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Show Of Hands July 12th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think the Democrats and Republicans will agree to a deal before the August 2nd debt ceiling deadline?

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gallae Michigan
07/22/11 11:21 pm

Yes. I don't think either side wants to be blamed for not changing it, so eventually they will reach an agreement, probably one hours before midnight.

Adonis New York
07/18/11 8:23 pm

and the question was.... less we all digress.

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
07/17/11 8:58 pm

Solution for everything: Chris Christie for pres!!!
Unfortunately this will not happen.
We need a strong leader that will throw this poser out on his ass! Maybe Rudy will run!

jenmom Ohio
07/16/11 10:16 am

if we tax the wealthy who decides who that is? we then will have the social justice that a majority blindly voted for. equal money for all. sounds communist to me. who then is able to provide jobs?

NYevo NY
07/16/11 8:11 am

I think both sides practice that. No one agrees with EVERYTHING their party does. If you do, your probably not paying attention

O13 Alabama
07/16/11 7:30 am

@sevrandy: yes, thats exactly what it is. Now slowly set down the kool-aid and step away from your TV. You seem to have an acute case of Rachel MadCow-itis.

07/15/11 11:14 pm

it's all the republicans doing there little tricks to make the American sheep think there for them

veritas1 Panda
07/15/11 9:12 pm

@veritas. I strongly dislike Nancy Pelosi....

NYevo NY
07/15/11 6:50 pm

I'll be wrong again very soon, don't worry. Lol

07/15/11 6:34 pm

However your example of the draft holds up. Bravo! I stand corrected. :)

07/15/11 6:33 pm

NYevo - The example of taxes doesn't hold up, because they only tax activity, rather than existence

veritas1 Panda
07/15/11 6:17 pm

@fishtung. Umm.....Obamacare doesn't go into effect until 2014. Soooo.....what are you talking about?

07/15/11 6:15 pm

update ..... my health insurance just went up $50 per month doahhhh

07/15/11 6:14 pm

because of Obama care I received a$ 400refund on my deposit for a endoscope/colonoscopy because its now considered preventative..

07/15/11 5:24 pm

Haha Had me for a sec. Then I remembered veritas has 3 periods at the end of his name. I was gonna start a whole big war with you to. Haha

veritas1 Panda
07/15/11 4:51 pm

@veritas. Really. You are sooooooooo funny....EVERYONE is laughing.....

07/15/11 4:42 pm

I think we should compromise with the communist party's ideology

NYevo NY
07/15/11 3:56 pm

But threatening with Jail if you don't sign up for selective service or a draft (when there was one) is permissible. These things are along the same lines imo and I'm not sure I have a problem with either

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 3:55 pm

Ahhh, ok. I do agree with you on regulation. Too much though is just as bad as not enough. Look at who the elected officials were/are that are in charge of Fannie/Freddy oversight. And what they said just 1 month before the meltdown... and what they are saying now. Kind of amazing!

NYevo NY
07/15/11 3:54 pm

And my point was that forced action was just as serious, but we accept it

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 3:50 pm

The key is FORCING a PURCHASE with your money on a good or service. Threatening my freedom that if I don't buy something I will go to jail. That has never been done by the US gov't before.

NYevo NY
07/15/11 3:50 pm

I was responding to another poster and the topic was forced action, not specific to $$

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 3:46 pm

What's next, forcing everyone to buy a house because we need a place to live? Or vitamins because our diet sucks? Or vaccines because of a swine flu pandemic? Or everyone must get a degree now so that we can compete in a global market? I mean it's all for your own good, right?

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 3:38 pm

Selective service does not cost $$... and you don't have to pay taxes if you are a sovereign citizen or you don't make any money. The examples you gave are not examples of things the gov't is forcing you to purchase just for being alive.

NYevo NY
07/15/11 3:32 pm

@Archamedes: Here are two examples of things that the Gov forces you to do (of which I take no issue); requirement to sign up for selective services within 30 days of turning 18 and requirement to pay taxes. That's off the top of my head. I'll think if more and write back.

NYevo NY
07/15/11 3:26 pm

@Archamedes: I believe gov spending on healthcare in general is something Obama has indicated he is willing to lessen if Republicans counter that with other increases in revenue or cuts in other places dear to them

NYevo NY
07/15/11 3:19 pm

poor control over bad practices contributed to the sub-prime real estate meltdown. You can't just not have any regulation. Bad outcomes that way too

07/15/11 3:08 pm

Veritas I just read that op-Ed piece and got a very clear, well supported message. Less control = thriving business. I didn't see anything biased in it. The writer obviously had an opinion and defended it with history. Nothing wrong with that. By the way, Glenn beck isn't as crazy as people say

07/15/11 2:34 pm

At least I cant think of an example.

07/15/11 2:34 pm

I'd also disagree that the govt makes us do all sorts of things. Normally it simply places requirements on other actions we might take (like if you use a car on public property you must have insurance etc...). It has never forced us to take an action, simply for existing.

07/15/11 2:27 pm

@NYevo- Then if it is unfunded (depending on whose numbers you choose to believe), then wouldn't it be valid to have it on the table as a possible area to cut? (especially since no one is dependent on it yet)

NYevo NY
07/15/11 1:51 pm

@O'13: the Gov makes us do all sorts of things. This is another thing

NYevo NY
07/15/11 1:51 pm

O'13: the Gov makes us do all sorts of things

veritas1 Panda
07/15/11 12:25 pm

Glenn Beck-esque political forum. Of you look at my comments, I said NOTHING about my approval/disapproval of "Obamanomics" as you and Dr. Wolf like to call it. That article was one of the worst I have EVER read. And I have read MANY POLITICAL ARTICLES.

veritas1 Panda
07/15/11 12:23 pm

........ did to recover from their recession. Any before/after stats. No. Any specific details as to what EXACTLY was done. No. Now how much of the article was spent talking about the perils of the US economy. Sorry, but I thought it was about the GERMAN economic recovery, not a.......

veritas1 Panda
07/15/11 12:21 pm

@Coloradica. I read it once. Then to make sure I understood it, I read key paragraphs again. Then went back to look for relevant facts. I found NONE. Before you call me a narrow-minded Obama loyalist, you should know I am NEITHER. Please give me ONE SINGLE RELEVANT FACT about what the Germans.......

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 11:58 am

And my point on the personal mandate is that the gov't should not be allowed to force me to purchase anything. This would be the first time in US history where the Fed has done something like that. I may be wrong in that respect, but I can't think of a single instance where it is true.

NYevo NY
07/15/11 11:28 am

@Archamedes: CBO says it does not add to deficit so long as the personal mandate holds. So I guess it depends

07/15/11 11:09 am

@NYevo -Excellent! - I think that you are right that we have more in common than not. This may be a point of disention though... Do you agree that 'Obama Care' is an example of spending that is currently not funded?

NYevo NY
07/15/11 10:50 am

O'13: Agreed. Don't spend more than you can make or account for.

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 10:11 am

(cont) history that has caused more problems for countries is $$. This should be an easy issue for everyone to agree upon. "Don't spend more than you make!"

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 10:10 am

@NYevo: agreed! The gov't should live like we do. If I bring home $1000 a month, then I can only spend $1000 a month. Same for gov't. They shouldn't be able to borrow without some sort of large consensus (not quite constitutional convention, but you get my point). The one thing throughout (cont)

NYevo NY
07/15/11 9:56 am

Yes, we spend too much without paying for it directly. I agree that is the issue. Regardless of any economic argument for or against more or less taxes, legislation should've been required to be "Pay Go" from the very beginning, barring some crisis (like the banks almost failing like dominoes)

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 9:50 am

(cont) all the choices they have made in life. It is much easier for someone to say that "it's his/her fault" because they are _______ and they did/didn't _____ to me. Take responsibility for your actions and choices. Don't rely on someone else for who and what you are, and what you want in life.

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 9:46 am

There is factual proof that tax increase of any form do not increase gov't revenue. It does the exact opposite. To deny that is just plain ideological lunacy. It is harder for people to look in the mirror and accept the fact that the situation they are currently in is a sum total of (cont)

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 9:42 am

(cont) we don't go out to eat anymore, and we called the mortgage company to see if we can defer our loan for a month or two. If ALL our elected official have increased federal spending over 25% in the past 18 months, there is no reason in the world they can reduce it across the board at least 20%.

O13 Alabama
07/15/11 9:38 am

(cont) be it personal, local, state, or federal gov't. Someone asked in comments before "if we were in debt how would we solve it? get another job? Cut frivolous spending? Etc..." Well, we are beyond that. We are at the point where we have three jobs, we cut the cell phone and the cable tv (cont)