family controls an entire influential political media conglomerate. Sht gets real, real quick. Imagine a family controling sll the water. You can see the problem

adalla Virginia
08/15/12 2:13 pm

Well at my home we watch the news to make fun of it ;)

PetePuma Oregon
08/15/12 2:00 pm

Looks as though the media needs to take note: The vast majority of Americans don't trust the media. I hope the majority, therefore, are not using the media to decide their options.

wakeup South Dakota
08/15/12 1:22 pm

A hugh % said flame yet we watch it.

08/15/12 12:01 pm

Why does everyone go after FOX when every channel is just as guilty.

08/15/12 8:33 am

The fan the flames by presenting selected facts.

elbrutus53 60304
08/15/12 5:38 am

@gjb Every outlet I mentioned does have an editorial bias on their editorial board, but their coverage of the news is some of the best in the world. And I rarely watch MSNBC and Olbermann is as bad as Hannity.

elbrutus53 60304
08/15/12 5:32 am

@Responsible Just because NYT's editorial page and some of their columnists are liberal does not mean their coverage of the news is biased. That's one example of NPR's bias, and it was not even on air. How often do u listen to NPR anyway?

08/15/12 5:15 am

hasn't had a Cabinet meeting for how long? Thats what you get when you think you are the smartest person in the room.

08/15/12 5:13 am

Ishady really? That is exactly how the other side feels about this far left extreme President. Funny how perception is in the eye of the beholder. Where has his leadership been? Since 2010 he has chosen to hide and blame rather then get on the phone or have meetings with the opposition. Hell he

ishady 86451132020
08/15/12 3:50 am

Drop the tea party and come in with your well thought out ideas and we will fix this country fairly for all concerned. Your hate for the left will not make us go away. We work together or nothing gets done. That is the way it will be.

ishady 86451132020
08/15/12 3:48 am

This republican party if it were just about fiscal conservatism would be a good party. But this is not the republican party of even 5 years ago it is off the rails and being infested with an insurgency that is rotting it from within.

08/15/12 2:00 am

Oh one last thought before some smart Alec 20 something posts about Colbert or Jon Stewart please don't bother.

08/15/12 1:48 am

We need 3 non profit bipartisan committees to rank journalists (similar to a FICO score) on the basis of factual, non-biased reporting. EquiFACTS, Transproven and Experlyian. This score should appear in the lower right hand corner of the screen whenever they report on a story.

08/15/12 1:31 am

Fan flamers for sure. There's a reason the lunatics & extremists are interviewed & shown on TV (occupies & tea partiers) cuz they bring in ratings. What's deplorable is politicians play to the lowest common denominator to please them cus it's the only way to stay relevant & moderates get screwed

08/15/12 1:28 am

Though WSJ isn't too awful out of that list

08/15/12 1:28 am

Wow elbrutus you just rattled off the MOST BIASED left news outlets in the world. Surely you love MSNBC & think Maddow & Olbermann are fair & balanced too? Lol GTFO

08/15/12 1:08 am media reporting the facts, that's funny!

peacenskis Alaska
08/15/12 12:12 am

Is this question a joke? I think Tony was looking for a 100%\0%, but I guess there are still a couple of believers out there left.

08/14/12 11:51 pm

Elbrutus ... let's ask Juan Williams how unbiased NPR is ... again you're diluted if you think NPR provides balance.

08/14/12 11:49 pm

Elbrutus ... you are kidding yourself, the NY Times is as biased than MSNBC

LOLdayl Ohio
08/14/12 10:46 pm

Just like they add hype to other things

bnnt Los Angeles
08/14/12 10:34 pm

The results on this are encouraging. Happy to see people cautious about what's being reported.