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Have you ever been a cheerleader (or dated one)? (UserQ)

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nyc93xo New York
02/21/12 1:52 am

we don't have cheerleaders in ny high schools lol

hermione Indiana
02/19/12 5:28 pm

and also at my school we were not the typical stereotype. we were certainly not "the most popular" people. we did it for the athletic perks, and were state champs. I hate that cheerleaders have such bad reps, but there are those out there that make the stereotype.. unfortunate

hermione Indiana
02/19/12 5:24 pm

yes the best years of my life. I did it competitively for school and all stars

02/18/12 10:44 pm

After I quit cheerleading because the other girls were really mean, I couldn't believe I was a cheerleader after seeing the dances at the pep assemblies. It was horrible

02/18/12 10:33 pm

I had the stupid idea that it would not only help me overcome my shyness, but I thought being a cheerleader would help me be popular. No such luck

02/16/12 6:17 pm

I was one sophmore year of high school

02/16/12 2:01 pm

I have poked on a couple

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
02/15/12 9:44 am

I married one. she was a cheerleader in high school. I however did not know her then.

02/14/12 5:30 pm

He's a great example of the cheerleader. Dumb, manipulated and a tool.

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/14/12 5:02 pm

G.W Bush was a cheerleader. True story.

mamita Alabama
02/14/12 1:55 pm

School mattered more to me and I can't do all the flips anyways. If I had a choice I'd rather be danceline than cheerleader. And I would maybe date one if he was smart n mature with a good personality but not too many guys r cheerleaders or fit that description.

02/14/12 10:30 am

I have never met a smart cheerleader.

02/13/12 6:44 pm

Female cheerleaders are super easy!!!

02/13/12 4:54 pm

Ehhh never liked cheerleader girls as friends and wouldn't ever want to be one.

02/13/12 4:23 pm

Who even wants to? (to both being and dating)

02/13/12 10:18 am

I dated a cheerleader, took one to prom even, nothing special about them, except that they spend more time looking good then they do studying.

FaceMoose Over There
02/13/12 8:46 am

In my experience the stereotypes about cheerleaders were mostly true. I would watch them be absolutely terrible to other girls around them, and very few of them seemed to put much stock in learning over looks. Many got by by cheating. It was really sad.

02/13/12 8:22 am

Haters make me famous! FTY I'm blonde and wear glasses. Kind of a clash in your stereotypes, huh?

lilipad Tennessee
02/12/12 7:11 pm

I can't even do a cartwheel! I am a cheerleaders nightmare!!

02/12/12 6:29 pm

Does dating a MALE cheerleader count?

dispatcher Tennessee
02/12/12 1:23 pm

Wow with as much as cheerleaders at my school "got around" the percentages would have been different.

Rosebud Ohio
02/12/12 11:23 am

Oh, my mom was in college too. My dad was on the football team. Ended up being valedictorian in law school, while raising 2 kids, and is the smartest person I know. She's a freaking genius... I kid you not.

Rosebud Ohio
02/12/12 11:12 am

Only 26%?
I was a cheerleader for years. Loved it.

sarahg1995 Frankfort, IN
02/12/12 10:55 am

I was a cheerleader for years and I dated one this year

02/12/12 10:40 am

Unlike back in the day, it's just 16 year old girls flouncing around in skirts that barely cover their asses and in tops that show off their stomachs.

02/12/12 9:40 am

Funny story how I just read this after coming back from my nationals cheerleading competition!

wearetheworld Illinois
02/12/12 7:06 am

Although I am not a cheerleader and never have been one (and never will be one) they do a lot more than flounce around in little skirts with Pom poms cheering. They can do many things and are way more athletic than you would think. Te competitions they go to are amazing and take a lot of talent.

Happy2 California
02/12/12 2:25 am

I was a zombie cheerleader for Halloween once, but I don't think that counts :-)

02/12/12 12:32 am

I've never had the balance/flexibility to be one or the game to date one.

02/11/12 10:44 pm

I was a cheerleader when I was in 4th grade. I was the best by the way. We did a routine to a Lady Gaga song.

02/11/12 10:41 pm

So please Next time keep your extremely rude, ignorant, insulating comments to yourself f@#% you

02/11/12 10:35 pm

@music47 I am a cheerleader and do you have ANY idea how hard it is? NO! I hate the stereotype that all cheerleaders are dumb and bullies! (I get all A's and B's FYI) you probably think blonds are dumb, girls with glasses are nerdy, all rich people are snobs and a bunch of other UNTRUE stereotypes!

02/11/12 9:38 pm

Ew no. Like I'd even be caught dead in that short skirt and flimsy top. Speaking of flimsy, what football player hasn't dated the cheerleader captain? I'm a freshman, and wish cheerleaders were never thought of, because all they do is gymnastics in the almost nude. How original. GO MATHLETICS!!!!!!!

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/11/12 9:37 pm

But I played the violin next to one in the high school orchestra. Does that count?

DamageInc California
02/11/12 9:11 pm

"Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded." funny line from an average movie.

02/11/12 8:42 pm

Dated one? More like 12

02/11/12 8:34 pm

I was a cheerleader for my brother's peewee football team 25 years ago!

AGC246 Florida
02/11/12 7:45 pm

Never a cheerleader! The cheerleaders at my HS were a lot like the ones in the movies... They supported the old stereotype! Lol at least, 4 outward appearances. I was a band geek 4 a bit, & an art nerd 4 a while! Top of my class in grades & worked hard for it! And not w/o a date either ;) <3

02/11/12 7:22 pm

@Orin- you lucky camper- kudos!

02/11/12 7:22 pm

@malekithe- and women don't lie about being cheerleaders?! Come on! Everyone can lie- & who can check here?

02/11/12 7:20 pm

And yes- the sex was awesome! Lol

02/11/12 6:03 pm

I was a football player instead.

02/11/12 5:15 pm

I took cheer camp a few times. It's a lot of work. I'm more of the yelling cheerleader ;)

Malekithe Illegal Alien
02/11/12 4:54 pm

The answer is that men lie about dating cheerleaders.

ORinNY New York
02/11/12 4:27 pm

I originally said no, but my partner just told me otherwise. Apparently she was homecoming queen too, which makes me feel extra cool.

02/11/12 4:04 pm

I slept with a few but never dated any.

hvp828 Georgia peach
02/11/12 3:26 pm

401k, thanks for sticking up for us. I was an honor society member, in AP classes & graduated in the top 5% of my HS. I find it annoying when people stereotype cheerleaders as dumb.