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ozgirl October 26th, 2013 12:47am

Today my son broke his pinky finger at school. I had to help shield his eyes from needles and from watching the doctor reset the bone. Do you watch medical procedures (shots, stitches etc) or do you look away?

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peacefullife Land of Moss
10/26/13 12:31 pm

If you shield my eyes, I wig out... Should have seen me getting an injection into my shoulder joint - had to turn my head to get the right angle... Apparently, the radiologist had never seen anyone freak out that bad, while keeping shoulder still b4.

makem Chinese Xinjiang Camp
10/26/13 11:48 am

I do look if it they draw blood, because then I pass out and I get free apple juice and some sleep

10/26/13 2:09 am

I'm totally fine with watching other people, but when it comes to myself absolutely not.

EarlyBird Portland
10/25/13 9:32 pm

I cannot look at anything involving blood and guts. I get light headed and feel faint.

mim formerly 97123
10/25/13 8:56 pm

On TV, I'm intrigued… in real life, I get queasy.

theavgguy I.E.
10/25/13 8:13 pm

The worst I ever saw, was a knee replacement. I have seen open heart surgery, but the knee replacement made me sick.

theavgguy I.E.
10/26/13 2:56 am

Think about deboning a chicken.

tash97 viva la vida
10/25/13 6:54 pm

Ohh jeez no. Can't look at the stuff, can't even look at blood

ozgirl not down under
10/25/13 6:47 pm

I watch too. No problem watvhing on myself. But my husband, who works in the medical field, can't watch if its on a loved one. Watching them reset his finger did leave me a bit uneasy for a second tho.

susanr Colorado
10/25/13 6:27 pm

Heck, I wanted to watch the removal of a tumor from my leg. That's the main reason I asked for a spinal rather than general anesthetic. But the put a drape up so I couldn't really see.

ozgirl not down under
10/25/13 6:49 pm

I watched a hysterectomy procedure on YouTube after I had mine done. Pretty fascinating. But I was all for the general anesthesia!!

KudosToYou California
10/25/13 6:25 pm

I wish I could've watched an operation on my ankle, but I was put under. Video might have been cool.
It'd be a little weird to watch the surgery I had on my left eye.

I'm mostly curious. There are times I don't want to watch though.